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Aliens are the creatures swimming outside the submarine. Almost every alien in Barotrauma is aggressive, with some of them being able to enter the submarine. The difficulty determines how strong and how much health each alien has; if the difficulty is higher, they can break in to your submarine in mere seconds. If you enter an alien ruins area, you may find many aliens, including a highly aggressive Fractal Guardian. There are many weapons at your disposal that you can defend yourself against the aliens. However, some aliens inflict additional debuffs to you, like the Husk who will infect you with Husk Infection, slowly turning you into a zombie if not treated before stage 3 with calyxanide. The largest enemy in the game is Endworm, who will attack submarines, but is passive to humans. The Watcher is another passive alien, but it will inflict the Watcher's Gaze debuff on any nearby humans. The Coelanth is an example of a highly aggressive alien, who will try to bite through the hull, which is incredibly dangerous should you encounter one in it's natural habitat of the Abyss. It is advised to bring a weapon with out each time you leave the submarine, save for docking with a station/outpost.

Players fighting a mudraptor
A "beautiful" hammerhead

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