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See also: Version History/Release, Version History/Alpha

Released December 11th, 2018
  • Clients can now join servers that have an IPv6 address.
  • Added "unban" and "unbanip" commands.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that were causing "attempted to apply an invalid force/impulse to a physics body" errors.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that were causing "attempted to move a pulljoint extremely far" errors.
  • Fixed DebugConsole selecting non-command lines if up/down is pressed when there are no commands in the console.
  • Fixed inventory syncing not working on the controlled character's inventory if the character is unconscious or wearing handcuffs.
  • Verify that the launched exe belongs to the currently selected content package when starting up the game.
  • Fixed console messages that have been created before initializing the debug console not being present in crash logs. Made it difficult to diagnose crashes that occur immediately when the game starts.
  • Additional error logging to diagnose SharpDX errors on startup.[1]

Released November 19th, 2018
  • Fixed clients not seeing explosions from items that explode on impact or when their condition reaches zero.
  • Fixed conditionals being ignored on delayed status effects.
  • Fixed clients staying in an unsynced state if they rejoin while their character is dead or unconscious,causing the camera not to follow the character and preventing the player from giving up.
  • Fixed LightComponent sprites and broken device sprites not being mirrored in mirrored subs.
  • Fixed a few ragdoll animation bugs that caused "attempted to move pulljoint anchor extremely far" errors.
  • Fixed AI characters (most often mantises) being able to attack through walls.
  • Fixed alien ruins occasionally overlapping with each other or being above the upper boundary of the level.
  • Docking ports automatically stretch the hulls between them to cover the area between the docked subs. Otherwise there may be areas uncovered by hulls if the docking port is positioned slightly outside the extents of the submarine's hulls, causing characters to implode or get thrown back when they try to pass from sub to another.
  • Fixed client-side docking ports creating duplicate bodies on doors, causing characters to collide with an invisible door when trying to move between docked subs (until the server forces them through it).
  • Fixed characters occasionally getting teleported outside the sub for a few frames when moving between docked subs.
  • Fixed status effects that deplete oxygen affecting characters that don't need air to breathe.
  • More error logging to diagnose syncing errors.
  • Melee weapons can only hit one character per swing (makes stun batons and medical syringes less OP).
  • Option to make RegEx component only send a signal when it receives a signal (not continuously according to the last received signal).
  • Added FalseOutput property to RegEx components.[2]

Released October 14th, 2018
  • Husks or huskified humans don't gain health by attacking corpses.
  • Fixed dragged characters occasionally getting launched away at a high speed when moving from sub to another.
  • Fixed dragged characters staying floating mid-air after they've been dragged up/down ladders.
  • Attempt to fix items occasionally dropping client-side when moving them from an inventory to another.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of welding tools and other 2-handed items that are held in one hand when not aiming. The items were rotated according to the left hand, but positioned on the right hand.
  • Spaces and exclamation marks are allowed in client names by default.
  • Hitscan weapons like the revolver can hit targets outside the sub when firing from the inside and vice versa.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to clone linked submarines in the sub editor.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to clone items with non-default required items.
  • Fixed autopilot being unable to navigate to the destination in mirrored levels.
  • Ragdolls can't be dragged through walls or other colliders.
  • Dropped flashlights don't consume and battery and turn off automatically.
  • Oxygenite tanks can be stored in cabinets.[3]

Released September 2nd, 2018

Networking additions:

  • Added a server setting for selecting which symbols are allowed in client names (see AllowedClientNameChars in the server settings file).
  • Custom servers can modify all editable item properties mid-round, not just in-game editable ones.
  • Clients can be given access to server logs.
  • Respawn durations can be changed mid-round.
  • Servers have the option to disable the disguise feature.
  • Increased midround syncing timeout.

Misc changes:

  • Levels are mirrored when travelling through the backwards in the campaign mode.
  • Added colliders to railguns (so they cannot go through walls or enemy subs anymore).
  • Melee weapons can hit multiple targets on one swing. Fixes weapons occasionally not hitting the target in tight spaces due to touching the ceiling/walls first.
  • The voltage required for a PowerTransfer item to take damage and the probability for a fire can be configured in the item xmls.
  • Docking ports and hatches aren't damaged by excess voltage.
  • Added more color variants of wires.
  • Characters point the harpoon gun down when not aiming.
  • Added parameter autocompletion to the kill command.
  • Added a property that can be used to lock connection panels but still keep the panel rewireable in the submarine editor.
  • Items outside the sub cannot be deattached from walls.
  • Fabricators show the list of required items even if the character does not have the skills to craft the item.

Networking bugfixes:

  • Fixed file transfers failing if the client disconnects during an active transfer, rejoins and attempts to receive the same file.
  • Fixed a bug in door syncing that caused the door states to differ between the server and clients in some subs with more complex door wiring setups.
  • Fixed clients being able to spam kick votes (duplicate votes were not counted but caused unnecessary chat messages to be sent).
  • Fixed item conditions occasionally not matching exactly between the server and clients, causing issues such as not clients not being able to fabricate items due to the condition being slightly below the minimum condition at their end.


  • Added a workaround to a MonoGame bug that makes the screen turn white when alt-tabbing out of fullscreen.
  • Fixed docking ports flooding for no reason in some custom subs.
  • Fixed LightComponents staying active on broken items.
  • Fixed railguns and depth charge tubes being directly usable by characters (= they could be launched simply by selecting them and left clicking, without the need to use a railgun controller).
  • Fixed items salvaged from ruins not being saved in the campaign mode.
  • Fixed LOS effect being brighter than the ambient light in some of the darker levels, causing the player to see obstructed areas better than unobstructed ones.
  • Fixed severed limbs staying disabled when a dismembered character is revived using console commands.
  • Fixed characters holding non-aimable two-handed items such as railgun shells in one hand when aiming.
  • Fixed stereo sounds not being loaded correctly.
  • Fixed modified sprite colors not working correctly on worn items.
  • Fixed modified maximum recharge speeds of PowerContainers resetting to the default value after saving and reloading.
  • Fixed handcuffed players being able to perform CPR and grab/drag bodies.
  • Fixed diving suit's damage modifiers being bypassed if the character gets hit in the waist.
  • Fixed clown costumes not hiding the torso of the wearer.[4]

