Deadeye Carbine

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A tactical weapon, available in black and slightly darker black.
~ Item description
Deadeye Carbine
Deadeye Carbine.png
Inventory icon.

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Type Weapon
Item Cost 1064 Marks
Ammunition SMG Magazine.pngSMG Magazine
Ammo Cost 90-125 Marks
Ammo Capacity 20
Skill Requirements
Weapons 50
Handicap Spread/Inaccuracy of the weapon is increased by 60%.
Constructible? No
Deconstructing Time 10
Deconstructor Materials Steel Bar.pngSteel Bar


The Deadeye Carbine is a unique SMG variant Ranged Weapon. Compared to the SMG, the Deadeye Carbine has much less weapon spread, making it more accurate at long ranges, and a lower fire rate.

It spawns rarely in a wreck's armory (3%) and storage cabinets (1%).


The Deadeye Carbine is a medium range weapon, shooting rounds from a detachable magazine. The Carbine functions both on board of the submarine and underwater, although its spread makes it unreliable at hitting distant targets. As for all firearms, ammo cannot be recovered. The Carbine needs a Magazine to function, each of which holds 20 rounds (they can not be accessed directly).

The Deadeye Carbine rounds inflict Bleeding and Gunshot Wounds, making them very effective at stopping the bleed-able denizens of Europa, such as Crawlers, Mud Raptors and Traitors.

The Deadeye Carbine can be appealing to a submariner who desires plenty of firepower without sacrificing a significant potion of inventory space. Spare magazines can be efficiently carried (in a Storage Container, for instance) and the contained ammunition within quickly adds up. This is further compounded by how the Deadeye Carbine can be reloaded rapidly compared to other small arms.


The Deadeye Carbine is held with both hands and must be loaded with an SMG Magazine.pngSMG Magazine to be used. As with all weapons and tools, using it is done by holding the Right Right-click to take aim, then by Left Left-clicking to shoot/use. Being an automatic weapon, the SMG can be fired continuously until the Magazine runs out of rounds by holding Left. Depleted magazines cannot be refilled, thus, they should be deconstructed into Plastic.

Damage Values

The Deadeye Carbine fires at a rate of 2 shots/second.

Structure Damage
Projectile Speed
Is Sticky?
Is Fragile?
Raw materials
SMG Magazine.png
SMG Round
Affliction Bleeding.pngBleeding: 15

Affliction Gunshot Wound.pngGunshot Wound: 15

Affliction Stun.pngStun: 0.125

Plastic Plastic