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Category Machines
Power Consumption 50 kW

Searchlights are stationary installations for shining light outside of the submarine.


Searchlight cast light in a long narrow cone towards where it is aimed, useful for seeing potential targets or generally for observing the submarine's surroundings.

A Searchlight is operated by Interacting (Default: Left) with a connected Periscope.pngPeriscope, and can be exited by Deselecting (Default: Right) it.

If the Searchlight is wired to be toggle-able, the user can also toggle its light on and off by Interacting (Default: Left) while operating the Searchlight.

Submarine Editor

A Periscope's position_out pin must be wired to the Searchlight's position_in pin to be able to operate it.

The Searchlight's light can be made toggle-able by:

  • Connecting a Periscope.pngPeriscope's trigger_out to the Searchlight's toggle_state pin to allow toggling while operating the Periscope.
  • Connecting a Lever.pngLever to the Searchlight's set_light pin to allow toggling while not operating the Periscope.

Connection Panel

Connection panel for Searchlight
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Toggles light on/off when an input of 1 is received.
Provides power to the Searchlight.
Controls where the Searchlight is aiming.
Sets light to on (1) or off (0), when a continuous signal is received.