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Swarm Feeder

ID: Swarmfeeder


Sight: 0.5
Hearing: 0.5






Poisons x 3
Walk speed

0.2 walk - 1.3 run

Swim speed

0.5 slow - 1 fast


Never (Submarines)

Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
None N/A

The Swarm Feeder is a Europan creature found in Alien Ruins.


The Swarm Feeder is an incredibly small critter. Despite its size, it is still a threat to consider when exploring Alien Ruins, especially when entering rooms without caution. The Swarm Feeder sustains itself off fresh blood, preferably sourced from an unsuspecting diver.


Swarm Feeders will try to attack the player in swarms causing bleed and bloodloss damage, each attack healing it as it sucks the player's blood. Once a Swarm Feeder is within range to attack its prey, it latches on and does constant damage until it is killed or the victim manages to quickly move away. Due to the claustrophobic nature of the Alien Ruins, players typically encounter them in spaces which are difficult to retreat from. This allows Swarm Feeders to group up on a single target, causing large quantities of damage if left unattended.

They can spawn during level load and additionaly from Ruin Vents.

Combat Strategies

Due to its small size, using firearms or ranged weapons may prove difficult when handling Swarm Feeders. Additionally, its incredibly low Vitality means that expending ammunition to deal with these threats is very expensive. Melee weapons of any kind, from the Diving Knife to the Boarding Axe, are the best way to neutralize a Swarm Feeder providing the player can kill them before they get too close. Both the Welding Tool and Plasma Cutter can also be used effectively against Swarm Feeders, allowing more distance from them to prevent being attacked. In the event that a Swarm Feeder latches onto a player, the player can still kill them with melee attacks.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextStructure DamageDurationCooldownNotes
Bite Attack Character
 Bleeding (1)* (50% chance)
 Bloodloss (1)*
Any 0 0.25s 5 Heals the Swarm Feeder of any Damage (all) by 100 per hit.

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