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{{c|<!-- AMMUNITION -->}}
{{c|<!-- AMMUNITION -->}}
| afflictions = {{Affliction|Gunshot Wound|||12.5}}<br>{{Affliction|Bleeding|||12.5}}<br>{{Affliction|Stun|||0.15 sec.}}
| afflictions = {{Affliction|Gunshot Wound|||13}}<br>{{Affliction|Bleeding|||13}}<br>{{Affliction|Stun|||0.15 sec.}}
| gunshotwound = 13<!-- TODO: change gunshot and bleeding and deep tissue to float in cargo declare -->
| gunshotwound = 13<!-- TODO: change gunshot, bleeding, and deep tissue to float in cargo declare -->
| bleeding = 13
| bleeding = 13
| stun = 0.15
| stun = 0.15
Line 15: Line 15:
| usedby = SMG
| usedby = SMG
| usedby2 = Deadeye Carbine
| usedby2 = Deadeye Carbine
| magazine = 20
| magazine = 21
{{c|<!-- CRAFTING -->}}
{{c|<!-- CRAFTING -->}}

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The current game version is
SMG Magazine
SMG Magazine.png
A magazine for .45 caliber SMG rounds.
Type Ammunition, Talent Item
Used by SMG.png SMG
Deadeye Carbine.png Deadeye Carbine
Affliction Gunshot Wound.png Gunshot Wound (13)*
Affliction Bleeding.png Bleeding (13)*
Affliction Stun.png Stun (0.15 sec.)*
Structure damage 5
Shots per magazine 21
Talent: Bootcamp
Skill: Weapons 40
Alternate recipe
Talent: Bootcamp
Skill: Weapons 40
Deconstructor Yield
Lead.png Lead (%*)
Steel Bar.png Steel Bar (%*)
Time.png 10s
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation N/A 37 mk
ColonyColony 125 mk 31 mk
Research OutpostResearch N/A 31 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 90 mk 22 mk
Mining OutpostMining N/A 31 mk

SMG Magazines are SMG.png SMG and Deadeye Carbine.png Deadeye Carbine ammunition.

Related Talents

Talent Tier Description
Talent Bootcamp.png
Security Officer Job Icon.pngSecurity Officer
Soldier Tier 1
Unlock recipe: SMG Magazine.png SMG Magazine.
Whenever you finish a mission without a crewmember dying, you gain an additional 35% experience.
The deaths of assistants do not count.
Talent Munitions Expertise.png
Munitions Expertise
Security Officer Job Icon.pngSecurity Officer
Warden Tier 2
Unlock recipe: Explosive Slug.png Explosive Slug.
Gain 125% more Weapons skill from fabricating items.
Whenever you fabricate SMG ammo, shotgun ammo, or stun gun ammo, you have a 50% chance to gain twice as much output.

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