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I have been playing Barotrauma since the 26th of June, 2020. I have been a wiki editor since 28th of April, 2022. I've built four submarines, have three in development, and have another three concepts to develop.

My discord is Wheatley1001#9363 if you have questions about my edits. I work incredibly closely with FrINge weAver#8089 regarding all things Barotrauma. On the 26th of May, 2022, we solved the ARG. I started the ARG at around 10am, and we finished it at 11pm on the same day.

I focus on the creature pages of the wiki. Additionally I focus on pages which are stubs or out of date, and I also focus on maintaining consistency across the wiki pages. My recorded edits on this page go from "oldest -> most recent"; with the most recent edits being the ones at the bottom of the list.

The Rules of Consistency

As my efforts of reformatting all the wiki pages into a single constant continue, I've noticed ever increasing exceptions that should be addressed. To ensure I don't forget, and to provide aid to anyone who happens upon this page and is interested in reformatting whilst remaining consistent, I have compiled all of the rules I have worked to when reformatting and creating new pages. Please do your best to stick to them, or ask me about situations in which you think the rules don't apply!

Page layouts


Creature pages are defined as "an intelligent, organic (or otherwise) life-form within Barotrauma that has the ability to attack, defend, or has any other interaction with another intelligent and organic life-form". The formatting for Creatures is as follows:

1) A short, simple description of the creature.

2) Description: a detailed visual and behavioral description of the creature.

3) In-game: a detailed description of how the creature acts in the game. Do not describe how it looks, as that should have been done in the previous section.

4) Combat strategies: this is where you describe the many (or limited) methods of which a player would be able to combat this creature in the most effective way. Don't write a meta guide, write the general methods used to fight the creature.

5) Attacks: this is where the attack values of the creature go. These should be included in the infobox template (see Moloch source for reference).

6) Defense: this is where the defense values of the creature go. These should be included in the infobox template (see Moloch source for reference). Add a "creature damage modifiers" image to the page to help people identify where the defense values are specifically (see Creature Damage Modifiers for details).

7) CONDITIONAL Variants: this section is for including any variants of the creature that may exist. For example, the Hammerhead would include the Hammerhead Spawn, Golden Hammerhead, and Hammerhead Matriarch as variants.

8) Trivia: this is where you include fun facts or interesting points about the creature, whether this is a simple note stating when the creature was introduced to the game or a note of a creature which may have inspired the design.

9) Media: this is where you include the image and sound files for the creature. Images always come first, then audio. Be sure to include descriptions for images and notes for audio so the person reading knows what their focus should be directed towards.

Creature Damage Modifiers (IMAGE)

This type of image is unique. There are some situations in which they are not included, and there are specifics parameters in order to recreate them.

When would I use this image?
You would use this image if a creature has any defense values. If they have weaknesses or armor, as many or as few as possible, you would include this image type. Its primary function is to demonstrate where exactly the weak points and/or armored places are on a creature. If a creature does not have any defense values, you do not need to include this image.

How do I create a creature damage modifier?
a) Take a transparent image of the creature (using the character editor and typing "wikiimage_character" into the console).

b) Bring this image into a photo editing software of your preference.

c) Set your two colors to "9ad5ae" (green) and "f56969" (red).

d) Using an ellipse tool or similar, with a thickness of two (2) pixels, create visual markers around the areas of armor or weakness, with armor being demonstrated in green and weaknesses demonstrated in red.

e) Create a line pointing to the area(s) you have highlighted (the line is also two (2) pixels thick) and write the name of the specific body part in Calibre font size 72 (for notes like if an armor limb is destructible, or if a weakness is hidden behind armor, use Calibre font size 36 and ensure the note is in brackets).

f) Once you're ready to save the image, make sure to call it: "(PAGENAME)_Damage_Modifiers", where "PAGENAME" is the name of the creature (which should be the pagename). It is paramount to note that if you do not follow this naming convention, the image will not show up by default on the creature page. Make sure the image is saved as a .PNG. When placing the image in the defense section, be sure to include:

|imagewidth = (700 OR 350) 

after "Damage Multipliers" to ensure consistent sizing. Here is a visual demonstration of both options:

{{Damage multipliers|imagewidth = 700}}
{{Damage multipliers|imagewidth = 350}}


There are many different types of items in Barotrauma. As such, not every page will have the same format. I will detail below the standard format, as well as any sub-formats to use within sub-categories of item.