Released August 7th, 2018
  • Fixed connectionpanel syncing (wires dropping client-side during rewiring).
  • Characters stay alive for 30 seconds after a client disconnects, and if the client rejoins during that time they regain control of the character.
  • Changing the sprite color of an item also affects the color when the item is being worn.
  • Cloned items keep the value of the "required items" field of the original item.
  • Fixed crashes caused by gaps that are not connected to anything.
  • Removed the unused and non-functional monitor item.
  • Made medical and toxic cabinets waterproof (= potassium and other water-sensitive items inside them are not affected by water).
  • Fixed docking ports causing flooding in some custom subs.
  • Fixed medical items with an immediate effect (such as calyxanide) not working when a player uses them on themselves in multiplayer.
  • Made calyxanide more effective and usable without a medical syringe.
  • Fixed engines trying to apply infinite force to the submarine if MinVoltage is set to zero.
  • Fixed levels resetting their mission to the previous one if the game is exited after completing a mission without selecting the level first.[5]

Released August 3rd, 2018

Networking fixes:

  • More error logging to diagnose "unknown object header" errors.
  • Fixed output inventory of fabricators and deconstructors not being synced between clients.
  • Fixed servers failing to write network events for wires with an excessive number of nodes, causing clients to get kicked due to desync.
  • Fixed client* side error messages when respawning without a respawn shuttle.
  • Fixed some issues in inventory and connection panel syncing when joining mid* round.
  • Fixed fabricated items always appearing to be in full condition client* side (e.g. oxygen tanks which should be empty after being fabricated).
  • Fixed attachable items dropping on the ground client* side when deattaching them (but still staying in the inventory of the character detaching them).
  • Fixed items occasionally dropping instead of being moved to another inventory client* side.
  • The "traitorlist" command is usable by clients who have the permission to use it.

Misc bugfixes:

  • Fixed characters occasionally going inside/through obstacle when leaving a submarine that's right next to another submarine or a level wall.
  • More physics error checks and logging.
  • Railgun controllers can be used over wifi components.
  • Characters attach items to the walls at the position of their hand, not at the center of the body.
  • Wifi components can't communicate with the enemy sub in combat missions.
  • Fixed the previously selected location staying selected but start button staying disabled when returning to the lobby screen in the single player campaign. Made it impossible to progress without restarting if there were no other selectable locations.
  • Fixed holdable components reverting their RequiredItems back to the prefab values during loading.
  • Fixed wall* attached sections of a wire not rendering when the item is being rewired outside the sub.
  • Fixed artifacts occasionally spawning under the sea floor.[6]

Released July 27th, 2018
  • Fixed bugs in wall hole creation logic and docking port syncing which caused entity ID mismatches and "unknown object header" errors.
  • Fixed errors when attempting to buy too many items of a given type to fit in one container.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to buy items that don't spawn in a container.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to generate hulls with the "autohull" command when there are no walls or doors in the sub.
  • Fixed docking ports creating duplicate hulls and gaps during loading.
  • Fixed missions resetting to the initial ones when loading a campaign.
  • Increased revolver ammo capacity.
  • Fires can break oxygen generators.
  • Oxygenite tanks can be contained in plasma cutters and oxygen generators.[7]

Released July 24th, 2018
  • Fixed a bug in docking port syncing that caused entity ID mismatches and "unknown object header" errors.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused entity ID mismatches and "unknown object header" errors when a respawn shuttle got damaged before returning back to the starting location.
  • Fixed error messages when attempting to use the console commands "\" or "\n".
  • Fixed clients not syncing the position of their controlled character with the server when dead/unconscious.
  • Fixed swimming ragdolls "dropping down" if the server freezes them due to a connection error.
  • Fixed excessive "attempted to apply invalid velocity to a physics body" console errors.
  • Fixed crashing when selecting a level seed that has no background portrait defined.
  • Fixed crashing if the player clicks yes on the "download sub from the server" prompt after returning to the main menu.[8]

Released July 22th, 2018
  • Fixed "invalid cursor position" errors when a client attempts to use console commands in the server lobby.
  • Fixed crashing if a character takes damage during the first frame of a round.
  • Fixed crashing if suitable prop items are not found when generating alien ruins.
  • Some ragdoll and physics optimization.
  • More automatic error logging to help with debugging.
  • Fixed errors when attempting to change the output type of an oscillator in multiplayer.
  • Campaign store menu includes a quantity field which lets the player select how many items to buy instead of showing each item individually.
  • Fixed clients not seeing vote counts on submarines that the client doesn't have.
  • Fixed crashing if a player attempts to use an item on themselves and the item has a status effect that causes the item to be removed.[9]

Released July 20th, 2018
  • Fixed crashes when trying to load submarines in the sub editor.[10]

Released July 19th, 2018
  • Fixed a memory leak in submarine preview images which caused crashes in the server lobby screen and submarine editor.
  • Fixed clients not seeing the "vote to end the round" tickbox if they don't have a character assigned to them (despite the server allowing voting if the client has had a character earlier during the round).
  • Fixed clients being able to crash servers if they had the permission to use console commands that use the position of the client's cursor.
  • Fixed crashing if a wire is used by a statuseffect (for example if a detonator tries to trigger a wire contained inside it).
  • Fixed GameAnalytics being stopped if the dedicated server is restarted with the "restart" console command.
  • Fixed wiring items outside the submarine.
  • Fixed chatbox discarding the second chat message instead of the first one when the maximum number of chat messages is reached.
  • Some error checking and debug logging to diagnose and prevent a crash caused by doors pushing characters away.
  • The spawnitem command doesn't require multi-word item names to be surrounded with quotes anymore.
  • Added the option to make powered items immune to electromagnetic pulses.[11]

