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Submarines are the main mode of transport in Barotrauma. They come in several different classes and tiers. Submarines can be used to transport goods between outposts or fitted with weapons to enhance their combat capabilities. Some submarines even come equipped with Drones which enable smaller scouting missions or rescue operations.

Purchasable Tier 1
Scout Dugong  •  Orca
Attack Barsuk
Transport Camel
Tier 2
Scout Azimuth  •  Orca 2
Attack Herja  •  Humpback  •  Typhon
Transport R-29
Tier 3
Scout Remora (drone)  •  Winterhalter
Attack Kastrull (drone)  •  Typhon 2
Transport Berilia
Enemy Dugong  •  Humpback  •  Typhon 2
Shuttles Hemulen  •  Selkie  •  Venture

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