Medical items

1) Short description of item: Basically its name what it treats, etc. Do not go massively into detail here!

2) Function: include detail on what wounds that it treats, (with numbers), note relevant sources of said wounds, note similar medicines

3) Usage: how it is applied? (Include swing/syringe gun)

4) Notes: vitality scaling, practicality, etc.

5) Fab/decon recipes: self explanatory

6) Trivia: any fun facts about the item in-game, or in the real world!

7) See also: links to any related pages

Editor Vyk (Vyk#1430 on Discord) specialises in medical item pages. If you have any questions about formatting or item pages specifically, feel free to ask him questions!


1) Short description: ((MINERAL NAME) is a raw mineral found in X and Y on Europa)

2) Description: longer, detailed description of the mineral (rarity, how important it is to players)

3) Media: images of it naturally spawning in different locations (abyssal islands, caves, random islands)

4) Trivia (where applicable): fun facts about the mineral! Write about the item being a real thing if it is



Installations are defined as "mechanical or electrical devices which require electrical power to function, and cannot be moved by the player once in-game". The format for installation pages is as follows:

1) A short, brief sentence about what the installation is.

2) Function: a detailed description of how the installation is designed to function.

3) Usage: a detailed description of how the installation can be used by the player.

4) CONDITIONAL Damage values: a table demonstrating the damage values a player can suffer in the event of a skill-check failure whilst repairing, or by other means in which damage can be caused. If the installation is a weapon, include the ammo types that can be used with it, and include their damage values. {{CargoDamage}} should be the template utilized to make this work.

5) Control panel: a template used to show the user what the wiring interface looks like if the player interacts with this item using a Screwdriver in-game.

6) See also: a section where related articles can be linked.

7) Media: a section in which images or audio clips relating to the page can be placed. Ensure that proper formatting is used here.

The exception (Nuclear Reactor)

The Nuclear Reactor is an extensive, complex machine with several functions and internal workings. It is also an installation. To create such an extensive structure that accommodates both the Nuclear Reactor and the standard installations would be unnecessary and clunky. As such, the Nuclear Reactor is exempt from the installations format. All other installation pages should follow the standard format (unless a situation in the future demonstrates a new installation that is of equal complexity as the Nuclear Reactor).



GIFs are a different subject to tackle. They will only work if they are given a gallery with the exact dimensions that they were made in. This can cause some issues relating to consistency, since going through each GIF individually and remaking them to a specific standard is quite a large task. For the future, however, here are the dimensions you should aim to achieve when creating your GIF to avoid someone (probably me) going through and recreating it in a different form factor.

GIFs: widths=280 heights=200

NOTE: The subject of GIF sizing is being discussed. These measurements have NOT been agreed on and serve only as a rough guide in the meantime.

Pages I've worked on

Pages I've created


-Alien Button

-Crawler Hatchling

-Mudraptor Hatchling

-Tiger Thresher Hatchling

-Moloch Baby


-Shotgun Rubber Shell

Major changes

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-Terms of Service (To Be Confirmed/Awaiting Review)

-Crawler Broodmother - Added audio, added trivia, added layout format, added gallery, added damage values, added in-game behaviour, added description

-Giant Spineling - Added missing audio, added trivia, added layout format, added damage values, added gallery, added armour values, added in-game behaviour, added description

-Crawler Egg - Added gallery, added images, added damage values, expanded acquisition, added description, added info box

-Mudraptor Shell - Updated information, added gallery, added trivia

-Moloch Shell Fragment - Updated information, added gallery, added trivia

-Reformatted the old gallery sections of every creature page to the new "Media" section. This change was made on the 20th of May, 2022

-Reformatted the old media dimensions of every creature page. This change was made on the 20th of May, 2022

-Reformatted the media dimensions of every installation page. This change was made on the 20th of May, 2022

-Reformatted the media dimensions of every gear page. Also added stub notes to pages missing media content where appropriate. This change was made on the 20th of May, 2022.

