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Quality is a stat applied to certain Items that increases their effectiveness depending on the Quality level.


Level Improvement Acquiring
Normal 0 Will be crafted if the crafting skill requirement isn't met.
Good +10% Craftable upon reaching >20% from the minimum skill requirement towards 100.
i.e.Skill requirement + (100 - Skill requirement)*0.2
Excellent +20% Craftable upon reaching 100 of the item's crafting skill.
Masterwork +30% Craftable by reaching 100 skill and having a Talent that grants +1 quality to crafted items of its category.

All qualities of items can randomly spawn on Wrecks and may be included in newly purchased Submarines.

Outposts only sell normal quality items.

Items with Quality and their Modifiers

Item Modifier
Boarding Axe, Ceremonial Sword, Crowbar, Hardened Crowbar, Diving Knife, Hardened Diving Knife, Europan Handshake, Stun Baton Striking Power
Autoshotgun, Assault Rifle, Boom Stick, Deadeye Carbine, Rapid Fissile Accelerator, Handcannon, Harpoon Coil-Rifle, Harpoon Gun, HMG, Machine Pistol, Revolver, Rifle, Riot Shotgun, Scrap Cannon, SMG, Stun Gun, Firepower
Fuel Rod, Thorium Fuel Rod, Fulgurium Fuel Rod, Volatile Fulgurium Fuel Rod, Welding Fuel Tank, Incendium Fuel Tank, Oxygen Tank, Oxygenite Tank, Battery Cell, Fulgurium Battery Cell Max Condition (durability)
Screwdriver, Hardened Screwdriver, Wrench, Hardened Wrench, Heavy Wrench Repair Speed
Depth Charge Shell, Depth Decoy Shell, UEX, C-4 Block, IC-4 Block, Compound N, Volatile Compound N, Stun Grenade, EMP Grenade, Frag Grenade, Incendium Grenade, Acid Grenade, Grenade Launcher Explosion Range
Explosion Damage
(Affects ammunition stats in the case of ranged weapons)
Welding Tool Hull Repair Speed
Plasma Cutter Hull Damage
Deattach Time Reduction (Minerals extraction speed)

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

Loyal Assistant
ID: loyalassistant
Spec. 3
You and all crew members whose job matches your apprenticeship can craft items at 1 higher quality.

Unlimited Power
ID: unlimitedpower
Spec. 2
Battery Cells you fabricate are of 1 higher quality.
Batteries and Supercapacitors have +10% capacity.

Fun With Fission
ID: funwithfission
Tier 2
Fuel Rods you fabricate are of 1 higher quality.

Weapon Artisan
ID: weaponartisan
Weapons Engineer
Spec. 3
Weapons you fabricate are of 1 higher quality.

Tool Maintenance
ID: toolmaintenance
Spec. 3
All crew members craft tools at 1 higher quality.

ID: weaponsmith
Security Officer
Tier 2
Weapons you fabricate are of 1 higher quality. Unlock recipe: Riot Shotgun, SMG.

Extra Powder
ID: extrapowder
Security Officer
Spec. 3
Explosions have 20% larger radius and deal 10% more damage. Explosives you fabricate are of 1 higher quality.
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