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Wiring is a central gameplay mechanic used for supplying power to various systems throughout the submarine and for creating complex devices.


Some items and devices can be connected to each other using wires (it is possible to lock wiring of an installation or item, preventing wiring, in the Submarine Editor). The most obvious use of wiring is carrying power from the reactor to various devices, but through usage of wiring components more advanced circuits can be built which can be used to build a wide range of complex systems.

  • The color of wires has no effect on function, the various colors are used only for organization.

Items that can be connected via wires have a connection panel, which can be accessed by selecting the item while holding a screwdriver in either hand. The connection panels can have several different connectors, each of which is marked with a label that describes what it does.

For example, doors have three connectors: toggle, set_state and state_out. If the "toggle"-connector receives a signal, the door closes/opens. If "set_state" receives a signal "0", the door closes, and if it receives "1", the door opens. "State_out" simply sends out "1" or "0", depending on whether the door is open or closed.

New wiring can be laid out by selecting an item while holding a screwdriver and a wire. The wire will be shown at the bottom of the connection panel, and it can be dragged to any of the connectors in the panel. After the wire is plugged in, the other end needs to be connected to some other item. This is done the same way as the first connection: when selecting another item, the other end of the wire will be shown at the bottom of the connection panel where it can be plugged in to the desired connection.

Some items and devices have a connection panel where wires can be plugged in. The panels can have several different inputs and outputs, some sending signals out depending on the state of the item and some controlling the item in one way or another.

Rewiring devices that use power can shock users if their Electrical Engineering skill is too low, dealing damage.

Controls in-game

While holding a wire in one hand and a screwdriver in the other, pointing to an installation to highlight it and pressing E allows attaching the wire to it through the connection panel. In the connection panel, the new wire is shown at the bottom, still loose. Connecting it to an outlet is done by Left Mousedrag-and-dropping it on the outlet. The connection panel can then be safely closed, and the same procedure must be performed on the second installation. Unplugging a wire from an outlet is done the same way. While drawing wire through the submarine between two installations, Left Mouseleft-click allows attaching the wire to the wall and Right Mouseright-click cancels the last of such actions.

  • When the wire is not connected on either end, drag-and-dropping it in the inventory collects the wire.
  • While holding a connected wire, it is still possible to use buttons, doors, and hatches. This can be used to drag a wire very long distances or even outside the submarine.


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