-Reformatted the media dimensions of every item page. Also added stub notes to pages where appropriate. This change was completed on the 4th of June, 2022.

-Leucocyte - Added images, added attacks, transferred content to updated creature infobox, updated information, updated description, updated in-game, added combat strategies

-Swarm Feeder - Added audio, added attacks, transferred content to updated creature infobox, updated information, expanded description, added combat strategies, expanded in-game

-Husked Human - Added to the creature nav, updated page to, updated sprite, transferred content to updated creature infobox, added combat strategies

-Terminal Cells - Expanded description, expanded in-game, added combat strategies, added attack values, added audio files, transferred info to new infobox format, updated information to version

-Mudraptor - Rewrote description, rewrote in-game, added combat strategies, updated page to, updated images, updated page to, uploaded Mudraptor_Damage_Modifiers.PNG

-Human - Updated to, rewrote parts of in-game, minor grammar fixes in lore, reworked health section, added combat strategies, fixed bugs in health section

-Fractal Guardian - Added stub note (04/05/2022). Added description, added additional flavour text, added an image, added attacks, added defense, updated to, added combat strategies

-Golden Hammerhead - Updated to, rewrote description, rewrote in-game, added combat strategies, transferred data to new info table format

-Thalamus - Updated to (added version), added infobox to make updating easier, changed page formatting, added attacks, added specific details in in-game sections, changed formatting of in-game section, changed the way images are displayed, added audio files

-Mudraptor Veteran - Changed format, altered wording for trivia section, added images, updated page to, added description, added in-game, added combat strategies

-Reformatted the headers of every creature page. This change was completed on the 21st of June, 2022.

-Reformatted the headers of every installation page. This change was made on the 21st of June, 2022.

Minor changes

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-Harpoon Gun - Trivia (grammar fixes)

-PUCS Suit - Function (spelling fixes)

-Dirty Bomb - Minor grammar edits

-Volatile Compound N - Grammar edits, shifted order of item loading

-SMG - Updated information

-Deadeye Carbine - Added trivia, gallery images, audio clips, updated information, added related talents

-Human - Updated page image, added gallery content

-Hand Cannon - Added gallery

-Bone Thresher - Added gallery images, slightly changed format style

-Mudraptor Egg - Added gallery image (nest)

-Tiger Thresher Egg - Added gallery image (nest)

-Abyss - Added Latcher page to creatures which can spawn in the abyss

-Playing Catchup - Reformatted page

-Husk infection - Added third trivia note

-Genetic Materials - Added trivia regarding console commands

-Husked Crawler - Purged unnecessary audio tracks, updated to, transferred to new infobox format, added combat strategies, added images

-Crawler (LEGACY) - Reformatted media section

-Crawler - Added Crawler_Damage_Modifiers, added Combat Strategies section, moved information into CS section, fixed grammar issues with Trivia section, updated page to v., updated page to

-Abyss - Reformatted media dimensions, minor grammar fix

-Husk - Updated information, transferred to new infobox format, added combat strategies, added Husk_Damage_Modifiers.PNG

-Tiger Thresher - Updated information, transferred to new infobox format, added combat strategies, updated hatchling variant, changed universal nav to creature nav

-Achievements - Updated every achievement page to

-Cthulhu - Added media section, added trivia about lack of audio

-Creatures - Updated every page unchanged by to, updated pages from to

-Black Moloch - Added description, added in-game, added combat strategies

-Text Display - Reformatted page, slightly expanded description, added media section

Projects I've worked on

Projects that are still heavily in development will stay in the Sandbox area. If a project is actively ongoing, yet is practical and in use, it will be displayed outside of the Sandbox area (see Rules of Consistency for reference). These projects are constantly evolving, and this is a place where I can record all of the ones I have spearheaded, contributed, or assisted with. Notes beside the project title demonstrate how accepted they are in an official capacity, along with key players in the project(s) (anyone who I have worked with on the project, or the people who created something which I turned into a guide, document, or project ((see Creature Mass Index for reference)).

