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A Cave is an environment feature. They are small tunnels accessible by divers only, and often contain various obstacles and valuables within.

Cave Types

Bioluminescent Cave

Bioluminescent Caves are colorful, brightly lit caves that have a mild hallucinogenic effect on nearby swimmers.

Crystal Cave

Crystal Caves are caves whose walls, as their name suggests, are covered in crystalline formations. There are also crystal spikes that shatter on contact, inflicting some damage and bleeding onto the diver (see below).

Forest Cave

File:Cave Loot.jpg
Some minerals inside a cave

Forest Caves are caves with tough plant matter that slow movement and gas vents that quickly drain oxygen from Diving Suits.

Ice Cave

Ice Caves are caves lined with icy spikes that explode on contact, dealing damage to divers.

Rock Cave

Rock Caves are caves with gas vents that quickly drain oxygen from Diving Suits.


A sheet of ice blocking a path into a Forest Cave

Caves often have large deposits of minerals (one or more groups of mineral clusters, which contain 4-5 types of minerals). Sometimes, one or more Artifacts can be found in caves.

Medical Plants can spawn inside caves.


Caves have various obstacles, making exploring a risky activity. Caves sometimes have icy chunks that can be cut through, spikes that explode on contact, and toxic gas vents that drain one's suit of oxygen.

In addition to terrain hazards, small Creatures can sometimes spawn inside caves.

In some caves, and very often in the caves contained by the Abyss boulders, strong currents will be present, pushing the divers around. However, this makes said caves easier to spot on the sonar.


Ice spikes that explode upon contact.

Spikes explode on contact and deal damage to the diver that collided with them. Spikes are fragile and can be safely destroyed with small arms and Plasma Cutters. Individual spikes do not deal significant damage to a diver due to the resistances of a diving suit, but the overall damage can add up quickly to a careless diver.

Target Type
Afflictions on Hit
Kinetic Force
Lacerations : 20
Bleeding : 20
Stun : 0.5

Gas Vents

A gas vent on the mouth of a cave

Gas vents are hazards that release a green gas that drains nearby (4.0m radius) Diving Suits of Oxygen Tanks and Welding Fuel Tanks at a rate of 3%/second. As such, it is not advised to linger in these formations for too long.


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