Released July 17th, 2018
  • Added the option to automatically send crash reports and anonymous usage statistics to the developers. The usage statistics include information such as the selected game mode, selected submarine, causes of death and mission outcomes. When the game is started for the first time, a message box prompts you to select whether you want to send the information or not.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clients to get desynced when purchasing items in the multiplayer campaign.
  • Added a signal component that adds the received signals together.
  • Devices outside the submarine can be rewired in*game (not just in the sub editor).
  • Fixed a crash caused by vision obstruction logic.
  • Fixed clients being unable to give non*permanent or range bans.
  • Clients are allowed to vote to end the round if they have spawned at some point during the round, even if the character they controlled doesn't exist anymore.
  • Dedicated servers can give clients the permission to use console commands that aren't available in for dedicated server (e.g. los, lights, control)
  • Banip, banid & kickid commands can be used by clients now (if they have the permission to do so).
  • Spawnitem [item] inventory, ragdoll and kill commands target the character of the client using the command instead of the host's character.
  • Spawnitem can be used to spawn items in the inventory of a specific character.
  • Fixed explosions with an EMP value only damaging reactors (when they should only ignore reactors).
  • Fire can only explode oxygen tanks that are >25% full (otherwise the condition of the tank just drops to 0). Prevents infinite explosions when an oxygen generator is on fire with oxygen tanks inside.
  • Fixed projectiles with a damage range of 0 not applying their structuredamage value to structures.
  • Items with a physics body can be used as pumps, so now it's possible to make portable items that remove water from inside the sub.
  • Fixed traitor ratio setting being ignored and the minimum number of traitors being 2.
  • Fixed crashes caused by custom characters with no AI configuration.
  • Character head and gender settings are saved.[12]

Released July 8th, 2018
  • Fixed clients getting assigned random jobs regardless of job preferences.[13]

Released July 6th, 2018
  • Fixed server-side crashes during job assignment if a client hasn't sent any job preferences.
  • Fixed crashing if the selected respawn shuttle doesn't have a navigation terminal or any other item with a Steering component.
  • Fixed InWater status effects triggering when an item is fabricated, causing issues such as water-sensitive items to breaking/exploding immediately after being fabricated.
  • Fixed motion sensors sending out signals even if the output is set to nothing.
  • Fixed crashing when a round starts if the sub has been saved while a fabricator was running.
  • Fixed explosives not detonating inside railgun shells.
  • Fixed characters spawning inside the respawn shuttle if no suitable spawnpoint is found inside the main submarine.
  • Fixed a timing bug in the dedicated server which prevented clients from ever timing out, AI characters from fixing leaks and reactor usage from being logged.
  • Changed the format of the server log filenames to make them more easily sortable.
  • Increased assistant's skill levels.
  • Added oxygenite tanks.
  • Added a rearward facing variant of railgun controller.
  • Added railgun loader variants with 1 shell capacity.
  • Added railgun shell rack.
  • Decreased the skill level requirements for fixing docking ports.[14]

Released April 25th, 2018
  • Fixed medicines not having an effect when injected with a medical syringe.[15]

Released April 24th, 2018
  • Fixed explosives going off when a character holds them in their hand and left clicks, causing a crash if done in the submarine editor.[16]

Released April 23rd, 2018
  • Added searchlights.
  • Explosives, chemicals and medical items disappear when their condition falls to 0 (i.e. when they're fully used).
  • Railguns cannot be fired when not being aimed.
  • Removed the need for batteries in diving suits. The light stays on as long as the suit is worn by a living character.
  • Junction boxes only take damage underwater when they're powered up.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused some characters to not be removed at the end of a round, causing various bugs and crashes on successive rounds (the most common ones being server-side crashes and constant "attempted to access a potentially removed ragdoll" console errors).
  • Fixed camera shake continuing indefinitely if a character falls unconscious due to impact damage.
  • Fixed item removal by right clicking not being synced with clients.
  • Fixed being able to gain karma by welding fixed walls.
  • Fixed crashing caused by IndoorSteeringManager.
  • Fixed all loose items disappearing from respawn subs between respawns.
  • Fixed items in cloned/copypasted inventories not being saved.
  • Option to edit structure texture scales and offsets.
  • Fixed new log messages appearing in the server log even if the type of message has been filtered out.
  • Fixed the EndRound music clip occasionally looping forever after a round ends.
  • Fixed player-controlled creatures being able to damage themselves.
  • Fixed repair tools causing damage to the user regardless of the character's skills.
  • Attempt to fix characters occasionally getting launched out of the sub at lightspeed when the sub crashes into something.
  • Fixed StatusEffects not working on child ItemComponents.
  • Wearables apply OnWearing StatusEffects in all the components of an item, not just the Wearable component.
  • Fixed Equals/NotEquals conditional comparisons.
  • Added console commands for giving the clients ranks, showing their current permissions and giving/revoking the permission to use specific console commands.
  • Option to set an automatic ban duration for vote kicked players.
  • Option to log debug console output into a text file.
  • Ladders can be climbed by holding up/down while standing next to them without having to select them first.
  • Name tags and healthbars are clamped inside the room a character is inside.[17]

Released March 7th, 2018
  • Optimized (and less glitchy) line of sight effect.
  • Some lighting optimization.
  • Added a light to diving suits.
  • Attempting to equip an item by double-clicking when another item is already equipped swaps them.
  • Syringes are recolored according to the color of the medical item inside them.
  • Added a console command for changing the server password.
  • Bunch of fixes to relay component logic.
  • Fixed a bug in the entity event system that caused "trying to read past buffer size" errors and desync when entities were removed mid-round.
  • Fixed clients getting desynced if the server ends a campaign and starts a new one.
  • Fixed the "campaign view" button staying visible in the server lobby after the campaign has ended.
  • Fixed message boxes appearing behind the campaign setup menu in the server lobby.
  • Fixed round summaries always showing the game over text in multiplayer if the submarine didn't progress to the next location.
  • Fixed missing spark particles when welding/cutting a wall.
  • Fixed plasma cutters not affecting hatches, alien doors or duct blocks.
  • Fixed welders and cutters not doing damage to characters if the flame hits the collider of the character instead of a limb.
  • Fixed diving mask, headsets and other headgear being rendered in front of diving suits.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to perform CPR on a headless character or AS a headless character.
  • Fixed attachable items being deattachable with the select key instead of the use key.
  • Fixed clients being unable to open doors with crowbars.
  • Fixed items attached mid-round by other clients or the host being impossible to interact with and occasionally being attached to an incorrect position.
  • Fixed batteries not getting recharged in charging docks.
  • Fixed monsters being able to spawn under the ocean floor in levels where the floor is high up.
  • Fixed effects of the medical items not being stackable, meaning that successive usages of a medicine did not have an effect until the effect of the first dose has worn off.
  • Fixed items in itemcontainers (e.g. shells in railgun loaders, batteries in recharging docks) always being rendered with the default sprite color.
  • Fixed crashing when clicking the "refreshing server list" text in the server list menu.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not resetting votes when a round ends.
  • Fixed interaction areas of some items being incorrect in the dedicated server.
  • Fixed the removal of items that get deleted after being used not being synced.
  • Ladder waypoint generation fix: waypoints are not just placed at the top and bottom of the ladders, but above every platform along the ladders (-> waypoints work correctly on ladders spanning through multiple floors).[18]

