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Disambig.png This article is about mineables. For gardening, see Gardening.

Plants are organic items that spawn randomly throughout Europa's oceans. Once harvested and hauled back to the submarine they can be deconstructed into Crafting Materials and Chemicals.

Plants are harvested by hand, and take 1 second to harvest.

List of Plants

Plant Plant Components Description Commonness Store
Colony Habitation Research Military Mining
Fiber Plant sprite.png Fiber Plant.png
Fiber Plant
Organic Fiber icon.pngOrganic Fiber x3 This plant has the texture of a coconut and its fibers move on their own under your fingers unnervingly. Useful for crafting. 80% 125 / 100* 104 90 / 72* 80 72
Elastin Plant sprite.png Elastin Plant.png
Elastin Plant
Elastin.pngElastin x3 The foliage of this plant cannot be torn, only stretched. Useful for crafting. 80% 187 / 150* 156 135 / 108* 120 108
Aquatic Poppy sprite.png Aquatic Poppy.png
Aquatic Poppy
Opium.pngOpium x3 It's warm to the touch. Useful for crafting. 100% 187 / 150* 156 135 / 108* 120 108
Sea Yeast Shroom sprite.png Sea Yeast Shroom.png
Sea Yeast Shroom
Ethanol.pngEthanol x3 The smell is beyond belief, like rotting meat on a hot day. Useful for crafting. 100% 250 / 200* 208 180 / 144* 160 144
Slime Bacteria sprite.png Slime Bacteria.png
Slime Bacteria
Broad-spectrum Antibiotics icon.pngBroad-spectrum Antibiotics x3 A colony of myxobacteria. Can be processed into antibiotics. 20% 187 / 150* 156 135 / 108* 120 108
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