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The Creature Loot are loot that can be harvested from various Creatures lurking under Europan ocean. Most loot can also be bought in Store.png Store or acquired from other means.

Monster Loot

Monster Loot are items collected from the inventories of dead Creatures.

Monster Loot Table
Item Source
Name Type Function Creature Chance
Alien Blood.png Alien Blood Chemical Treats Affliction Bloodloss.png Bloodloss (30)*, used in crafting Blood Pack.png Blood Pack Crawler.png Crawler 100%
Golden Hammerhead.png Golden Hammerhead 100%
Hammerhead.png Hammerhead 100%
Adrenaline Gland.png Adrenaline Gland Raw Material Deconstructs into Adrenaline.png Adrenaline Organ.pngThalamus Organ 100% of 1 - 2
Brockite.png Brockite Raw Mineral Deconstructs into Thorium.png Thorium and Phosphorus.png Phosphorus Moloch.png Moloch 100%
Crawler Mask.png Crawler Mask Gear Cosmetic headwear, makes crawler noises. Crawler.png Crawler 2% (1/51)
Husk Stinger.png Husk Stinger Weapon Melee weapon. Husk.png Husk 9% (1/11)
Hydroxyapatite.png Hydroxyapatite Raw Mineral Deconstructs into Calcium.png Calcium and Phosphorus.png Phosphorus Moloch.png Moloch 100% of 1 - 2
Mudraptor.png Mudraptor 100%
Moloch Shell Fragment.png Moloch Shell Fragment Gear Strong Body armor Moloch.png Moloch 33% (1/3)
Mudraptor Egg Small.png Mudraptor Egg Exotic Hatches into a Mudraptor Mudraptor.png Mudraptor 6% (1/17)
Mudraptor Shell.png Mudraptor Shell Tool? Blocks attacks and movement Mudraptor.png Mudraptor 6% (1/17)
Paralyxis.png Paralyxis Crafting Material Used in crafting Paralyzant icon.png Paralyzant Leucocyte.png Leucocyte 100%
Swim Bladder.png Swim Bladder Raw Material Deconstructs into Saline.png Saline and Stabilozine icon.png Stabilozine Golden Hammerhead.png Golden Hammerhead 100%
Hammerhead.png Hammerhead 100%
Velonaceps Calyx Eggs.png Velonaceps Calyx Eggs Chemical Starts a Affliction Husk Infection.png Husk Infection , used in crafting Calyxanide icon.png Calyxanide Husk.png Husk 27% (3/11)

Pet Loot

Main article: Pets

Pets produce various items over time. Each pet produces a unique item if well fed and happy, and may even lay an egg.

Pet Produce
Pet Product Description Required Happiness
All Poop.png Poop Poop. 0
Peanut.png Peanut Mucus Ball.png Mucus Ball Deconstructs into Bandage.png Bandage, Paralyxis.png Paralyxis, and Calcium.png Calcium. 50
Peanutegg.png Strange Egg Spawns a Peanut, can be sold for profit. 80
Psilotoad.png Psilotoad Hallucinogenic Bufotoxin.png Hallucinogenic Bufotoxin Weak anti-paralyzant, deconstructs into Saline.png Saline and Paralyxis.png Paralyxis 50
Psilotoadegg.png Strange Egg Spawns a Psilotoad, can be sold for profit. 80
Orange Boy.png Orange Boy Chitin Chunk.png Chitin Chunk Used in crafting Chitin Helmet.png Chitin Helmets 50
Orangeboyegg.png Strange Egg Spawns an Orange Boy, can be sold for profit. 80
Cthulhu.png Cthulhu Cthulhuegg.png Strange Egg Spawns a Cthulhu, can be sold for profit. 80