Harpoon Coil-Rifle

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Harpoon Coil-Rifle

An advanced harpoon gun, powered by an energy source to launch harpoons at high velocities.
Quality Bonuses +10% Affliction Strength
Damage Modifier 1.7x
Attack Speed 0.571
Ammunition Harpoon
Explosive Harpoon
Physicorium Harpoon
Ahab's Spear
Ammo Capacity 6
Ammo Max Stack 6
Power Supply Battery Cell (12 Shots)
Fulgurium Battery Cell (24 Shots)
Power Supply Capacity 1
Skill Requirements
Skill Requirements
Weapons: 30
Handicap Spread +4.8 (0.2 → 5)
Talent: Boarding Party
Skill: Weapons: 30
Steel Bar (x2)
Plastic (x2)
Copper (x2)
Fabrication time 20s
Deconstructor Yield
Minimum Difficulty 30%
Base Price 270 mk
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 405 mk 121 mk
ColonyColony N/A 101 mk
Research OutpostResearch 337 mk 101 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 243 mk 72 mk
Mining OutpostMining 337 mk 101 mk
Medical MerchantMedical Merchant N/A 81 mk
Engineer MerchantEngineer Merchant N/A 81 mk
Armory MerchantArmory Merchant 243 mk 72 mk
Children of The HonkmotherClown Merchant N/A 81 mk
The Church of HuskHusk Merchant N/A 81 mk
Identifier harpooncoilrifle
Categories Weapon
Tags mediumitem, weapon, gunsmith, mountableweapon

The Harpoon Coil-Rifle is a Handheld Ranged Weapon in Barotrauma.


The Harpoon Coil-Rifle is a two-handed long-range medium-sized weapon. It fires Harpoons at a high velocity. It is an upgrade over the Harpoon Gun as it has a 1.7x damage multiplier, but has to have a charged battery in order to shoot. The Harpoon Coil-Rifle is effective both on board of the submarine and underwater. Upon hitting something, Harpoons may become lodged in the target (Note: This does not apply to the Explosive Harpoon) and can usually be recovered and reused. This property (plus the small material cost of the ammunition) makes the Harpoon Coil-Rifle a very cost-efficient weapon and that combined with the increased damage makes it proficient at stopping even some more dangerous denizens of Europa, such as Mudraptors or Tiger Threshers. However, just as its weaker counterpart, it can easily be overwhelmed by big groups of enemies due to the slow fire rate.

It can be crafted by a Security Officer with the Boarding Party talent unlocked, or alternatively can be bought on Outposts with a difficulty of at least 30.


The Harpoon Coil-Rifle is held with both hands and must be loaded with a Harpoon, an Explosive Harpoon, a Physicorium Harpoon or Ahab's Spear to be used. As with all weapons and tools, using it is done by holding the Right Mouse Right-click to take aim, then by Left Mouse Left-clicking to shoot/use.

  • It has a single slot for ammunition which can contain up to 6 Harpoons.
  • Unlike the regular Harpoon Guns, they require power to function, a single Battery Cell provides enough power for 12 shots, and a Fulgurium Battery Cell for 24 shots.
  • They have to charge for 0.25s before firing, to compensate their reload time is decreased to 1.5s, making their fire rate the same as a regular Harpoon Gun.
  • Fired Harpoons, other than Explosive Harpoons may be picked up as any other item with Left Mouse Button by default and reloaded into the Harpoon Coil-Rifle.
  • Shot harpoons have a rope attached to them, which reels any hit target towards the player. The rope snaps automatically 1 second after the Harpoon is fired if not attached to a target.
  • The rope will also snap automatically when the player ragdolled, shoot a new harpoon, or being too far from target.
  • Player can reel a target with a harpoon attached, as long as the target not being too heavy.
  • Like most two-handed weapons, the Harpoon Coil-Rifle has a Flashlight slot. The inserted Flashlight automatically turns on whenever the weapon is drawn.
  • It can be stored in the inventory, but not in Storage Containers.The same is true with Harpoons.

Damage Values

ItemShots Afflictions Armor PenetrationStructure Damage Explosion Range

Ahab's Spear
 Lacerations (136)*
 (80 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
 Bleeding (136)*
 (80 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
 Stun (1.7)*
 (1 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
Impact: 34

Explosive Harpoon
 Deep Tissue Injury (42.5)*
 (25 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
Explosion (2m):
 Burn (85)*
 (50 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
 Stun (2.55)*
 (1.5 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
Impact: 34
Explosion (2m): 17
2 meters

 Lacerations (59.5)*
 (35 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
 Bleeding (59.5)*
 (35 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
 Stun (0.85)*
 (0.5 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
Impact: 34

Physicorium Harpoon
 Lacerations (102)*
 (60 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
 Bleeding (102)*
 (60 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
 Stun (0.85)*
 (0.5 x 1.7 weapon damage modifier)
Impact: 34

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

Boarding Party
ID: boardingparty
Security Officer
Spec. 1
Unlock recipe: Boarding Axe, Slipsuit, Harpoon Coil-Rifle.

ID: slayer
Security Officer
Spec. 2
Gain an additional 25% attack power with harpoons. If you are in the open sea, gain an additional 50% attack power to Harpoons instead.

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