-Terms of Service page (unconfirmed)

-Rules of Consistency (guidelines I wrote, specifically image sizing and formatting, have become official)

-Wiki-wide reformatting

-Creature Mass Index (methodology provided by Cyrob, I compiled it and plan on making it a constant document)

-Armor mechanics (working closely with 31% to try and figure all of this out)

Todo list

Creature pages

Pages that have yet to transition to the new infobox/been reviewed for an overhaul:


Pages I need to do but are low priority:



-Orange Boy


Pages that have yet to be checked for severance probability chances / have had their limbs checked for specific changes if their limbs are severed:


Black Moloch
Hammerhead Matriarch
Bone Thresher
Golden Hammerhead
Tiger Thresher/Tiger Thresher Hatchling
Mudraptor Veteran
Giant Spineling
Crawler Broodmother
Crawler/Crawler Hatchling
Husked Crawler
Fractal Guardian
Husked Human
Mudraptor/Mudraptor Hatchling

Ask 31% about possibly integrating variant attack stats into the infobox

On the subject of reformatting

Page categories left to reformat to new = header:





Sandbox area / WIP projects

Armor mechanics

Mechanics to include: Penetration, Armor (how it works), Limb Severance Probability, Min Severance Damage, armor clothing

Creature Mass Index

So basically there's a feature in the game called "mass" which influences how poison works. If your mass is 200 or lower, you can die to Sufforin. Why is this important? Because of course the Golden Hammerhead has a mass of 202, can have arms severed, and can have its mass lowered to 200. This means mass is a serious thing to consider, and to ensure the Wiki has the best information, we need a Creature Mass Index that mentions when the information is updated and how one actually gets this information (because the information isn't easy to get).

For now, this is a seriously scuffed methodology that uses numbers that are disgustingly out of date. Like, a whole year out of date. Don't expect any level of professionalism from me here, I'm throwing a literal conversation transcript up here without any tests whatsoever, along with my scuffed understanding of how it works (BECAUSE I HAVEN'T TRIED TO DO IT YET). If this doesn't work for you, cool. If it does, cool. I'll refine it when I have time or when I've actually tested it out. This is purely here as a WARNING TO ANYONE who tries to jump the gun and do it before I get a chance to. If you somehow brick your machine, that's on you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Index

Version Checkmark False.png Data is potentially outdated
Last updated for version
The current game version is

LAST UPDATED ON: 03/05/2021

Endworm, 12129
Charybdis, 4841
Watcher, 1365
Hammerhead Matriarch, 1202
Moloch, 1118
Black Moloch, 1118
Golden Hammerhead, 202
Hammerhead, 197
Baby Moloch, 62
Bone Thresher, 58
Husked Crawler, 29
Mudraptor_unarmored, 24
Mudraptor, 24
Crawler, 23
Tiger Thresher, 19
Fractal Guardian 2, 16
Fractal Guardian, 15
Spineling, 11
Leucocyte, 4
Cthulhu, 3
Orange Boy, 2
Psilotoad, 2
Peanut, 1
Hammerhead Spawn, 0
Terminal Cells, 0

Creatures that exist in that have yet to be indexed: Latcher, Mudraptor Veteran, Giant Spineling, Crawler Broodmother, all three hatchling variants, Husked Human, Human

How to get the numbers


"For future me or anyone else, Barotrauma.Ragdoll.GetCenterOfMass() (Line 1499)

DebugConsole.ThrowError(string.Concat(new string[ ] {
  "Name: ",
  " ID: ",
  " Mass: ",
}), null, false, false);

aside: might I recommend string interpolation

{this.character.Name} ID:
{this.character.ID} Mass:
{totalMass}", null, false, false);

(transcript interrupted)
If you have questions about the code, do not ask me (Wheatley1001). I have no idea how this works, this is literally a copy-paste from the conversation. First guy was Cyrob (person who figured all this out), second was Jlobblet.
(transcript continued)

