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Ballast Flora are a parasitic organism that take root in the ballast Pumps and quickly grow into the rest of the submarine. A ballast flora infection has chance of taking root when pumping water in and the submarine is in a colony of ballast flora spores.


There is a 5% chance of infection per second while the submarine is inside spores & a ballast pump is pumping in water. The flora spores are faintly visible on sonar, and are visible as blooming green spores in the water.

Ballast flora hijack the submarine's hatches, doors, and pumps to protect itself and harm players. Growing and potentially draining power, until attacked.

Installation Effect
Pumps If powered, pumps in water when attacked.
Doors/hatch Close the door/hatch when attacked.
Batteries/Junction box Adds 100-700 extra load per box/drain per battery & store power.

Uses stored power to accelerate growth when attacked.

Walls Releases acidic gas that deals Affliction Burn.png Burn damage to humans when attacked.


Ballast flora is destroyed when the root, the original infected pump, is destroyed. It has about 200 "health". It can be damaged with Explosives, Flamers, Plasma Cutters, Welding Tools, and Fire.

The ballast flora defends itself when attacked by releasing burn-damage causing gas, as well as by controlling pumps, doors, and hatches. Cutting power to the pump will prevent control.

Ballast flora takes half damage when in water.

Minimal Hull Damage Methods of Damaging Ballast Flora
Method Damage Notes
Frag Grenade.pngFrag Grenade 120 Damages Installations.
40mm Grenade.png40mm Grenade 110 Damages Installations
Incendium Grenade icon.pngIncendium Grenade 50 Starts a Fire, damages Installations.
Flamer.pngFlamer 20 /second Can set a Fire
Plasma Cutter.pngPlasma Cutter 10 /second
Welding Tool.pngWelding Tool 10 /second
High Hull Damage Methods To Damage Ballast Flora
Item Damage Notes
UEX.pngUEX 110
C-4 Block.pngC-4 Block 110
IC-4 Block.pngIC-4 Block 110 Starts a Fire.
Compound N.pngCompound N 60
Volatile Compound N.pngVolatile Compound N 60
Nitroglycerin.pngNitroglycerin 60
Nuclear Meltdown(NOT RECOMMENDED) 200? Starts a Fire.


  • Ballast Flora was introduced in
  • According to roadmap[1], can be killed with chemicals; however, this is not yet implemented as of v0.11.0.10.


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