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Cyborg Worm

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Cyborg Worm

ID: Cyborgworm


Sight: 10
Hearing: 10
Armor Weakpoints
Immunities Vulnerabilities


Walk speed


Swim speed




Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
Endworm Shell Fragment (x2) 100% (1/1)
Alien Power Cell (x8)
100% (1/1)
Physicorium Bar (x8)
100% (1/1)
Fulgurium Chunk (x8)
100% (1/1)

The Cyborg Worm is a modified version of the Endworm. Its origins are unknown.


The Cyborg Worm appears to be a large Endworm with parts of it shell replaced by alien materials and its mandibles replaced by alien turrets. It's also considerably shorter than a normal Endworm, possibly implying that a part of its tail has been cut off. The alien augmentations, and the fact that it resides in the fortress built by the Ancients to house Jove on Jupiter, implies it might be an Endworm modified and enslaved by the Ancients to serve as their "watchdog".


The Cyborg Worm behaves similarly to the Endworm, preferring to circle the submarine during its attacks. As it can utilize ranged attacks, it is considerably more dangerous than the Endworm and can attack the submarine from a distance. The Cyborg Worm has two unique ranged attacks which can cripple a submarine and mutilate its crew. Interestingly, one of these ranged attacks is shared with the Portal Guardians, although the Cyborg Worm shoots six of these projectiles as opposed to one.
It will only spawn in the second stage of the final location of the campaign.

Combat Strategies

The Cyborg Worm's armored plates can be destroyed, leaving the flesh beneath exposed. These sections can then be severed using attacks that deal 200 damage or more, however the probability of this depends on how far away the tail chunk was from the head. The closer to the head the tail chunk is, the lower the chance that chunk will be severed. Nuclear Shells are often especially effective for this purpose, as their significant explosion radius strips away a large amount of armor and increases the chance that a vulnerable section will be destroyed. Using Piercing Ammunition fired from the Coilgun against the armored plates is equally as effective, as this ammo type is specifically designed to penetrate armor. Alternatively, the player can utilize the Chaingun to target the armor plates specifically, as the high quantity of rounds fired combined with the length of the Cyborg Worm allows the player to efficiently destroy them.

Leaving the submarine at any point for any reason is considered madness. Abandon any crew member who attempts to leave the submarine during your encounter with the Cyborg Worm, for they will not live long enough to regret their actions.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextArea of EffectStructure DamageItem DamageCooldownKinetic ForceNotes
Bite Character
 Bite Wounds (200)*
 Bleeding (100)*
 Stun (3)*
Any 0 5 0
Eye Any
Explosion (0.5m):
 Deep Tissue Injury (240)*
 (6 projectiles x 40)
 Stun (3)*
 (6 projectiles x 0.5)
Any 0.5m 25 25 5 1 Spawns 6 projectiles in a 5° cone.
Left Turret Any
 Stun (15)*
Explosion (0.25m):
 Stun (7)*
Any 0.25m 200 (Direct hit)
100 (AoE)
100 (Direct hit)
200 (AoE)
3 0 Bolt lasts for 5 seconds before exploding.
Right Turret Any
 Stun (15)*
Explosion (0.25m):
 Stun (7)*
Any 0.25m 200 (Direct hit)
100 (AoE)
100 3 0 Bolt lasts for 5 seconds before exploding.
Front Turret Any
 Stun (15)*
Explosion (0.25m):
 Stun (7)*
Any 0.25m 200 (Direct hit)
100 (AoE)
100 (Direct hit)
200 (AoE)
3 0 Bolt lasts for 5 seconds before exploding.



Limb Burn Bleeding Damage (all)Min
Severance Damage
Severance Chance
Head and Tail x 0.25 x 0 x 0.5 200 5% The severance chance for the tail chunks range from as low as 0.25%, to as high as 5%. The value changes depending on how far away the tail chunk is from the head. 
Eye x 1 x 1 x 1.25 1 100% Despite having a severance probability modifier, the eye cannot be severed. 
Armor Plates x 0.25 x 0 x 0.1 0.5 20%  



Note: The Cyborg Worm mostly uses the same audio as the Endworm with the exception of "MONSTER_farLayer".

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