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Alien Items

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Alien items can most often be found in Alien Ruins. They have various uses, and can be deconstructed into Rare Materials.


Alien weapons are powered by Alien Power Cells.

The Alien Pistol is an accurate, but rather weak weapon, akin to the Revolver.

The Ancient Weapon is at its core, an upgrade to the Plasma Cutter. It's able to perform tasks like cutting hulls, and detaching Minerals much quicker, while also dealing substantially bigger damage.

Minor Artifacts

Minor Alien Artifacts can be inserted into Alien Terminals in order to operate various mechanisms inside Alien Ruins.


Alien Artifacts are very valuable, but posses dangerous and destructive properties, making them a substantial hazard to transport. Their effects can be quenched by using Artifact Transport Cases, provided they are kept powered.

Alien Items
Minor Artifacts