Ruin Scanner

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Ruin Scanner

A device that uses sonar waves to map ruins.
Constructible? No
Deconstructible? No
Identifier ruinscanner
Cargo Container Identifier metalcrate
Categories Equipment
Tags smallitem, scanner

The Ruin Scanner is a Mission item.


It is functionally similar to a Handheld Sonar, although it doesn't require Battery Cells and doesn't include a Mineral Scanner. It's primary purpose is to scan targets in Alien Ruins.

The player is given three of them in a metal crate when they start a Scan Alien Ruins mission.


It can be placed by Right Mouseaiming and Left Mouseclicking on the grid that appears or pressing E. It will then begin scanning, which takes 30 seconds.

  • It can be placed anywhere, but will only start scanning when placed within 10 meters of one of the objectives.
  • It can be picked up after it finished scanning, and needs to be brought back on board of the submarine in order to finish the mission.
  • It can be reused, meaning a single scanner is able to scan all targets.