Released February 25th, 2018
  • Fixed "an item with the same key has already been added" exceptions when trying to start a server.[19]

Released February 25th, 2018
  • Another attempt to fix relay components: it should be now possible to use relays in series and pass power to junction boxes through relays.
  • Fixed creature disabling in server settings only taking character config files in the Content/Character folder into account.
  • Added ruin structure, particle and decal configuration files to content packages.[20]

Released February 25th, 2018
  • Doors can be opened with crowbars again.
  • Improved fire extinguisher aiming logic which makes it much easier to put out fires.
  • Fixed relays burning out when connected to a power grid that carries more power the relay can transfer.
  • Fixed crashing when trying to store jumpsuits in themselves.
  • Fixed "Text FabricatorRequiredCondition not found" errors when attempting to fabricate specific items.
  • Fixed Linux and Windows builds calculating different MD5 hashes for the same content packages.
  • Sound configuration files are included in content packages.
  • Fixed "file not found" errors when a character is wearing footwear with no configured footstep sounds.[21]

Released February 22nd, 2018
  • Fixed crashing when creating items with a PowerTransfer component mid-round (e.g. when fabricating a relay component)
  • Fixed dead/spectator chatting in multiplayer.
  • Chatboxes can be deselected with the chat hotkey again.
  • Fixed railgun shells not detonating their contents on impact.
  • Fixed clients failing to start a new round after downloading a missing submarine file from the server.
  • Fixed ruin doors and hatches being possible to open with the select key.
  • Unequipped headsets can't be used and don't consume batteries.
  • Fixed depth charge tubes launching the depth charges up by default.
  • Fixed some pre-placed items not appearing in mirrored subs in the combat missions.
  • Fixed text overflows in round summaries with large amounts of text.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to save settings before player name has been set in the server list menu.[22]

