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Affliction Burn.png
The area is blistered and red, and skin is already beginning to peel away in sheets. The patient is in a great deal of pain.

The Burn affliction represents the damage caused by heat sources, and directly reduces the Vitality of the afflicted character.

Burn damage is commonly caused by accidents involving a Welding Tool or the Plasma Cutter, doing electrical repairs with insufficient skill, fires and explosions, and ingestion of Deusizine, Sulphuric Acid or Radiotoxin, as well as Hyperzine if used with insufficient skill.
This affliction can affect any limb.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill CausesSkill
Affliction Burn.png
Yes Yes Stays 0 - 100 Orders healandrescue.png -1% vitality per strength Antibiotic Glue.png Antibiotic Glue (-75 | -50)* 55
Fentanyl.png Fentanyl (-75 | -50)* 72
Morphine.png Morphine (-50 | -25)* 30
Plastiseal.png Plastiseal (-36 | -18)* 22
Opium.png Opium (-20 | -10)* 15
Bandage.png Bandage (-18 | -12)* 10
Pomegrenade Extract icon.png Pomegrenade Extract (-6 | -3)* 20
Deusizine.png Deusizine (+3.75 | +15)* 72
Hyperzine icon.png Hyperzine (+0 | +7.5)* 50
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