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Blood Pack
Blood Pack.png
ID: antibloodloss2
A pack of blood substitute for the treatment of blood loss.
Medical Item, Medicine
Medical Usage
Desirable Medical Skill 35
Affliction Bloodloss.png Bloodloss (-120)*
Duration of the effects 15 seconds
Affliction Bloodloss.png Bloodloss (-60)*
Duration of the effects in case of failure 15 seconds
Fabricator Skill Medical 31
Medical Fabricator
(produces 2 items)
Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 216 mk 54 mk
ColonyColony 216 mk 54 mk
Research OutpostResearch 216 mk 54 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 216 mk 54 mk
Mining OutpostMining 216 mk 54 mk

Blood Pack is a very powerful Medicine used to treat severe Affliction Bloodloss.png Bloodloss.


Blood Packs are used to treat Bloodloss extremely effectively. When applied, it will reduce the affliction strength by 120 over a period of 15 seconds, which translates into 240 vitality for a character with 100 max vitality. Blood Packs can be applied to any limb, and its effects will be spread to all limbs equally. It functions similarly to the less advanced Saline.png Saline.
Affliction Bloodloss.png Bloodloss is caused by the Affliction Bleeding.png Bleeding affliction and Swarm Feeder.png Swarm Feeders.


Like all Medical Items, Blood Pack can be applied through the Health GUI (Default Key H). See this page for more information on usage.

Blood Packs cannot be loaded into a Syringe Gun.png Syringe Gun, and cannot be swung from the hand. They can only be applied in the Health GUI.

Blood Packs are not used in any crafting recipes.


Blood Packs are extremely effective at treating Bloodloss, which is one of the most common Afflictions. Since Bloodloss has a maximum affliction strength of 100 and scales to max Vitality, a single Blood Pack will heal an amount of Bloodloss equal to the character's max Vitality multiplied by 2.4 (i.e. a character with 150 max Vitality will receive a maximum of 360 points of Bloodloss healing). The Health Scanner HUD icon.png Health Scanner HUD will show the affliction strength, (one Blood Pack will heal exactly 120%) and this can be used to judge whether it is necessary to use a Blood Pack as treatment. Since Bloodloss naturally heals at a rate of 0.1/s, a Blood Pack is not necessary for minor wounds.
It should be noted that since Bloodloss has a maximum strength of 100, causes -2 points of vitality per point, and scales to max Vitality, a character will never actually reach 120% Bloodloss; they will be dead at 100%. This means that unless a character has catastrophic bleeding, a Blood Pack will always waste some of its healing power. Blood Packs are generally overkill for this reason, as Bloodloss rarely is the only Affliction that a character suffers during combat. Saline has less than half the healing strength of Blood Packs, however this is sufficient in the vast majority of cases. If a submarine is low on Stabilozine for Antidotes or Genetic Materials, or low on Alien Blood for Pulse Laser ammunition, fabricating Blood Packs is not recommended.

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