Disposable Diving Suit

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Disposable Diving Suit

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A disposable diving suit capable of withstanding the immense pressure under Europa's crust.
Resistances (Protects All limbs)
 Bite Wounds (5%)*
 Lacerations (5%)*
 Gunshot Wound (5%)*
 Burn (25%)*
 Husk Infection (0% | 50%)*
 Bleeding (5%)*
Speed Modifiers -30% Movement Speed
-15% Scooter Propulsion Speed
Pressure Protection Up to 6650 m
Breathing Supplies Built-in Oxygen Supply that lasts for 8 minutes and 20 seconds.
It cannot be refilled.
Constructible? No
Deconstructor Yield
Identifier respawndivingsuit
Categories DivingEquipment
Tags diving,deepdiving,human,respawnsuit

The Disposable Diving Suit is an Outerwear piece.


The Disposable Diving Suit is a protective and pressure resistant Outerwear piece. Its primary function is to allow a respawning player to safely return to the submarine after spawning in the Respawn Shuttle, after which it should be deconstructed as there is no reason to keep it due to its disadventages in comparison to other Diving Suits. It provides moderate protection agains many Afflictions, and a Pressure Protection of up to 6650 meters. It incorporates a built-in light and a breathing gas supply that allows the user to breathe underwater, but it cannot be refilled. Due to its weight and construction it slows its user down, reduces their field of view and muffles certain sounds.

It can be found in Respawn Shuttles.


The Disposable Diving Suit can be worn in the Outerwear slot.

  • When worn it protects all limbs, has an additional 50% chance to completely resist Husk Infection and provides Pressure Protection for up to 6650 meters depth, allowing the user to return to the sub even down in the deepest depths of Europa.
    • It also slows down its user's Movement Speed by 30% and decreases their Scooter Propulsion Speed by 15%.
  • It has a built-in light that doesn't require a battery and will work as long as the user is alive.
  • Quite uniquely it doesn't require a Breathing Supply inserted into it, instead it has a built-in supply of 8 minutes and 20 seconds, which can't be refilled.
    • When Supply condition reaches zero, the suit plays a hissing sound of oxygen escaping alongside the usual beeping.
  • It reduces the user's field of view.
  • It can't be stored in the inventory, held in hands or even stored in a Diving Suit Locker. Instead it must be left on the ground.
Supply effects when worn
Effect Supply Duration Notes
+1000 Air 8m 20s Not refillable.

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