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Hammerhead Spawn

ID: Hammerheadspawn


Sight: 1
Hearing: 1



Burn damage (see values in Defense section)



Poisons x 3
Walk speed


Swim speed

1.6 slow - 3 fast



Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
None N/A

The Hammerhead Spawn is a Europan creature birthed from the Hammerhead Matriarch.


The Hammerhead Spawn hatches from eggs inside the head of the Hammerhead Matriarch upon death. They have the shape of a standard Hammerhead, only much smaller. They share the Matriarch's dark-red shade. Their eyes are particularly large compared with the rest of their body and many features of the Hammerhead have yet to develop.


Hammerhead Spawn are weak and may not be hard to kill individually, but their numbers can quickly become problematic to an unprepared crew. Should other hostile creatures still be attacking the Submarine, such as Hammerheads that were defending the Matriarch, dealing with both inside and outside creatures can be a challenge. Being unable to move or attack outside of water, fixing the breaches and pumping the water out will leave them defenseless and quickly kill them. The spawn aren't capable of damaging the hull, but the strength of their mother's assault is likely to have caused a breach right where they are released.
Killing the Matriarch before it has a chance to ram the submarine may prevent the spawn from entering.

Combat Strategies

Due to the incredibly weak nature of the Hammerhead Spawn, most weapons can be used against them in combat. Melee weapons such as the Crowbar or Boarding Axe are effective at neutralizing the threat, whilst ranged weapons such as the Revolver or Shotgun may be considered overkill for such a weak enemy. The SMG or Harpoon Gun are preferable alternatives due to the inexpensive ammo.

Submarine weapons are not recommended for dealing with Hammerhead Spawn, as the ammunition required is expensive compared to the low Vitality of the creature itself. If the player wishes to utilize submarine weaponry, the Coilgun is recommended. If all the Hammerhead Spawns are grouped up in a tight bunch, one may be tempted to expend a single Railgun Shell from the Railgun, as this should kill all of them in a single shot.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextDurationCooldownKinetic Force
Head Character
 Bite Wounds (2)*
 Stun (0.05)* (25% chance)
Water 0.5s 2 1



Limb BurnNote
All body x 5 This is a VitalityMultiplier. It does not increase the affliction strength, however the vitality damage dealt by this damage type is multiplied by the value in the table.



  • The Hammerhead Spawn is the weakest creature in the game.
  • The Hammerhead Spawn has no audio files.


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