Boarding Axe

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Boarding Axe

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A hand axe, meant to be wielded with both hands.
 Lacerations (36)*
 Bleeding (10)*
 Stun (0.5)*
Quality Bonuses +10% Affliction Strength
Range 1.55 m
Attack Speed 0.83
Severance chance 750%
Structure damage 25
Item Damage 30
Talent: Boarding Party
Skill: Weapons: 40
Deconstructor Yield
Base Price 350 mk
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 131 mk
ColonyColony 131 mk
Research OutpostResearch 131 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 94 mk
Mining OutpostMining 131 mk
Medical MerchantMedical Merchant 105 mk
Engineer MerchantEngineer Merchant 105 mk
Armory MerchantArmory Merchant 105 mk
Children of The HonkmotherClown Merchant 105 mk
The Church of HuskHusk Merchant 105 mk
Identifier boardingaxe
Categories Weapon
Tags mediumitem, weapon, gunsmith, mountableweapon

The Boarding Axe is a Melee Weapon in Barotrauma.


The Boarding Axe is a two-handed melee weapon. It has a reach of 1.55 meters, more than 3 times the range of the Diving Knife. In addition to this, it inflicts the highest amount of Lacerations of all melee weapons and has an extremely high Severance Chance. These properties make it the strongest melee weapon that does not require talent-specific builds.

It is very effective against any small Creatures given that unarmored ones like Crawlers are likely to be killed in a single strike to the head due to raw damage, and armored Creatures like Mudraptors are liable to get their limbs cut off very quickly. It also possesses significantly higher structure damage than most other melee weapons, making it possible to cut through a submarine's or wreck's walls a lot faster than with a Plasma Cutter.

It can be crafted by a Security Officer with the Boarding Party talent unlocked; it cannot be bought.


The Boarding Axe is held with both hands. As with all weapons and tools, using it is done by holding the Right Mouse Right-click to take aim, then by Left Mouse Left-clicking to shoot/use.

  • Its extremely high severance chance makes it very probable to cut off limbs or entire chunks of armor of Creatures, making it possible to often kill them in one hit if their head is severed.

Damage Values

When comparing to knives, note that knives are one-handed and can be dual-wielded, effectively doubling DPS for most purposes.

Item Afflictions Attack Speed Armor Penetration

Boarding Axe
 Lacerations (36)*
 Bleeding (10)*
 Stun (0.5)*
0.83 0%

Diving Knife
 Lacerations (10)*
 Bleeding (10)*
 Stun (0.2)*
1.33 0%

Hardened Diving Knife
 Lacerations (15)*
 Bleeding (5)*
 Stun (0.2)*
1.33 25%

The Boarding Axe gains 10% Affliction Strength per quality level. (10% / 20% / 30%)

Related talents

Talent Tree Description

Boarding Party
ID: boardingparty
Security Officer
Spec. 1
Unlock recipe: Boarding Axe, Slipsuit, Harpoon Coil-Rifle.


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