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The Creature Loot are loot that can be harvested from various Creatures lurking under Europan ocean. Most loot can also be bought in Store or acquired from other means.

Monster Loot

Monster Loot are items collected from the inventories of dead Creatures.

Monster Loot Table
Item Source
Name Type Function Creature Chance
Alien Blood Chemical Treats Bloodloss and inflicts Psychosis , used in crafting Blood Packs Bone Thresher 100%
Crawler 100%
Crawler Broodmother 100% (x2)
Golden Hammerhead 75% (3/4)
Giant Spineling 100% (x3)
Hammerhead 75% (3/4)
Hammerhead Matriarch 100% (x3)
Husked Crawler 27% (1/3.7)
Moloch Baby 100%
Tiger Thresher 100%
Alien Circuitry Misc Deconstructs into Copper x2 and Tin Fractal Guardian 100%
Alien Curio Alien Item Deconstructs into Sulphurite Shard Fractal Guardian 12.5% (1/8)
Alien Ornament Alien Item Deconstructs into Physicorium Bar Fractal Guardian 12.5% (1/8)
Alien Trinket Alien Item Deconstructs into Oxygenite Shard Fractal Guardian 12.5% (1/8)
Ballistic Fiber Crafting Material Used in crafting heavy weapons and protective gear Latcher 80% (4/5) (20% chance to get +2, mutually exclusive with the 80% drop chance AND +1 Diver's Remains)
Brockite Raw Mineral Deconstructs into Thorium and Phosphorus Black Moloch 100%
Moloch 100%
Carbon Mineral Crafting Material Used in a variety of crafting recipes. Giant Spineling 50% (1/2) (x3)
Crawler Mask Gear Cosmetic headwear, makes Crawler noises Crawler 2% (1/50)
Diver's Remains Misc Deconstructs into either Rubber, Iron, Steel Bar, Carbon, or Aluminum Bone Thresher 20% (1/5)
Charybdis 100%
Latcher 100% (20%, 1/5, to get +1. Mutually exclusive with +2 Ballistic Fiber)
Mudraptor 22.72% (1/4.4)
Mudraptor Veteran 22.72% (1/4.4)
Tiger Thresher 25% (1/4)
Endworm Shell Fragment Exotic Deconstructs into Physicorium Bar x6 and Carbon x4 Endworm 100% (4.76% to get +1)
Doomworm 100% (4.76% to get +1)
Hammerhead Ribs Exotic Deconstructs into Phosphorus x2 and Carbon or it can be sold for profit, particularly at Colonies Golden Hammerhead 25% (1/4)
Hammerhead 25% (1/4)
Husk Stinger Weapon Melee weapon Husk 9% (1/11)
Husked Crawler 9% (1/11)
Hydroxyapatite Raw Mineral Deconstructs into Calcium and Phosphorus x2 Black Moloch 100%
Moloch 100%
Mudraptor 100%
Mudraptor Veteran 100%
ID Card Misc Allows limited access to areas of the sub. Human 100%
Husk 100%
Moloch Bone Exotic Deconstructs into Carbon x2 and Calcium x4 or it can be sold for profit, particularly at Colonies Black Moloch 100%
Moloch 100%
Moloch Shell Fragment Tool Blocks attacks and movement Black Moloch 33% (1/3)
Moloch 33% (1/3)
Mudraptor Egg Exotic Hatches into a Mudraptor or used to craft a Petraptor Egg Mudraptor 4.54% (1/22)
Mudraptor Veteran 4.54% (1/22)
Petraptor 100%
Mudraptor Shell Gear Strong body armor Mudraptor 4.54% (1/22)
Mudraptor Veteran 4.54% (1/22)
Paralyxis Crafting Material Used in crafting Paralyzant Leucocyte 20% (1/5)
Scrap Misc Deconstructs into either Iron, Copper, Lead, Steel Bar, Aluminum, Carbon, Rubber, Titanium-Aluminum Alloy, or Thorium Bone Thresher 20% (1/5)
Charybdis 60% (3/5) (20% to get +2) (20% to get +4) (All options are mutually exclusive)
Endworm 23/81% (1/4.2) (x2)
Doomworm 23/81% (1/4.2) (x2)
Small Crawler Egg Exotic Deconstructs into Sulphuric Acid Crawler Broodmother 100%
Spineling's Spike Weapon Melee weapon, can be deconstructed into Carbon and Zinc Spineling 100% (25% to get +1)
Sulphuric Acid Poison Can be used for crafting or to inflict Acid Burns Watcher 100% (x4)
Swim Bladder Raw Material Deconstructs into Saline x3 and Stabilozine x2 Crawler Broodmother 100%
Golden Hammerhead 100%
Giant Spineling 100%
Hammerhead 100%
Hammerhead Matriarch 100%
Moloch Baby 100%
Unidentified Genetic Material Exotic Used to refine into Genes All (with Gene Harvester) 25% (1/4)
Velonaceps Calyx Eggs Raw Material Used in crafting Calyx Extract Husk 27% (1/3.7)
Husked Crawler 27% (1/3.7)
Watcher Shell Fragment Exotic Deconstructs into Dementonite Bar x2 and Carbon Watcher 50% (1/2)
Zinc Mineral Crafting Material Used for crafting a Battery Cell, Fulgurium Battery Cell, and Tonic Liquid. Giant Spineling 50% (1/2) (x3)

Pet loot

Main article: Pets

Pets produce various items over time. Each pet produces a unique item if well fed and happy, and may even lay an egg.
Note: The Defense Bot does not produce anything despite being a pet.

Pet Produce
Pet Product Description Required Happiness
(excluding Huskified
Storage Container
Poop Deconstructs into Carbon. 0
Peanut Mucus Ball Deconstructs into Bandage, Paralyxis, and Calcium. 50
Strange Egg Spawns a Peanut, can be sold for profit. 80
Psilotoad Hallucinogenic Bufotoxin Weak anti-paralyzant, deconstructs into Saline and Paralyxis 50
Strange Egg Spawns a Psilotoad, can be sold for profit. 80
Orange Boy Chitin Chunk Used in crafting the Chitin Helmet 50
Strange Egg Spawns an Orange Boy, can be sold for profit. 80
Cthulhu Dementonite Cluster Used to make Portable Pump, Deliriumine, and Petraptor Egg 50
Strange Egg Spawns a Cthulhu, can be sold for profit. 80
Petraptor Mudraptor Egg Spawns a Mudraptor, can be sold for profit or made into another Petraptor. 80
Huskified Storage Container Velonaceps Calyx Eggs Used to make Calyx Extract. Can be eaten. 80
Creature Loot
Organic Materials
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