Released February 21st, 2018
  • Made ambient lighting much darker and added a subtle glow around the player.
  • Made partially damaged walls leak much more slowly.
  • Nerfed wall damage. Crawlers, mantises, threshers and coelanths now take much more time to tear through the hull and collisions with the level cause less damage.
  • Moved a bunch of hard-coded texts to an xml file "Content/Texts.xml". Full translation support is still in progress, but now it should be possible to translate most of the in-game texts without recompiling the game.
  • Optimized rendering.
  • More accurate endworm attack hit detection.
  • Players can only see the names of characters that are in their field of view.
  • Fixed submarines bouncing off monsters and other submarines that are laying against the ocean floor.
  • Characters can be crushed between submarines and ice walls.
  • Item names can be changed without breaking everything as long as the original name is included as an alias of the item.
  • Console command arguments can be autocompleted by hitting tab.
  • Added a console command for automatic hull generation.
  • Added a console command for killing a character.
  • FPS counter can be enabled separately from DebugDraw.
  • Option to display lighting in the submarine editor.
  • Added a submarine preview window that displays a preview image and some extra information of the subs.
  • Option to configure which content packages a submarine is compatible with.
  • Names and health bars fade out when the cursor is not being hovered near the character.
  • Added spark and smoke particle effects when welding or cutting something.
  • Welding or cutting a door displays its health.
  • Added a button for forcing the controlled character into ragdoll mode.
  • Option to grab onto the torso of a dead/unconscious character.
  • Dead/unconscious characters can be dragged up ladders.
  • Improved CPR animations.
  • Doing CPR on bleeding characters causes them to take damage.
  • Characters can fall through holes in floors.
  • Players can pick up corpses and eat them when controlling a monster.
  • Husks don't attack huskified humans.
  • Characters with severed limbs cannot be resurrected as a husk.
  • The humanhusk.xml config file is found based on the name instead of the file path, making it possible to use a custom config file without modifying the original one.
  • More footstep sound variety.
  • More gore particles!
  • Added a conditional system to status effects. Allows creating status effects that only have an effect when a specific condition is met (e.g. health above a specific level, charge of an item high enough).
  • Option to prevent status effects from stacking.
  • Option to make status effects cancel other status effects.
  • Added syringe guns and a bunch of new chemicals.
  • Added ducts, switches and motion detectors.
  • Added crowbars (can be used to open locked doors).
  • Chemicals and explosives can be thrown.
  • Made more items craftable and deconstructable.
  • Added sprites for broken doors, hatches and junction boxes.
  • Health Scanner HUD displays causes of death.
  • Health Scanner HUD only shows the status of the visible character that the cursor is closest to prevent multiple characters from cluttering the screen
  • Added "smallitem" tag to revolver rounds (can be placed in cabinets and pockets now).
  • Option to determine which types of targets a projectile can stick to.
  • Improved revolver hitscan logic.
  • Item descriptions can be changed in the submarine editor.
  • Characters can hold flashlights in their mouths.
  • Added an inventory slot for ID cards.
  • If a character is wearing an item that obscures their face, the game will either hide their name or show the name that's in the ID card the character is wearing.
  • The owner of an ID card is stated in the description of the card.
  • Fabricating items requires the ingredients to have a specific minimum condition (can't use already-used consumables to craft something).
  • Deconstructing an item that's not in a full condition may prevent some deconstruction products from appearing.
  • Optimized electricity/signal logic.
  • Grenades can be triggered by detonators.
  • Bought cargo spawns in containers instead of being scattered across the floor.
  • Players can't use other items when a railgun controller is selected. Prevents accidentally firing weapons or hitting people with something while using the railguns.
  • Item editing menus display color values as 0-255 instead of 0-1.
  • Reactor temperature has to be critical for 30 seconds before the reactor explodes, giving the crew more time to deal with griefers or incompetent reactor operators. The reactors also have an output connection that sends out a signal when the temperature is critical.
Multiplayer additions
  • Added an optional "karma system". Harming other players, damaging structures and blowing up the reactor reduces karma, while repairing things causes it to increase. A too low karma level prevents the players from choosing specific jobs
  • Clients can be given permission to use specific console commands.
  • Client permission presets: the clients can be assigned as moderators or admins which have specific pre-configured permissions. New presets can be added by editing Data/permissionpresets.xml.
  • Option to have more than one traitor. Traitors also now get a set of code words that can be used to secretly identify other traitors.
  • Added an option to make players spawn directly in the main submarine instead of the respawn shuttle.
  • Keybinds are disabled when the chatbox is active. Now it's possible to use normal letter/number keys as the chat hotkey without accidentally deselecting the chatbox by typing a message.
  • Chat hotkey can also be used in the server lobby.
  • Added a [PM] tag to private chat messages.
  • Fixed game over/round end music not playing when a round ends.
  • Cutting and repairing walls is included in server logs.
Multiplayer bugfixes
  • Fixed clients getting disconnected due to desync when a new monster is spawned mid-round by a repeating monster event.
  • Fixed modified clients being able to chat while unconscious due to the lack of server-side checks.
  • Fixed modified clients being able to disconnect locked wires due to the lack of server-side checks.
  • Fixed chat messages being assigned to the wrong sender when their bodies have been eaten.
  • Fixed crashing when setting a server filter while the game is refreshing the server list.
  • Fixed wires not being dropped server-side when a player drops a connected wire without dragging it to their inventory first.
  • Fixed 5th server being impossible to select in the server list.
  • Improvements to character position syncing.
  • Re-enabled logic for preventing players from using visually similar names.
  • Fixed client-side null exception when the client is in the lobby and a round ends with the mission successfully completed.
  • Fixed clients being able to votekick/kick/ban themselves in the server lobby.
  • Fixed "selected mode" and "mission type" settings not being saved.
  • Level seed randomization can be toggled on and off via the debug console.
  • Fixed dedicated server not randomizing the submarine or game mode even if randomization is enabled.
  • Lighting is forced back on when a client starts a round (-> can't disable lighting by using the console command before joining a server).
  • Fixed wire connections being lost when copy-pasting in the submarine editor.
  • Fixed wire nodes being impossible to select in the wiring mode if the nodes are exactly at the same position.
  • Fixed artifact holders being occasionally placed inside ruin doors and hatches.
  • Fixed particles in water being drawn under ruin structures, making it seem as if plasma cutters and welders weren't working.
  • Fixed all ruin structures having a health of 100.
  • Fixed OnActive status effects not being applied on powered items that don't require any power.
  • Fixed damage modifiers being applied multiple times when wearing an item that takes up multiple slots. Meaning that items such as the diving suit gave the players an excessive protection against damage.
  • Messagebox overflow fixes.
  • Fixed status effects not being able to decrease stun timers.
  • Fixed anti-husk medicine being able to reduce husk infection state after the infection has reached the active state.
  • Fixed monsters being able to spawn right next to the spawnpoint of the sub.
  • Fixed hulls not being linked to gaps if the center of the gap is exactly at the edge of the adjacent hulls.
  • Miscellaneous crew AI fixes.
  • Fixes to fast projectiles going through walls.
  • Fixed structure damage sounds not being played when a structure is fully destroyed.
  • Fixed glass windows using wrong sound effects.
  • Fixed carrier's light falling off when it dies.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of debug console question prompts.
  • Fixed being able to use a wrench on multiple items at the same time.
  • Fixed double-clicking items in corpses putting them in their hands instead of your own inventory.
  • Fixed some level seeds generating a tiny enclosed cave that makes it impossible to reach the destination.
  • Fixed opened and broken doors being ignored during waypoint generation, causing waypoint connections to go through doors which prevented AI characters from opening them.
  • Fixed modified structure colors not being cloned.
  • Fixed modified wall colors only being visible in the submarine editor.
  • Fixed items being dropped when attempting to place them in an itemcontainer slot that's on a normal inventory slot.
  • Fixed stack overflow exceptions caused by signal loops between junction boxes.
  • Fixed submarine editor crashing when attempting to use illegal characters in the filename.
  • Mouse clicks have to be <10 pixels apart to be considered a double click.
  • Fixed subinventory slots going outside the screen when highlighting an item such as a metal crate.
  • All creatures all cleared from the tutorial level to prevent any unintended monster attacks.
  • Fixed "constructing final path failed" pathfinding errors.
  • Fixed particles going through closed gaps (e.g. closed doors).
  • Fixed submarines being able to enter ruins.
  • Fixed collisions between a sub and the ruins not causing any damage to either the sub or the ruins.
  • Whitespace is ignored when calculating MD5 hashes for files.[23]

Released December 3rd, 2017
  • Added console commands for modifying client permissions.
  • Fixed content package setting not being saved in the settings menu.
  • Item pickup sounds are only played when the controlled character picks up an item.
  • Removed serverconfig.xml (the dedicated server now uses the same config file as the normal game).
  • Updated the vanilla content package to version 0.7.
  • Fixed entity linking in the submarine editor.
  • Fixed railgun HUD crashing the game if the railgun is linked to an item that does not have an ItemContainer component (i.e. any item that can't contain other items).
  • Fixed exceptions when the player dies in the tutorial.
  • Fixed the start popup saying the host is the target if the host has been selected as the traitor.
  • Fixed crashes when attempting to use a railgun controller that's not connected to anything.
  • Fixed autorestart counter overlapping with the campaign map in the server lobby screen.
  • Fixed characters receiving damage almost exclusively to their feet when wearing a diving suit.
  • Armoring reduces damage by a certain percentage, not a fixed value. Now armor doesn't make characters invulnerable to small amounts of damage.
  • The effectiveness of different types of armor depends on the type of damage. For example, diving suits provide fairly good protection against burn and slash damage, but aren't as effective against blunt damage.
  • Fixed light sources attached to limbs not rotating with the limbs.[24]

