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Defense Bot

ID: defensebot


Sight: 2
Hearing: 0




Immunities Vulnerabilities
Walk speed

1 walk - 4 run

Swim speed

1 slow - 3 fast


If owner is attacked OR hostile creature is spotted

Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance

The Defense Bot is a robotic Pet which can be crafted by a Mechanic with the Robotics Talent.


The Defense Bot is a small robotic creature which can hover above the ground or swim through water using two propellers. It has a sensor which allows it to perceive the outside world along with any threats that challenge it. Whilst fragile in nature, it can defend itself and friendly creatures using its mounted gun which fires 10 bullets per second.
Unlike other pets, the Defense Bot does not require food nor does it produce any items.
To craft the Defense Bot, it requires 1x FPGA Circuit, 1x SMG, and 2x Titanium-Aluminum Alloy at a Fabricator.
Upon creation of the Defense Bot, it will immediately appear as a creature instead of an item.


The Defense Bot will passively hover around the Submarine. If the Mechanic who crafted the Defense Bot is attacked by another player, the Defense Bot will respond aggressively. However, it can only attack if it has Defense Bot Ammunition Rounds in its inventory. The inventory can be accessed by grabbing the Defense Bot using G.
If the Defense Bot identifies a hostile creature within 15 meters, it will attack the creature until it is incapacitated or exceeds a distance of 15 meters from the Defense Bot. Additionally, it will not attack creatures outside of the Submarine if the Defense Bot is inside the Submarine (it is important to note that this does not apply to players who attack the owner of the Defense Bot).
The Defense Bot can be played with by pressing E, which will cause it to follow the player who played with it.

Combat Strategies

As the Defense Bot is vulnerable to EMP Grenades, it is advised this weapon is used to pacify the threat temporarily. The duration of the stun depends on the proximity of the Defense Bot to the EMP once it detonates. This advantage can be leveraged to attack the mechanic who created it, or to destroy the Defense Bot whilst it is defenseless.
Alternatively, the fragile nature of the Defense Bot allows any form of ranged weapon to be effective against it. Melee strategies are not recommended due to the high firerate of the Defense Bot.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitNo results

No results


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blorg row


Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

ID: robotics
Spec. 4
Build a powerful (but fragile) drone to watch your back. Only 2 defense bots can be active at the same time.

Unlock recipe: Defense Bot, Defense Bot Ammunition Rounds.


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