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Beacon Stations

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A Beacon Station is a structure which transmits long-range sonar signals to submarines and outposts.

They are the targets of Activate Beacon missions.



Deactivated beacon stations will appear on the campaign map as a icon next to a passage.

Enabling one will change its icon to . Additionally, enabling a beacon station will increase the chance for adjacent natural formations to be settled and become Outposts by 20%.

Repairing a Beacon Station

Beacon stations should be repaired in this order: walls/shells, wiring, mechanical/electrical repairs, reactor power, enable sonar. Strictly speaking, it is only necessary to repair the reactor, sonar, and any junctions involved in connecting them – once the beacon is active, its installations will no longer take damage.

Note that beacon reactors don't come with Fuel Rods, so divers should bring a fuel rod with them. However, any non-empty rod will do, as beacon reactors do not consume the rods placed in them.

Once the beacon station is repaired, a small swarm of either crawlers, mudraptors, husks or tiger threshers may spawn nearby. It is recommended to keep that in mind when returning to the submarine.


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