I used Dnspy to edit the game code (C# is easy to edit as it's not fully complied) adding that code in that method. To edit with Dnspy you open the Barotrauma.dll and find that method (if it's not changed since).

https:// (fix the link, wiki blocks it via spam filter)

.NET debugger and assembly editor

.net = C# (what baro is coded in) assembly = .dll file

Also once edited you just spawn creatures in-game (character editor also works, can take longer for some creatures but they all eventually give info), that code will post the info in the console, you can use a command to save it all into text.

Me: So we put this (referencing the code written above) line of code into dnSpy and spawn a creature in? Assuming we dump Barotrauma.dll into dnSpy.

Yeah. Open it up, should load just fine, find the right place (Barotrauma -> Ragdoll -> GetCenterOfMass) (pic is in the discord, can't upload it here). When on that GetCenterOfMass() method you press Ctrl + Shift + E to tell it to edit that one method.

Huh, had a ton of errors compiling, went back to my old version of dnSpy from 2017 and it worked /shrug."

If you cannot do this yourself, there is a modded Barotrauma.dll file in the #baro-wiki-editing channel in the discord server. This is an absolute last resort method if you cannot get the thing to work, as that file type is dangerous and you should be incredibly damn cautious with it. Everything above is the relevant information from the transcript we had last night (19th of June, 2022).

Terms of Service page

Note: Mostly focused on the content of the page rather than style. Styling will come if content gets approved.

Aimed improvements/outcomes for the page:

1) Add content

2) Show the Terms of Service page more commonly; do not hide it in the account request page

3) Comply with legal terms and protect everyone involved

Introduction (custom made)

Welcome to the Terms of Service page for the Barotrauma Official Wiki. Here you will find information regarding Copyrights, User Accounts, and our Conditions of Use. If you have any further questions, please contact (PERSON).

Conditions of Use (custom made)

Editors on the Wiki must follow strict guidelines (attach hyperlink). Outside of our guidelines, there are several rules in place to protect our users. Violating copyright law, posting inappropriate content, or engaging in harassment of users are examples of these rules.

(This section should detail rules to follow which, if broken, would result in account termination. Go into more detail obviously).

Copyright (taken from the Wiki Guidelines page)

This wiki is owned by the Barotrauma developer team but largely maintained by volunteers. If you have a question about the wiki, please get in touch with either the editor actives or the developers.

About to reuse some of the content of this wiki? You may. The texts of the wiki are available under a Creative Commons licence, specifically Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, and you may redistribute them accordingly. The licence is not, however, applied to all images on the wiki, as images taken from the game typically fall under the game’s copyright. Therefore if you reuse our images, please mark them as copyrighted:

"Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

Game content and materials are copyright of Undertow Games, FakeFish Ltd. and Daedalic Entertainment GmbH. All rights reserved.

This wiki is hosted by the developer but maintained by the Barotrauma community."

Intellectual Property (custom made)

All copyrights, trade marks, and in-game images, are owned by (PEOPLE WHO OWN LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE IP. I don't want to make a claim to ownership that I'm not certain about).

Privacy Policy - How We Handle Your Data (custom made)

(This is here by legal requirement. Talk about UK GDPR or EU GDPR guidance and any other laws which protect the information of users)

User Accounts (custom made)

Any user can request an account to be made using the link here (attach hyperlink). Once a request has been submitted, it will be reviewed and either rejected or accepted. Once a user's account is accepted, they can edit pages on the Wiki providing they follow our Guidelines (attach hyperlink). All edits made by the user are of the responsibility of the user, but owned by (INSERT COMPANIES HERE).

Account Termination Policy (custom made)

User accounts can be terminated by our administrative team if they are found to be in violation of our Conditions of Use. In the event of an account being terminated which contributed to the Wiki, their contributions will go under review. The terminated user cannot recall their contributions. Any material in violation of our terms of service or local law will be removed immediately. Terminated accounts will be unable to create a new account.