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Connects an output from one piece of equipment to an input on another.

Type Electrical Component
Item Cost 45-50 Marks
Crafting Time 5
Fabricator Materials (Colored Wires only)

Copper.pngCopper x20%

Rubber.pngRubber x20%

Deconstructing Time 5
Deconstructor Materials Copper.pngCopper x20%

Rubber.pngRubber x20%

Wires are electrical components used as connectors between electrical devices. Carrying both power and possible signals, they are a discreet but essential part of the Wiring system in Barotrauma.


Aside from the non-coloured Wire.png Wire, there are six other distinct colored ones: Black Wire.png Black, Blue Wire.png Blue, Brown Wire.png Brown, Green Wire.png Green, Orange Wire.png Orange, and Red Wire.png Red. These colors have no influence on the properties and is instead used to help players get their bearing in the wiring.

Pressing 'E' while holding a Wire and not aiming at anything useful attaches it to where you stand allowing for stretches of wiring mid-game that do not go straight from A to B.