Clown Diving Mask

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Clown Diving Mask
Clown Diving Mask.png
Inventory icon

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Type Gear, Talent Item
Breathing Supply Oxygen Tank.png Oxygen Tank
Oxygenite Tank.png Oxygenite Tank
Welding Fuel Tank.png Welding Fuel Tank
Incendium Fuel Tank.png Incendium Fuel Tank
Breathing Supply Capacity 1 item slot

Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 120 mk
ColonyColony 120 mk
Research OutpostResearch 120 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 120 mk
Mining OutpostMining 120 mk
A clown mask combined with a diving mask, allowing the user to both clown around and breathe underwater.
~ Item description

The Clown Diving Mask is a piece of head Gear that combines the Diving Mask icon.png Diving Mask and Clown Mask.png Clown Mask. It is unlocked through the Assistant Talent Water Prankster.


The Clown Diving Mask provides all the functionality of a Diving Mask and a Clown Mask. They allow the character to breathe while underwater and counts as a part of the clown outfit for the purpose of Clown Power.

Supply effects when worn
Item Effect Supply Duration
Oxygen Tank.png Oxygen Tank +1000 Air 3m 20s
Oxygenite Tank.png Oxygenite Tank +1500 Air

+20% movement

16m 40s
Welding Fuel Tank.png Welding Fuel Tank -100 Air

Affliction Oxygen Low.png Oxygen Low (+5/s)*

Incendium Fuel Tank.png Incendium Fuel Tank -100 Air

Affliction Oxygen Low.png Oxygen Low (+7/s)*

Affliction Burn.png Burn (+0.1/s)*


Related Talents

Talent Tier Description
Talent water prankster.png
Water Prankster
Assistant Job Icon.pngAssistant
Clown Tier 2
Unlock recipe: Clown Diving Mask.png Clown Diving Mask
Clown Power gives you immunity to pressure and allows you to swim 50% faster.

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