Auto-Injector Headset

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Auto-Injector Headset
Auto-Injector Headset.png
Inventory icon

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Type Gear
Storage Capacity 1

Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 280 mk
ColonyColony 252 mk
Research OutpostResearch 280 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 280 mk
Mining OutpostMining 280 mk
A modified headset utilizing an integrated battery, capable of injecting medicine placed within once the user's vitals drop to a certain level.
~ Item description

The Auto-Injector Headset is an item used to access radio chat channels. Unlike the Headset icon.png Headset, it does not require a battery.


The Auto-Injector Headset can be used to listen to/speak over Text Radio Chat (Default: R) and Voice Radio Chat (Default: V).

The Auto-Injector Headset has a slot that can contain a single medical/chemical item, similar to the PUCS, which is automatically used on the wearer when they reach or drop below 50% vitality. If wearing both auto-injector headset and PUCS, both will use their item simultaneously upon reaching the threshold. Auto-injecting an item bypasses the medical skill check for it and the wearer will always receive the maximum benefit of the item as if the check was passed, regardless of its skill requirement and the wearer's medical skill.

Radio channels feature was added in v0.10.5.0. There are 10 thousand and one accessible radio channels (channel 0000 to channel 10000), making it possible to do things like secret communication on another channel or devices that react to commands sent on a specific channel. It also features the Mem option to store the current radio channel as a preset, up to 10 presets from preset 0 to 9, all of which are set to the first 10 channels, channel 0000 to channel 0009, by default. Because the channel number only has 4 digits max, channel 10000 cannot be typed in and is only accessible by switching from channel 9999.

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