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Sprayer sprite.png
Cleans or paints walls by spraying liquid on them.
ID: sprayer
Fuel Ethanol.png Ethanol
Black Paint.png Black Paint
Blue Paint.png Blue Paint
Green Paint.png Green Paint
Red Paint.png Red Paint
White Paint.png White Paint
Fuel Cost (Ethanol) 54-66 Marks
(Paint) 80-168 Marks
Fuel Capacity 1
Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 120 mk 30 mk
ColonyColony 108 mk 27 mk
Research OutpostResearch 150 mk 37 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 150 mk 37 mk
Mining OutpostMining 108 mk 27 mk

The Sprayer is a special tool used specifically for the cleaning activity, which was added alongside the Gardening activity in Vanilla


Decals are persistent and water gradually dirties up the Submarine's walls. Sprayers can be used to clean the dirt and the decals. They can also be used to paint walls with various colors.

Sprayers only work on the background walls and decorative structures inside the hulls since they are the only entities affected by decals and dirt. Their functionalities are somewhat similar to the Fire Extinguisher in that they also have a decent range and no spread, making them convenient to use.

This activity is purely optional fun and games to balance the darkness of the ocean and to keep idle hands from messing with the boat’s wires unnecessarily, unless Submarine hygiene is an important aspect among the crew.


The Sprayer is held with both hands and must be loaded with paint or ethanol to be used. As with all weapons and tools, using it is done by holding the Right Mouse Right-click to take aim, then by Left Mouse Left-clicking to shoot/use.

The crosshair snaps to the wall grid, much like how Detonators, Small Planter Boxes or Wires function when placing them.

If the crosshair is outside the range of the Sprayer or hovers over closed Doors and Hatches, inside walls (floors), or outside walls (Sub's shells), it will disappear and the tool cannot be activated.


"If you have time to lean, you have time to clean."

Cleaning is a downtime activity for Europan submariners. Subs will gradually become dirtier. Since they aren't going to clean themselves, submariners will have the new ability to use a pressure cleaner on the walls to get them looking clean and shipshape again.

By default, the Sprayer is loaded with Ethanol.png Ethanol as the main cleaning agent to rid the walls of both the dirt and the decals. Each second of usage reduces 0.75% of its condition.


"Rumors of crew members misusing their pressure cleaners by loading them with paint for the purposes of vandalism or artistic expression are to be ignored, this is not a Coalition-endorsed use of cleaning equipment."

Painting is another type of pastime activity. Aside from its main purpose as a cleaning tool, the Sprayer is also used to paint the walls to create permanent decals provided the tool is loaded with a Paint.

Paints are mainly colored substances which are used to coat the walls to leave decorative decals. Once loaded in the Sprayer, it allows the player to freely paint walls. They can also be thrown around and much like fruits from gardening, they break and leave a corresponding colored splattered decal on impact.

Paints are non-refillable consumables, but two Paints of the same color can be combined if both of their conditions add up to less than 100%.

Colored decals already applied on the walls can be overlapped by other colors that are different from them. When using the Sprayer, the condition of Paints also reduces twice as much as Ethanol's, which is 1.5% of its condition every second of usage.

There are five different colored Paints that can be loaded in the Sprayer: Black Paint.pngBlack, Blue Paint.pngBlue, Green Paint.pngGreen, Red Paint.pngRed, and White Paint.pngWhite.

Paints Fabricating Deconstructing Price (mk)
Input Mechanical Level Time (second) Output Time (second)
Red Paint.png
Red Paint
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Tin.png Tin
Alien Blood.png Alien Blood
20 30 Ethanol.png Ethanol 10 126-168
Green Paint.png
Green Paint
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Tin.png Tin
Copper.png Copper
20 30 Ethanol.png Ethanol 10 80-108
Blue Paint.png
Blue Paint
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Tin.png Tin
Zinc.png Zinc
20 30 Ethanol.png Ethanol 10 80-108
Black Paint.png
Black Paint
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Tin.png Tin
Zinc.png Zinc
20 30 Ethanol.png Ethanol 10 80-108
White Paint.png
White Paint
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Tin.png Tin
Zinc.png Zinc
20 30 Ethanol.png Ethanol 10 80-108


  • The content inside the Sprayer is shown attached to the Sprayer on the outside when not kept in a container or the inventory.


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