Assault Rifle

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Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle.png

"An assault rifle chambering 6.8mm cartridges. Though banned by the Coalition, the schematics for these rifles are still passed around Europa as they present a premier option for submarine defense, or as the Separatists would prefer, societal revolution."
Type Weapon, Medium Item, Talent Item
Ammunition Assault Rifle Magazine.png Assault Rifle Magazine
Ammo Cost 315 Marks
Ammo Capacity 20
Skill Requirements
Weapons 50
Handicap Spread/Inaccuracy x4
(from 4 to 16)
Talent: Warlord
Skill: Weapons 65

Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 792 mk
ColonyColony 660 mk
Research OutpostResearch 660 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 475 mk
Mining OutpostMining 660 mk

The Assault Rifle is a two-handed automatic weapon.


The Assault Rifle (and its magazine) can only be obtained by crafting it with a Security Officer Job Icon.png Security Officer having unlocked the Talent warlord.png Warlord talent.

Due to the Assault Rifle's size, it cannot be carried in the hotbar. It can only be held in both hands, or in the toolbelt slot, which hangs it from the character's back.


The Assault Rifle is held with both hands and must be loaded with an Assault Rifle Magazine.png Assault Rifle Magazine to be used. As with all weapons and tools, using it is done by holding the Right Right-click to take aim, then by Left Left-clicking to shoot/use. Being an automatic weapon, the Assault Rifle can be fired continuously until the Magazine runs out of rounds by holding Left. Depleted magazines cannot be refilled. Deconstructing an empty magazine yields nothing.

Damage Values

Item Shots Afflictions Armor Penetration Structure Damage Explosion Range
Assault Rifle Magazine.png
Assault Rifle Magazine
20 Affliction Gunshot Wound.png Gunshot Wound (30)*
Affliction Bleeding.png Bleeding (15)*
Affliction Stun.png Stun (0.35s)*
0% 5 .

Related Talents

Talent Tier Description
Talent expert commando.png
Expert Commando
Security Officer Job Icon.pngSecurity Officer
Soldier Tier 3
When firing a ranged weapon while crouched, you gain 70% reduction to spread and your attacks are 40% more powerful, but your firing rate is 30% slower.
Recover from Bleeding much more quickly.
Talent warlord.png
Security Officer Job Icon.pngSecurity Officer
Soldier Tier 4
Unlock recipes: Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle Magazine.png Assault Rifle Magazine.
Whenever you attack with any weapon, your attack has 20% chance of becoming twice as powerful.



  • Magazines don't actually contain 20 rounds, instead they spawn bullets on demand as long as the Magazine has enough durability, like the Coilgun.

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