Released December 1st, 2017
Level changes
  • Added ocean floors and hydrothermal vents.
  • The commonness of scripted events (monster & artifact spawns) varies between different level types - some monsters and artifacts now only spawn in specific types of levels.
  • Bunch of new level types.
  • Level wall color can be changed in level generation parameters.
  • Small caves/tunnels are more common now, and groups of monsters can spawn inside them.
  • Added salvage mission variants where the artifact is spawned inside a cave.
Submarine editor
  • Entities can be nudged with arrow keys.
  • Structure sprite colors can be changed.
  • Particles that are outside the sub don't get rendered inside the sub even if they're overlapping with it.
  • The emission rate of particle emitters can be set as particles per second (instead of particles per frame).
  • Minor particle optimizations.
  • Fixed the "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" crashes on specific GPUs when the loading reaches 80%.
  • Fixed crashes when projectiles stuck to items on dedicated server.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that caused crashes when a character was removed mid-round (for example when a character turns into a husk).
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused swimming creatures to flip around constantly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures to be able to sever limb joints that shouldn't be possible to sever, causing issues when attempting to sync the positions of the dead bodies.
  • Fixed vote count texts persisting in the server lobby after the host disables voting.
  • Fixed newly joined clients not receiving the latest voting status until someone votes for something.
  • Fixed vote count texts not being updated after a client disconnects and their vote is removed.
  • Fixed errors when attempting to save server logs with illegal characters in the server name.
  • Fixed AI characters becoming invincible when far enough from the main submarine in multiplayer.
  • Fixed AI characters never making any sounds in multiplayer.
  • Fixed inability to rebind keys to Mouse2 via the settings menu.
  • Fixed destroyed doors being impossible to repair.
  • Fixed creatures seeking towards an incorrect position when trying to eat something (causing larger creatures like threshers and coelanths to swim around the target without ever reaching it).
  • Added battery recharge docks.
  • Added revolvers (the captain always spawns with one).
  • Added oscillators (a signal item that sends out a periodic pulse, a sine wave or a square wave).
  • Added "state_out" connections to relay components.
  • Added sprites for destroyed doors/hatches.
  • Added a HUD that shows the charge of the supercapacitors and the amount of shells left when using a railgun.
  • Inventory slots are be highlighted even if the cursor is within the empty space between them. Now items can't be accidentally dropped by releasing the mouse button between the slots.
  • Sounds for picking up and dropping items.
  • Medical scanner displays husk infections.
  • New C4, detonator and grenade sprites.
  • Optimizations and minor visual changes to the sonar display.
  • Support for hitscan projectiles.
  • Fixed ranged weapons launching projectiles with an incorrect rotation.
  • The spread of ranged weapons can be adjusted (separate values for normal spread and spread when the item is being used by a character with an inadequate skill level).
  • Heavier harpoon gun recoil and impulse when the spear hits something.
Improved item editing UI
  • Number input fields for numeric values.
  • Separate number input fields for the components of vector values (instead of one text input box)
  • Color input fields display a preview of the currently selected color.
  • Enum fields are displayed as dropdown menus.
  • Flowing water pushes characters around much more heavily.
  • Warning texts when water pressure is increasing to dangerous levels and when running out of oxygen.
  • Made the damage range of limb attacks configurable (instead of having it always be half of the distance at which the attack activates) and tweaked the damage ranges of all the creature attacks.
  • Option to filter the server list based on a bunch of criteria.
  • Added a radio chat hotkey.
  • Clients can be given a permission the select the submarine or the game mode.
  • Option for clients to spectate the game without respawning (assuming the server allows spectating).
  • The range and volume of sounds emitted by StatusEffects can be changed and the sounds can be looped.[25]

Released August 9th, 2017
  • Plasma cutters can cut alien ruins again.
  • Fixed reactors staying operational after the fuel rods run out.
  • Fixed spawning items at the cursor via the debug console.
  • Fixed job assignment logic causing crashes if the maximum amount of players per job has been reached on the top 3 preferences of a client (which can happen on modded servers that have several jobs with a player limit).
  • Fixed errors during job assignment if a client or the host is controlling a non-human character.
  • The server log menu remembers the state of the filters when toggling it.
  • Fixed level generation errors in some specific seeds that caused the game to create ruin walls with a negative width/height (example seed: cBLgZ2im).
  • Fixed a submarine position syncing issue that caused erratic physics behavior on some specific multi-part subs, because the game only moved one part of the sub and the parts docked to it, not taking into account that more parts may be docked to the docked parts.
  • Handcuffed AI characters can't climb ladders.
  • Fixed crashing when a huskified human is killed by an explosion.
  • Added some GPU info to the crash reports and extra debug logging to hopefully diagnose the SharpDXExceptions during startup.[26]

Released July 31st, 2017
  • Fixed hulls not being rendered in the submarine editor.
  • Crouching is synced between the server and the clients.
  • Plasma cutters and welding tools ignore platforms and stairs - placing a platform on a wall doesn't prevent welding/cutting the wall anymore.
  • Using the SetClientCharacter console command forces the client's line of sight effect back on.
  • Fixed null reference exceptions when syncing docking ports that haven't been docked to anything.
  • Fixed invisible diving suits in some of the respawn shuttles (specifically ones where the suits spawn directly on the floor).[27]

Released July 27th, 2017
  • Dedicated servers can use autorestart.
  • Fixed dedicated servers ignoring armor.
  • Fixed console messages not appearing in the crash reports if the game crashes during loading.
  • Attachable items (buttons, electrical components, etc) are automatically attached to walls when placed in the submarine editor.
  • Fixed crashing if no matching character is found when using the SetClientCharacter console command.
  • Fixed wires disconnecting from a connection panel when a player moves any of the wires.
  • Tab doesn't autoselect the chatbox when the debug console is open.
  • Fixed missing kick/ban buttons in the crew menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ID mismatches in the hulls between docking ports. This caused, for example, mysterious client-side fires around docking ports and "unknown object header" errors.[28]

Released July 24th, 2017
  • Fixed diving suits and masks not providing enough oxygen when in a low-oxygen room or outside the submarine.
  • Fixed message boxes being impossible to close in the launcher.[29]

