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This page lists randomly generated structures that can be encountered in a Campaign and other Game Modes.


Main article: Outposts

Outposts are where the citizens of Europa have made their cities and towns. Most people reside in these outposts, the rest being part of submarine crews. Outposts have a variety of uses, from stocking on supplies, to upgrading a Submarine, or taking on Missions and more.

Some outposts are Abandoned, and taken over by Creatures, bandits and other hostiles. They can be the target of Outpost Missions.

Beacon Stations

Main article: Beacon Stations

A Beacon Station is a structure which transmits long-range sonar signals to submarines and outposts.

They are the targets of Activate Beacon missions.


Main article: Wrecks

Wrecks are sunken, deteriorated versions of Submarines or Shuttles. They contain a wealth of material loot, and often have Creatures lurking inside.

They can be the target of Wreck Salvage missions.


Main article: Thalamus

The Thalamus is the result of a Ballast Flora infestation left untreated and undisturbed for many years.

Alien Ruins

Main article: Alien Ruins

The Alien Ruins are vast, underwater complexes full of Alien Artifacts and hostile Creatures.

Structures & Locations