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ID: Charybdis


Sight: 3
Hearing: 7

Head, Jaw, & Tail (see values in Defense section)



Immunities Vulnerabilities
Poisons x 0.2
Walk speed


Swim speed

14 slow - 17 fast



Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
Diver's Remains Titanite (x2) Scrap (x2) 60% (1/1.7)
Diver's Remains Titanite Scrap (x4)
20% (1/5)
Diver's Remains Titanite (x2) Scrap (x3)
20% (1/5)

The Charybdis (kəˈrɪbdɪs)[1] is a Europan creature that spawns in the Abyss layer of levels and in high difficulty missions as one of the 3 possible targets of a Hunting Grounds mission, the other two being the Endworm or Latcher.


The Charybdis body appears as a large mass of dark tentacles serving for navigation, and ending with a sharp point, reminiscent of a spear tip. Its teeth and massive tongue are crimson red.

Players will first see massive orange pings on the sonar that grow stronger the closer the Charybdis is to the submarine. The sonar silhouette of the Charybdis resembles a massive dolphin.

The Charybdis can naturally be found in the Abyss.


The Charybdis is unusually quick for its size, and is extremely bulky to boot (with higher health than the Moloch). It is notorious for being extremely efficient at tearing the Submarine's hull.

Despite the creature's apparent blindness, mechanically it does possess the ability of sight. If one suspects a Charybdis lies ahead, it may be wise to turn all sonars to passive in an attempt to sneak by, or to lure it away with a Decoy.

Combat Strategies

Since its health and damage are so high it's highly advised to not engage a Charybdis, and to try to evade it if possible. Fighting a Charybdis in the open sea is a death sentence for many daring crews as its bite can kill humans in a single hit by Bleeding.

If combat is unavoidable, it is highly recommended to use the Pulse Laser or Railgun. Since the Pulse Laser deals heavy Burn damage, it is incredibly effective at neutralizing the Charybdis. It is important to aim for the mouth whenever the opportunity arises, as this will maximize the damage dealt. As for the Railgun, its naturally high damage output plus the ability to combine explosives such as UEX or C-4 makes it a viable option against this threat. If timed correctly, a Nuclear Shell can deal outstanding damage against the Charybdis providing the player hits the mouth directly.

An expensive strategy that requires a sharpshooter gunner would be to use Physicorium Ammunition loaded in a Coilgun. The gunner would be required to aim specifically at the mouth and maintain accuracy, stacking the bleed damage as best as they can.

It is highly recommended to avoid trying to fight the Charybdis using melee or small arms weaponry, such as the Diving Knife or SMG. This behavior is considered suicidal.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextAfflictions InsideArea of EffectStructure DamageDurationCooldownKinetic Force
Jaw Character
 Bite Wounds (250)*
 Bleeding (1000)*
 Stun (2)*
Any 100 0.5s 5 500
Structure Attack Structure Any Stun 4.5s 5.5m 200 (Direct hit)
400 (AoE)
0.5s 4 1


Note: The Head, Jaw, and Tail will deflect projectiles.


Limb Burn Bleeding Damage (all)
Jaw, Head, & Tail x 0.5 x 0 x 0.25 
Mouth x 5 x 5 x 5


  • In Greek mythology, Charybdis is the name of a sea monster able to summon deadly whirlpools by swallowing large amounts of water.[2]
  • The design of the Charybdis underwent two radical redesigns; once during the transition into the Steam release, and then once again when it was reintroduced in (Embrace the Abyss). The original version resembled an upside-down Whale.
  • Both legacy variants of the Charybdis ("Legacycharybdis" and "Charybdisold") can be spawned by the use of Console Commands or through the Character Editor.

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