Stayin' Alive

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Talent Tree Description

Stayin' Alive
ID: stayinalive
Medical Doctor
Tier 1
The CPR applied by crewmembers reduces Oxygen Low 20% more effectively.
  • Does not increase the amount of oxygen regained per pump as the description might suggest, but rather increases the chance of compressions instantly reviving a CPR target.
    • The increase in revival chance is multiplicative; a character with a base 5% chance to revive will have a 6% chance, rather than a 25% chance, after taking the talent.
  • Gives the Stayin' Alive affliction to all other crew members while the character is alive.
    • Its effect is not granted to the character with the talent, but can be received from another crew member.
  • Does not stack if there are multiple characters with this talent, but does stack additively with Don't Die on Me!.

Security Officer
Medical Doctor