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Category Machines
Power Consumption 50 kW

Searchlights are stationary installations for shining light outside of the submarine.


Searchlight cast light in a long narrow cone towards where it is aimed, useful for seeing potential targets or generally for observing the submarine's surroundings.

A Searchlight is operated by Interacting (Default: Left) with a connected Periscope.pngPeriscope, and can be exited by Deselecting (Default: Right) it.

If the Searchlight is wired to be toggle-able, the user can also toggle its light on and off by Interacting (Default: Left) while operating the Searchlight.

Submarine Editor

A Periscope's position_out pin must be wired to the Searchlight's position_in pin to be able to operate it.

The Searchlight's light can be made toggle-able by:

  • Connecting a Periscope.pngPeriscope's trigger_out to the Searchlight's toggle_state pin to allow toggling while operating the Periscope.
  • Connecting a Lever.pngLever to the Searchlight's set_light pin to allow toggling while not operating the Periscope.

Connection Panel

Connection panel for Searchlight
Hover over pins to see their descriptions.
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Toggles light on/off when an input of 1 is received.
Provides power to the Searchlight.
Controls where the Searchlight is aiming.
Sets light to on (1) or off (0), when a continuous signal is received.