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Sub building References



- give every item an article (or redirect to another item article)

- each item entry include where it spawns and where bots will sort them to?

-- aka its autofill presence (wreck drop rate info!) and ... where bots will sort them to?

- Template:Cargo

- fully 100% scientifically accurate anatomical diagrams of every creature

- reformat/compress nav boxes

- copy traumatic wiring guide into wiki? lololol

- Summary Version_history page (why is there /alpha and /legacy subpages for a non-existant main page? rhetorical question don't answer)

split versions pages for each version as to not have infinite scroll on main page


summary page will detail difference between legacy/alpha (steam?)

refactor display as a huge ass table (two, one for alpha and one for legacy)

leave only laconic patch description in table

export full patch notes to version page


dota2 gamepedia com/Game_Versions

terraria gamepedia com/Desktop_version_history

starbounder org/Version_history (game w/ large early access following, also side-scroll "space ship survival" huehue)