Melodic Respite

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Talent Melodic Respite.png Melodic Respite

A Tier 2 Talent in the Engineer's Electrician tree.

Talent Tree Description
Talent Melodic Respite.png
Melodic Respite
ID: melodicrespite
Engineer Job Icon.pngEngineer
Tier 2
When you play a Guitar.png Guitar, you and allies near you gain the following attributes for up to 480 seconds:
+15% Attack Power
+15% Repair Speed
+15% Physical damage resistance
  • Melodic Respite has a range of 6 meters and playing the guitar adds 15 seconds of the Melodic Respite buff per 1 second of guitar usage.
    • Since the buff duration will still be decreasing while playing the guitar, effectively 14 seconds of buff time is added per 1 second of guitar playing. This means that it takes approximately 34 seconds to apply the maximum buff duration.
  • Gives the Talent Affliction Melodic Respite.pngMelodic Respite affliction.