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Karma is an optional (enabled by default) Server setting which provides a natural deterrent to griefing, by punishing players who commit "harmful" acts with increasingly punishing penalties.

The game provides two settings: Default and Strict, however, Server Hosts can change every parameter about Karma, for this reason, this article does not feature values, and the information may or may not be accurate, depending on the settings from the Server. With default settings, no transgression besides causing a Nuclear Reactor Meltdown is enough to trigger a punishment.

Karma events

Many ingame events will have an effect on Karma, either by raising it or by lowering it, the following list may not contain all existing events.

Negative Actions Positive Actions
Harming Teammates Harming Monsters
Breaking Hulls Fixing Hulls
Breaking Machinery Fixing Machines
Overheating the Reactor Steering the Submarine
Disconnecting many Wires Healing Teammates
Spamming Extinguishing Fires

Do note that the following exceptions exist:

  • Traitors do not have penalties for completing their assigned objectives.
  • Players suffering a Husk Infection do not have a Karma penalty for harming teammates.
  • Mechanics have an increased bonus for fixing Hulls.
  • Breaking Machinery/Hulls from the Alien Ruins has no effect on Karma.
  • Healing/Harming Clowns has a reduced impact on Karma.
  • Harming a player in self-defense carries no penalty.
  • Harming a player who is pointing a Weapon at you has a reduced Karma penalty.
  • Karma will gradually increase/decrease until it reaches a Neutral value. When first joining a game, Players have higher than Neutral Karma.

Karma Effects

As a game mechanic, Karma is meant to be unobtrusive to normal gameplay, avoiding the punishment of possible accidents, however, Players with very low Karma will suffer the following effects:

  • Reduced damage to players with high Karma.
  • Automatic Kick/Ban for players with very low Karma.