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Creature Mass

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This table lists Creature mass and which effects they are susceptible to.

Creature Name Mass
Stun Batons Paralyzant Cyanide Sufforin Radiotoxin Stun Bleeding Burn True
Standard Fulgurium
Ancient Unknown
Cthulhu Unknown
Cyborg Worm Unknown
Human Unknown
Husk Unknown
Husked Human Unknown
Huskified Storage Container Unknown
Jove Unknown
Mantis Unknown
Petraptor Unknown
Scorpion Unknown
Swarm Feeder 0
Hammerhead Spawn 0
Peanut 1
Orange Boy 2
Psilotoad 2
Leucocyte 4
Tiger Thresher Hatchling 4
Crawler Hatchling 5
Mudraptor Hatchling 6
Spineling 11
Tiger Thresher 19
Crawler 23
Mudraptor 24
Mudraptor Unarmored 24
Husked Crawler 29
Fractal Guardian 35
Steam Cannon Fractal Guardian 35
Mudraptor Veteran 46
Bone Thresher 58
Moloch Baby 62
Crawler Broodmother 164
Giant Spineling 168
Hammerhead 197
Golden Hammerhead 202
Black Moloch 1118
Moloch 1118
Hammerhead Matriarch 1202
Watcher 1365
Latcher 3009
Charybdis 4841
Endworm 9281
Doomworm 20883

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