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Gardening is a mechanic in Barotrauma allowing submariners to grow renewable resources from the safety of their submarine. There are four different growable plants that produce special fruits which can be crafted into different items, or just thrown about and splattered on the hulls of the sub.

The seeds can be bought either in a city and/or a research outposts, found in submarine wrecks or by deconstructing fruits.

They can be also deconstructed, each yielding 1 carbon.


Pomegrenade plant.png

To start a garden, first place a Small Planter Box inside the submarine. Then, use a Seed on the box in order to plant it.

The bud consumes water over time and grows. A Watering Can is used to refill the Planter Box with fresh water.

When mature, the plants will bear and drop fruits by the Planter Box.

If the water in the Planter Box runs out, the plant will die. Dead plants can be uprooted by hand, allowing the Planter Box to be repotted or removed entirely.

Planter Boxes in contact with seawater will be drained of their fresh water supply.

Fertilizers can be used on Planter Boxes to double the growing speed.

Seeds can be stored in Seed Bags.

Deconstructing fruits yields its seed and either Carbon or Sodium.


Name Uses Yield
Raptor Bane Seed.png
Raptor Bane Seed
Yields Raptor Bane which can be processed into Raptor Bane Extract, a nauseant for humans, a lethal poison for Mudraptors.

Yields Mutated Raptor Bane which has no use but recycling.

Raptor Bane.pngRaptor Bane 40%

Mutated Raptor Bane.pngMutated Raptor Bane 60%

Pomegrenade Seed.png
Pomegrenade Seed
Yields Pomegrenade which can be processed into Pomegrenade Extract, a mild, non-addictive, healing item.

Yields Mutated Pomegrenade which will explode, deal damage, and start a fire upon even a light impact with the ground/platform. Will not explode if it spawns on a platform directly.

Pomegrenade.pngPomegrenade 90%

Mutated Pomegrenade.pngMutated Pomegrenade 10%

Salt Vine Seed.png
Salt Vine Seed
Yields Salt Bulbs which can be deconstructed into Sodium. Salt bulbs are water reactive and will explode upon contact with water. Salt Bulb.pngSalt Bulb 60%
Tobacco Vine Seed.png
Tobacco Vine Seed
Yields Tobacco Buds which can be processed into Pipe Tobacco, which when smoked in a Captain's Pipe, grants minor Psychosis Resistance Tobacco Bud.pngTobacco Bud 70%

Note: All seeds deconstruct into Carbon x1 in 30 seconds.


Item Materials to craft Time (seconds) Level Skill Deconstructs to
Raptor Bane Extract icon.pngRaptor Bane Extract icon.png
Raptor Bane Extract
Raptor Bane.pngRaptor Bane x4 35 20 Medical Carbon.pngCarbon x2
Pomegrenade Extract icon.png
Pomegrenade Extract
Pomegrenade.pngPomegrenade x5 45 20 Medical Pomegrenade.pngPomegrenade x2
Pipe Tobacco.png
Pipe Tobacco
Tobacco Bud.pngTobacco Bud x3 20 30 Helm Tobacco Bud.pngTobacco Bud


  • Gardening was added in 0.10.50
  • While pomegrenade are called pomegrenades in-game, the name "creepingorange" is used for console commands and in-code identifier
  • In-game, plants display flowers that are the same color as their respective seeds and fruits, which helps discerning them once they've grown. Pomegrenade plants have orange seeds / flowers / fruits, Salt Vine's are light green, Raptor Bane's are pink and Tobacco's are blue.