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A Wreck is a sunken hull, usually a Submarine. They contain a wealth of material loot, and often also have Creatures lurking inside. They are the target of Salvage Missions.


Wrecks can spawn on rocks the sea floor of a level, at all difficulties.

Wrecks consist of part or an entire submarine, including its cabinets and crewmembers.

Most of the doors and hatches are inoperable, and require use of a Plasma Cutter to break or Crowbar to pry open, while some can be opened with the use of a dead crewmember's Shipwreck ID Card. Some cabinets may require ID card authorization, as well.

Some of the time, a wreck will be a Thalamus, an entity which infests the wreck, spawns additional monsters, and can control its weapon systems. For more detail, see the Thalamus page.

List of Wrecks


A wreck of the Hemulen Shuttle. It has a large breach in its electrical room.


A wreck of the Dugong. It has large breaches in its medbay, sub center, and aft ballast.


A wreck of the Berilia. It is the aft half of submarine.


A wreck of the Kastrull. It has no discernable exterior damage.

Wreck 1

A wreck of no known submarine.

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