Fractal Guardian

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Last updated for version v0.15.13.0
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Fractal Guardian
Fractal Guardian.png


Sight: 2
Hearing: 1

All body: Bleeding damage & Stun100% (immune)
Sensor & Torso: Burn75%
Arms: Burn90%, All internal damage types except lacerations and bite wounds35% (LacerationsBite Wounds68%)
Tail: Burn90% All internal damage types except lacerations and bite wounds65% (LacerationsBite Wounds83%)


Internal sensor: All internal damage typesx1.25

Walk speed


Swim speed

2 slow - 5 fast


Always (Humans)

Never (Submarines)

Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
None N/A

The Fractal Guardian is a Europan creature. Its origins is unknown to the most seasoned of sailors.


The Fractal Guardian is a mechanical entity which roams the hallways of Alien Ruins. It is capable of opening ruin doors, and navigates the ruins with ease. It possesses a blade-like spear which can be shot at intruders, human or otherwise. It is incredibly aggressive towards anything aside from husks and other Ruin Guardians. It is much larger than a person and is completely capable of besting one in combat if they catch them unaware.


Rather uniquely, Fractal Guardians will attack and kill crew members, but will ignore submarines. However, they only spawn in Alien Ruins, meaning one must confront them in person. The Fractal Guardians will not attempt to enter maintenance vents found in the ruins.

While multiple Fractal Guardians can spawn in any given Alien Ruin, they typically do not spawn in close proximity.

As Fractal Guardians possess an extremely small attack delay, it is prudent to bring medical support on ruin expeditions, and vital to bring some means of defense.

When under 30% of its maximum health, the Fractal Guardian's head will flash red and emit a siren-like sound. It will attempt to retreat to a Guardian Pod and enter it for a short while. While in a pod, the guardian is slowly treated with Vigor.

Fractal Guardians can't bleed, and are completely immune to Stun.

Damage Values

Fractal Guardian Damage Modifiers.png


  • An NPC conversation mentions that fractal guardians are, quote, "not organic - closer to a robot than an animal". This could explain how they survived the presumed extinction of the alien species behind ruins.