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The Medical Doctor is a playable Job.

Maintaining the key resource: the people.


Medical Doctors are capable of creating various drugs using the Medical Fabricator, as well as diagnosing and treating the myriad afflictions that hinder the crew. The Medical Doctor's ID card provides access to any Doors or Containers related to their job in the submarine.

There can be a maximum of 2 Medical Doctors, though none are required.

Medical Doctors have 110 base vitality, 10 more than the default 100.

Hired Medical Doctors cost 15% more than usual.


Starting Skills

Skills that a Medical Doctor starts with:

Starting Equipment

All Medical Doctors start with the same equipment:

The Medical Doctor has 2 loadouts, each with one of the Medical Doctor's Uniforms:

Loadout #1

Loadout #2


Medical Officers Talents are very greatly varied between genetics, attending to the crew, and making biological weapons.

The Xenologist Specialization helps immensly with collecting Unidentified Genetic Materials, identifying them into Genes and reduces the chance to Taint genes when combining different types to nearly zero. It also unlocks a recipe for the Advanced Gene Splicer which allows the user to insert 2 genes, instead of just 1 like the regular Gene Splicer.

The Medic Specialization is focused entirely on keeping the crew alive and in good health. It grants many buffs increasing the effectivenes of various Medical Items, makes Assistants a tad more useful, and allows the Medical Officer to save dying crewmates from certain death as long as he stays near them, unless they get crushed by the pressure.

The Chemist Specialization gives the Medical Doctors lots of options for both healing and unhealing by unlocking a recipe for the Europabrew which greatly increases the vulnerability to Acid Burns of the target, many recipes for acid weapons which can take adventage of that vulnerability and recipes for the Combat Stimulant which heals many Afflictions and the powerful Endocrine Booster which grants the user a random talent from an another Job. It also unlocks a recipe for the Advanced Syringe Gun which is a substantial upgrade over the regular Syringe Gun due to having twice the ammo capacity, and a built-in Health Scanner HUD.


Example of Health

Gain an additional 20% Maximum Health.

Health Insurance

If your health has dropped below 30% during a mission, gain 100 mk.

Medical items can be bought 10% cheaper.

La Resistance

Gain an additional 50% Opiate Addiction resistance. Gain an additional 50% Chem Addiction resistance.

Nobody Important Dies

Medical items you apply are +10% more potent when applied to non-assistants.

Treating assistants is 20% less effective.


Medical items are 20% more potent when applied to you.

Stayin' Alive

The CPR applied by crewmembers reduces Oxygen Low 20% more effectively.

Blood Donor

Whenever you finish at least one mission, gain one Blood Pack in your inventory.

Don't Die on Me!

The CPR you apply is much more powerful.

Fireman's Carry

You can drag characters at full speed.

Medical Companion

Unlock recipe: Auto-Injector Headset.

No Pressure

Unlock recipe: Pressure Stabilizer.
Xenologist Medic Chemist

Gene Harvester

When looting a monster, there is a 20% chance of finding a Genetic Material on it.

Medical Expertise

Boosts your Medical skill by 30. Your Bandages are more effective.

Plague Doctor

Gain an additional 50% Acid Burn resistance. Unlock recipe: Europabrew, Sulphuric Acid Syringe.

Bloody Business

Administering Alien Blood gives 50% less Psychosis.
Large Creatures drop one extra Alien Blood.

Gene Splicer

Refining genetic materials adds an additional 10% to their potency.

Emergency Response

Assistants can drag characters at full speed. You move 40% faster if any crewmember is unconscious.

Medical Assistance

Assistants in the same room have their Medical skill boosted by 30.

Delivery System

Unlock recipe: Advanced Syringe Gun.

Lab Contacts

Chemicals can be bought for 30% cheaper. You construct medical items 100% faster.

Blackmarket Genes

Shops on Research Stations and Cities can sell Genetic Materials. You can sell genetic materials for 50% more.

Gene Tampering

All crew members gain 10% more health and move 5% faster.

Dr. Submarine

Medical items you apply are 25% more potent.

Vitamin Supplements

Whenever you apply medicine to a friendly character, they gain 20% health until the end of the mission.

Super Soldiers

Buffs you apply last 25% longer. Unlock recipe: Combat Stimulant.

What a Stench!

Poisons and Acid deal 40% more damage. Unlock recipe: Acid Grenade, 40mm Acid Grenade.

Genetic Genius

Combining different types of genetic materials is 99% less likely to taint the materials. Unlock recipe: Advanced Gene Splicer.

Miracle Worker

Nearby crewmembers are unable to succumb to their injuries unless they give in. You become immune to Miracle in Progress.


Buffs you apply last 25% longer. Poisons and Acid deals 25% more damage. Unlock recipe: Endocrine Booster.

This medical contraption, when used, bestows the user with permanent performance enhancement.

  • Dr. Submarine and Self-care also increases the side effect damage from medicines like Broad-spectrum Antibiotics.
  • Gene Harvester's effect will trigger only the medic is the first character with a looting talent to open the creature's inventory.
    • This means it can not be used multiple times with different medics with the same talent.
  • Genetic Genius only decreases the chance to taint when combining different gene types, not the chance to taint when combining two of the same type to increase the quality (refining).
    • Since the base chance to taint when combining is 100%, this talent is the only way to get combined genes without tainting them, though the chance will be 1%.
  • Stayin' Alive increases the chance for CPR to instantly remove Oxygen Low from a character by 20%, not the amount of oxygen regained per pump.
    • The bonus does not apply to the character who took the talent, but it can be received from another medic who took the talent.
    • It does not stack with itself, but it does stack with Don't Die on Me!.
  • Don't Die on Me! doubles the medic's chance to instantly remove Oxygen Low while performing CPR, and stops their CPR targets from suffocating no matter how low their medical skill is.

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