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Artifacts is the term given to a series of relics left behind by extraterrestrials on Europa. Both the origin of these artifacts and their purpose is unknown. They are rare and powerful.

Acquiring artifacts

They require both hands to carry and cannot be placed in characters' inventory, which can make bringing them to the Sub more challenging. An Artifact can, however, be placed in an Artifact Transport Case, which will suppress its adverse effects, and can be placed in characters' inventory. They constantly play a unique sound loop when not contained in a transport case.


Artifacts are the targets of some Salvage Missions, during which they can be found either in an Artifact Holder in alien ruins or somewhere in a cave. The mission will be marked as completed as soon as the Artifact is on board of the submarine, but if its then deconstructed for its valuable resources, the mission will be failed.


Outside of missions artifacts have a 5% chance to spawn in a treasure room in alien ruins and a 1% chance to spawn in a Secure Steel Cabinet in wrecks.

On sonar, they appear as a large, infrared oval blip.

Types of artifacts

Five sorts of Artifacts have currently been recovered on Europa, distinct in appearance, composition and effect. Each type of Artifact has an adverse effect on their environment and is the source of different Rare Materials.

Faraday Alien Artifact

Main article: Faraday Alien Artifact

The Faraday Alien Artifact sends out a 2 meter EMP blast every 15 seconds, damaging all Installations within its range.

When deconstructed, the output includes 1 Steel Bar and 3 Fulgurium Chunks, which can be used to craft Fulgurium Battery Cells, Fulgurium Fuel Rods, Volatile Fulgurium Fuel Rods, Thermal Goggles, Rapid Fissile Accelerators, Fulgurium Stun Gun Darts, Advanced Gene Splicers and Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel Boxes.

Nasonov Alien Artifact

Main article: Nasonov Alien Artifact

The Nasonov Alien Artifact attracts Creatures towards it when being held by the player swimming out in the ocean and when placed in the Submarine, up to a radius of 100 meters. This makes it one of the more dangerous Artifacts as it can cause swarms of Creatures to attack the Submarine simultaneously. However, Creatures will always prioritize food over the Artifact. Depending on which Creatures show up first, certain species will attempt to eat smaller prey before focusing on the Submarine.

When deconstructed, the output includes 1 Steel Bar and 3 Physicorium Bars, which are used to craft Physicorium Ammunition Boxes, Physicorium Chaingun Ammunition Boxes, Physicorium Flak Shells Boxes, Physicorium Harpoons, Physicorium Shells, Assault Rifles, HMGs, Autoshotguns, Handcannons and PUCS.

Psychosis Alien Artifact

Main article: Psychosis Alien Artifact

The Psychosis Alien Artifact gives 0.5% Psychosis every second when being held.

When deconstructed, the output includes 1 Steel Bar and 3 Dementonite Clusters, which are used to craft Deliriumine, Portable Pumps and Petraptor Eggs

Sky Alien Artifact

Main article: Sky Alien Artifact

The Sky Alien Artifact consumes Oxygen at 50 000 per second, capable of quickly draining an entire submarine of Oxygen in seconds. It is recommended to use a Diving Mask or even a Diving Suit when moving them around to avoid getting Oxygen Low, and to store them in unfrequented parts of the Submarine if no Artifact Transport Case is available.

When deconstructed, the output includes 1 Steel Bar and 3 Oxygenite Shards, which are used to craft Pressure Stabilizers, and can be deconstructed into Liquid Oxygenite.

Oxygenite Shards also provide air to the room they're in, and make for a powerful explosive that can be thrown and explodes on impact.

Thermal Alien Artifact

Main article: Thermal Alien Artifact

The Thermal Alien Artifact periodically (30 second intervals) generates Fire. Special caution is to be taken so that they don't set installations ablaze, and crew members interacting with it will need to be treated for Burn. It also plays a sound when doing so.

If no Artifact Transport Case is available, the best way to make the Thermal Alien Artifact harmless is to let it remain in the airlock of the Submarine under flood or in a ballast, as even if a fire were to start when the ballast is empty, simply filling it again will extinguish it.

When deconstructed, the output includes 1 Steel Bar and 3 Incendium Crystals, which can be used to craft Incendium Fuel Tanks, Incendium Grenades, Explosive Slugs, and IC-4 Blocks.


  • The origin of these artifacts and their purpose is unknown.
  • They were left behind by extraterrestrials on Europa.
  • The Sky Artifact's internal name differs noticeably from its in-game name; it is internally referred to as the skyholderartifact.


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