Released July 23rd, 2017
  • Dedicated server application.
  • Option to supply a reason for banning/kicking a client.
  • Option to set a duration for bans.
  • Respawning characters get ID card tags for both the shuttle and the main submarine, i.e. they areable to open shuttle doors that require a specific clearence.
  • Clients now get back control of their character if the server revives them using the debug commands.
  • Added a console command for changing the character a client is controlling.
  • Job preferences don't reset when quitting the game.
  • Added MessageBox chat message type. Allows custom servers to display custom message boxes to the clients.
  • Logging when a character throws an item.
  • Logging which items are contained inside items characters use on themselves (e.g. which meds are inside a medical syringe).
  • Logging which type of projectile was launched from a railgun and which items were contained inside it.
  • More descriptive wiring logging: the logs don't list all the wires in a connection panel but only the changes players do to the wiring.
  • Some creatures can hunt for smaller creatures (including humans) and eat them.
  • Tweaked enemy AI to make their attacks less likely to miss.
  • Some creatures flee when their health decreases below a specific threshold.
  • Crawlers and mantises can attach to ice walls to "ambush" their prey.
  • Enemies don't always move at a fixed speed, now they move faster when attacking or fleeing.
  • Shooting watchers with a ranged weapon makes them attack.
  • Split tiger thresher's and charybdis' bodies into more parts to make them a bit more agile.
  • Option to make monster events spawn more monsters when previous ones are killed.
  • The camera zooms further out when controlling a large non-humanoid character.
  • Improved item interaction logic: highlighting items is more precise, with items directly under the cursor taking priority.
  • Characters can be dismembered by creatures and explosions.
  • New blood particles.
  • Blood, explosion and fire decals.
  • Added an artifact that attracts creatures.
  • Detached buttons and electrical components can be picked up just like any other item, instead of having to use a wrench and wait for the item to "detach".
  • Wires can't be connected to detached items.
  • Debug commands can be autocompleted using tab.
  • Added a debug command for creating explosions.
  • Fixed "loading was interrupted due to an error" crashes on startup.
  • Fixed "destination array was not long enough" errors in AddToGUIUpdateList.
  • Fixed error messages when a character gets stunned for over 60 seconds in multiplayer.
  • Characters don't consume oxygen from rooms when wearing a diving mask or a diving suit.
  • Fixed occasionally seeing through walls when swimming outside a submarine.
  • Fixed crashes during map generation caused by very large wall cells near the entrance of the level.
  • When highlighting a wire in a connection panel, the physical wire and the items connected to it are highlighted.
  • Fixed crashing when selecting a sonar monitor in a submarine with no hulls.
  • Fixed submarine/shuttle lists occasionally appearing empty after joining a server.
  • Fixed "received a position update for an item with no physics body" errors caused by detaching buttonsor other electrical components from the walls.
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to aim slightly off at the server's side when using a ranged weaponor other aimable item.[30]

Released June 5th, 2017
  • Fixed "maximum packet size exceeded" errors when clients join servers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused non-interactable checkboxes to always appear unchecked.
  • Skill level syncing fix: the syncing isn't dependent on the order of the characters skills anymore.
  • IP addresses are included in all login error messages and the errors are also logged to the debug console.
  • Servers end rounds if all players are either dead or unconscious when autorestart is on (instead of waiting for all players to die)
  • Fixed nuclear shells and depth charges exploding immediately when launched.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented any broken items from being repaired in the single player.
  • Fixed items disappearing from inside copypasted items (e.g. cabinets).
  • Added character teleporting console command.[31]

Released June 4th, 2017
  • Readded spam filter.
  • Servers log the automatic temperature control setting of nuclear reactors.
  • If a client fails to start a round (due to a missing sub file or an error, for example), their character

is automatically killed. This prevents situations where a team can't win a combat mission due to a disabled, invisible character in the opposing team.

  • Fixed clients occasionally displaying the "crew has been defeated" message immediately after a combat mission starts.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs in the job assignment logic.
  • Fixed errors if attempting to send radio messages without a radio in the inventory.
  • Fixed "component doesn't have a GUIFrame component" errors when selecting an artifact holder.
  • Disabled unnecessary server-side message ID logging.
  • Option to enable additional network debug logging by enabling verbose logging in config.xml.[32]

Released May 31st, 2017
Rewritten networking code
  • Much more robust syncing logic
  • Proper authoritative servers (i.e. much more more hack-proof)
  • The server can transfer multiple files to a client simultaneously
  • Having multiple submarines with the same name (but different MD5 hash) in the submarine folder
  • Doesn't prevent clients from loading the correct one
  • Server logs can be viewed in the server lobby, not just in-game
  • Logs can be filtered by message type
  • Doors, docking port and railgun usage are logged
  • The in-game log view isn't cleared when the log is written to a file
  • Character skill levels are synced
  • Clients can't vote multiple times by disconnecting and reconnecting
  • New UI graphics
  • Smoothly scrolling listboxes
  • Multi-line chat messages don't overlap
  • Passive sonar: when not active, the sonar shows nearby sources of sound and a faint outline of the structures around them. Now it's much easier to monitor how much noise the submarine is making and to hide from enemies.
  • New sonar visuals
  • Texts in labels can be resized
  • Alien Weapons can be used as railgun ammo
  • Nerfed oxygen and welding fuel tank explosions
  • Buttons created in fabricators work now
Submarine editor
  • Items/structures that have been copy-pasted from another submarine don't disappear when saving and loading the sub
  • Fixed crashes when attempting to load a submarine with no walls
  • Placing a resizable structure with a height/width of zero is not allowed
  • "Are you sure" prompt when trying to delete subs
  • Open menus are closed when opening another one (e.g. the save dialog box is automatically closed if the item selection menu is opened)
  • Fixed crashes when switching to character or wiring mode after copypasting waypoints
  • Background ice formations with a parallax effect
  • The level generation algorithm doesn't place walls behind Alien Ruins
  • Improved fire & smoke particles
  • Water puts out fires more slowly
  • Explosion damage is reduced if there are walls or other solid obstacles between and explosion and a character
  • Heal and revive commands can also be used on other characters than the controlled one
  • Fixed fires occasionally causing incorrect sound clips to loop continuously
  • AI controlled crew members are better at avoiding hazards such as water and fire
  • Swimming animation fix: characters don't swim with their legs extended up over their shoulders after a sharp turn.[33]

Released March 4th, 2017
  • Optimized light rendering
  • Switched fonts again, now to ones that support the cyrillic alphabet
  • Special symbols are allowed in player names again (unless there's already a player on the server with a visually identical name)
  • Fixed monsters not appearing in the position indicated by the sonar in monster missions (or being desynced whenever they did)
  • Fixed the game process staying active in the background after a crash
  • Olayers can't use headsets that are in the inventory
  • The warning message about unlinked vents is only shown once when saving a sub (not for each vent)
  • Another attempt to fix AddToGUIUpdateList and SetTransformIgnoreContacts errors.[34]

