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Endocrine Booster
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Medical Items, Talent Item
Medical Fabricator
Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 350 mk
ColonyColony 315 mk
Research OutpostResearch 385 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 385 mk
Mining OutpostMining 350 mk 
Medical MerchantMedical Merchant 350 mk 
Engineer MerchantEngineer Merchant 350 mk 
Armory MerchantArmory Merchant 350 mk

Endocrine boosters are rare medical items that unlock a new talent. They can be crafted by a Medical Doctor with the Don't Die on Me! talent unlocked.


An endocrine booster is used like most other medical items, such as Morphine.

It provides one of the talents from the table below, giving any of them except those belonging to the target's job . Multiple uses can provide several talents at once, allowing to get up to 15 from the list (3 per each job that the target doesn't belong to).

Talent Tier Description
Talent Aggressive Engineering.png
Aggressive Engineering
Mechanic Job Icon.pngMechanic
Technician Tier 1
When you attack with a wrench, you have a 30% chance to attack with 200% additional power and inflict an additional stun.
You can repair mechanical devices 20% past their normal maximum condition.
Talent Crisis Management.png
Crisis Management
Mechanic Job Icon.pngMechanic
Technician Tier 3
The more filled with water your submarine is, the faster you repair devices and swim, up to an additional 75% repair speed and 75% swimming speed.
Talent Canned Heat.png
Canned Heat
Mechanic Job Icon.pngMechanic
Pioneer Tier 3
Fuel and oxygen tanks you fabricate are of 1 higher quality.
Whenever you play an accordion, the ally nearest to you will gain 15 experience every second. When they do, you gain 10 experience.
This effect can only occur up to 20 times until you finish another mission.
Talent Double Duty.png
Double Duty
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Xenologist Tier 2
As long as you are outside your sub, take 25% less physical damage. As long as you are inside your submarine, gain a bonus of 20 to Medicine.
Talent Fireman's Carry.png
Fireman's Carry
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Medic Tier 2
You can drag characters at full speed.
Gain an additional 50% Burn resistance.
Talent Field Medic.png
Field Medic
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Medic Tier 1
Whenever you complete a mission, if all crewmembers survive, gain 3 points in Medical skill.
The deaths of assistants do not count.
Gain an additional 20% Maximum Health.
Talent Multitasker.png
Assistant Job Icon.pngAssistant
Jack of All Trades Tier 1
Whenever you gain a skill point, if it’s not for the same skill as the last skill point gained, gain an additional skill point.
Gain an additional 20% Repair Speed.
Talent Ace of All Trades.png
Ace of All Trades
Assistant Job Icon.pngAssistant
Jack of All Trades Tier 3
Gain a bonus of 15 to all skills.
Gain 15 marks when you gain a skill point.
Talent Still Kicking.png
Still Kicking
Assistant Job Icon.pngAssistant
Grayshirt Tier 3
Whenever you fall below 0 health, rapidly heal normal damage types and remove stun over a short duration.
This effect can only occur once per life each round.
Talent Drunken Sailor.png
Drunken Sailor
Captain Job Icon.pngCaptain
Gunslinger Tier 3
Gain 25% physical damage resistance and 50% stun resistance while drunk.
When you play a Harmonica, a random ally on your current submarine has a 4% chance to gain a random skill point every second.
Talent Trusted Captain.png
Trusted Captain
Captain Job Icon.pngCaptain
Skipper Tier 2
Whenever you finish at least one mission, gain a Coalition Commendation.png Coalition Commendation.
When you apply a Coalition Commendation on another character, gain 275 experience.
Talent Down with the Ship.png
Down with the Ship
Captain Job Icon.pngCaptain
Skipper Tier 3
If you are on your submarine and it becomes at least 50% flooded, you gain an additional 50% swimming speed and a bonus of 25 to Mechanical and Electrical skills for 60 seconds.
Talent Physical Conditioning.png
Physical Conditioning
Security Officer Job Icon.pngSecurity Officer
Specialist Tier 1
Gain an additional 25% Melee Attack Speed.
Gain an additional 15% Movement Speed.
Gain an additional 40% Oxygen Low resistance.
Talent Beat Cop.png
Beat Cop
Security Officer Job Icon.pngSecurity Officer
Warden Tier 2
You can tackle other characters by ragdolling into them at high speeds.
Inflict 25% more Stun.
Gain an additional 25% Repair Speed.
Talent Expert Commando.png
Expert Commando
Security Officer Job Icon.pngSecurity Officer
Soldier Tier 3
When firing a ranged weapon while crouched, you gain 70% reduction to spread and your attacks are 20% more powerful, but your firing rate is 30% slower.
Recover from Bleeding much more quickly.
Talent Just a Scratch.png
Just a Scratch
Engineer Job Icon.pngEngineer
Electrician Tier 1
When you are below 50% health, normal damage types slowly heal by themsleves.
Talent In the Flow.png
In the Flow
Engineer Job Icon.pngEngineer
Electrician Tier 2
Whenever you fully repair a device, repair 70% faster for the next 7 seconds.
Talent College Athletics.png
College Athletics
Engineer Job Icon.pngEngineer
Physicist Tier 3
Unlock recipe: Cargo Scooter.png Cargo Scooter.
Gain an additional 35% Maximum Health.
Gain an additional 30% Swimming Speed.
Gain an additional 20% Walking Speed.

Related Talents

Talent Tier Description
Talent Don't Die on Me!.png
Don't Die on Me!
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Medic Tier 4
Unlock recipe: Endocrine Booster.png Endocrine Booster.
The CPR you apply is much more powerful.
Handheld Weapons