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Gardening is a mechanic in Barotrauma allowing submariners to grow renewable resources from the safety of their submarine. There are five different growable plants that produce special fruits which can be crafted into different items or used offensively in some cases.

Seeds can be bought at City and Research Outpost merchants, looted from Wrecks, or by deconstructing fruits.

Fruits and Seeds can be deconstructed.


To start a garden, first place a Small Planter Box inside the submarine, then, use the desired plant seed on the Planter Box to plant it. The bud consumes water over time and grows vines on the wall. A Watering Can is used to refill the Planter Box with fresh water. Planter Boxes in contact with seawater will be drained of their fresh water supply. When fully grown, the plant drops fruits from flowers on the vines. If the fresh water in the Planter Box runs out, the plant will die. Dead plants can be uprooted by hand, allowing the Planter Box to be repotted or removed entirely. Fertilizer can be used on the Planter Box to double the growth speed and fruit production rate of the plant inside.

A Planter Box can take up to 100 units of Fertilizer, which decays at -0.1/s, meaning an entire fill lasts for 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

  • Fertilizer has 800 durability - enough for exactly 8 full fillings.
  • In case a Planter Box is already partially filled up with fertilizer, it only takes as much durability as it needs to fill up, so none is wasted.


Plant Item Time to fully grow Time to decay when fully watered Produced Fruit Fruit Spawnrate
Base Flooded

39 minutes, 28 seconds 41 minutes, 39 seconds 17 minutes, 51 seconds Banana 2.02 / hour

Pomegrenade Seed
57 minutes, 8 seconds 55 minutes, 33 seconds 15 minutes, 9 seconds Pomegrenade (95%)
Mutated Pomegrenade (5%)
7.92 / hour

Raptor Bane Seed
1 hour, 32 minutes, 18 seconds 1 hour, 27 minutes, 21 seconds 11 minutes, 43 seconds Raptor Bane (40%)
Mutated Raptor Bane (60%)
7.92 / hour

Salt Vine Seed
39 minutes, 28 seconds 38 minutes, 34 seconds 17 minutes, 15 seconds Salt Bulb 2.02 / hour

Tobacco Vine Seed
2 hours, 3 minutes, 4 seconds 1 hour, 57 minutes, 22 seconds 14 minutes, 35 seconds Tobacco Bud 2.02 / hour


  • Gardening was added in 0.10.50
  • While pomegrenade are called pomegrenades in-game, the name "creepingorange" is used for console commands and in-code identifier
  • In-game, plants display flowers that are the same color as their respective seeds and fruits, which helps discerning them once they've grown. Pomegrenade plants have orange seeds / flowers / fruits, Salt Vine's are light green, Raptor Bane's are pink and Tobacco's are blue.


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