Watcher's Gaze

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Seeming confused and slightly terrified, the patient doesn't look good. Could it be a mental breakdown? A stress reaction? There's not much you can do about it.

"Watcher's Gaze" is an affliction that is applied when a Watcher is nearby. The only cure is to gain distance from the Watcher and wait for the effects to subside.

The Affliction itself has two distinct stages of intensity, applying multiple other afflictions such as Affliction Psychosis.pngPsychosis and Affliction Nausea.pngNausea. along with screen distortions.

The two stages will be referred to as "Indirect" and "Direct", both cause varying levels of the aforementioned afflictions.

The "Indirect" stage normally occurs when the Watcher is outside the submarine with the player being inside, this stage applies minor Nausea and Psychosis, along with small screen distortions. Said distortions resemble warped glass, with objects and items being changed appearance-wise as the player's camera moves around.

The "Direct" stage most often occurs when the player is outside the submarine and the Watcher approaches to observe them. This stage is much more extreme, involving heavy Nausea and Psychosis and causing extreme screen distortion, making it almost impossible to see clearly. It should be noted that while this affliction by itself is harmless, the Nausea that comes from it will slowly inflict Affliction Organ Damage.pngOrgan Damage.

This affliction's stages are based on range, so it is entirely possible to get the extreme "Direct" stage while still inside the submarine if the Watcher is very close.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill
Affliction Watcher's Gaze.png
Watcher's Gaze
No No Decays (-4/s) 0 - 50 Creatures:+10% speed, +50% vitality
Humans: slight screen distortion
Decays (-7/s) 50 - 60 Creatures:+20% speed, +100% vitality
Humans: Affliction Nausea.pngNausea 20 (2% chance /sec), Affliction Psychosis.pngPsychosis 20 (2% chance /sec), screen distortion and blur
Decays (-19/s) 60 - 100 Creatures:+30% speed, +200% vitality
Humans: Affliction Nausea.pngNausea 2/sec, Affliction Psychosis.pngPsychosis 3/sec, screen distortion, blur and chromatic aberration
Side Effects