Released February 27th, 2017
  • New fonts
  • Spectators see indicators for both subs during combat missions
  • Fixed saves becoming corrupted if the player saves and quits in the "map view"
  • Fixed "OpenAL not found" errors if trying to run the game with no enabled audio devices
  • Fixed OpenAL errors when quitting a round
  • Fixed unconscious/dead characters falling through floors
  • The server list accepts multiple servers from the same IP (assuming they're running on different ports)
  • Fixed autorestart and the start button getting stuck if the server fails to load the respawn shuttle
  • Fixed server failing to start a round if the cargo spawnpoint has been placed outside the submarine
  • Fixed AddToGUIUpdateList errors
  • Fixed SetTransformIgnoreContacts errors
  • Tickboxes work again in the item UIs in wiring/character mode
  • Fixed characters standing in an incorrect position when using railgun controllers in a mirrored sub
  • Spawning a scorpion (an old placeholder enemy) doesn't crash the game anymore
  • Submarine editor shows a warning if there are structures/items way outside the sub.[35]

Released February 21st, 2017
  • A new enemy
  • Some new sound effects by Omniary
  • Some structure-specific damage sounds
  • The size of the docked subs/shuttles is taken into account when determining the spawn position of a sub (large multi-part subs shouldn't spawn inside walls anymore)
  • Explosion damage is calculated based on the distance to the closest surface of a limb instead of the center position of the limb (i.e. large Monsters can be damaged by smaller explosions)
  • Added an Undertow Games splash screen
  • Updated to a newer version of the NVorbis sound library
  • Fixed a game-crashing null reference exception caused by wires
  • Fixed an issue in the way items in alien ruins are initialized, which occasionally caused ID mismatches (and desync) in items and characters created after generating the ruins
  • Fixed some item properties not being saved if changed in the editor (e.g. battery recharge speed)
  • Fixed characters turning into husks when they die, even if the infection has been cured
  • Fixed docking ports being disconnected in the mirrored subs in the combat missions
  • Unconscious characters collide with stairs when they're being dragged up
  • Fixed characters sinking/floating away when using railgun controllers underwater.[36]

Released December 14th, 2016
  • Fixed crashes when removing nodes from a wire (i.e. right clicking with a wire equipped)
  • Fixed inventory not being drawn in the correct position if switching to a character who's been dragged/grabbed by some other character
  • Fixed wires becoming disconnected when copypasting them
  • Wire nodes can't be moved when connecting wires to a connection panel
  • Fixed repeating crash messageboxes if the game fails to resolve a SharpDX exception on startup
  • Fixed crashing when switching to wiring mode while editing some value of an item
  • Fixed keyboard focus staying in textboxes after the textbox has been hidden (for example, the input fields in the submarine saving prompt)
  • Fixed error message spam if a docking port is linked to another port in the same sub
  • Submarine lists in the editor, main menu and server menu are updated when new subs are saved/received
  • Fixed item editing menu staying on the screen when loading another sub in the editor
  • Ruins cant span above the top of the level anymore
  • The size of the docked subs is taken into account when generating the level
  • Fixed autorestart timer not resetting at the clients' end if the server fails to start a shift and resets the timer
  • Docked subs are forced to correct positions during loading (subs won't get stuck inside each other even if the submarines are slightly overlapping in the editor)
  • All sounds are paused when switching to submarine editor
  • Replaced the solid black color inside ice walls with a proper texture
  • The background ice texture loops better.[37]

Released December 4th, 2016
  • Copypasted items are now correctly aligned to the "grid"
  • Cabinets can be copypasted from a sub to another without the items inside disappearing
  • Placing explosives inside an item and that item inside another item doesn't prevent explosions
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused crashing when the game happens to generate a very small level
Sub editor
  • Structures/items that are behind something else can be selected using a listbox that appears when hovering the cursor over them
  • Wires have to be selected by clicking before any of the points can be moved (makes it possible to move the correct wire even if it's overlapping with other wires)
  • The selected wire is renderer over all structures
  • Points can be added to wires by clicking while holding ctrl
  • Disabled music
  • Some rendering optimization
  • Pathfinding and waypoint generation improvements
  • Made mantises more aggressive
  • Water flows more slowly through partially damaged walls.[38]

Released November 22nd, 2016
Submarine editor
  • Copy, paste and cut functionality
  • Items/structures can be copied by holding ctrl while dragging
  • It's possible to move a wire by moving both items it's connected to (without having to move each individual point of the wire separately)
  • "Hull volume helper" which makes it easier to select a suitable ballast tank size and NeutralBallastLevel setting in the navigation terminal
  • Equipped items are removed when switching from wiring mode to character mode or vice versa
  • No need to wait when deattaching items from the walls with a wrench
  • Wires are now positioned correctly in mirrored subs
  • UI elements (buttons, textboxes, etc) can't be clicked through each other anymore
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes when deattaching items from walls
  • Fixed a game-crashing particle bug
  • Fixed respawned characters getting assigned to a different team than the rest of the characters (causing them to be displayed separately in the crew menu)
  • Pathfinding/autopilot fixes
  • Server hosts can give players special privileges (kick, ban, end round)
  • Saving the contents of the server info box and the traitor setting
  • Changes to battery logic: they can now be used to cover the entire power consumption of the electrical grid (assuming their maximum output is high enough)
  • Added "artifact holders" to alien ruins (which can also be used for turning artifacts into power sources if installed in a sub)
  • Changes to character collider behavior: crouching changes the size of the collider and it's easier to step over small obstacles.[39]

Released November 10th, 2016
  • Fixed screen turning black in the tutorial
  • The Moloch attack in the tutorial is now much easier to survive
  • Servers read themselves to the master server if they have been removed from the server list
  • Fixed a bug that caused lights to flicker even if there's enough power
  • Fixed items disappearing when dropping them in the submarine editor.[40]

Released November 9th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes after a husk-infected player died
  • Disabled the "zoom effect" when under pressure as a huskified human
  • Only a limited number of messages are kept in the debug console (prevents performance issues if large amounts of messages are added)
  • Some item and electricity logic optimization
  • Fixed "sprite tigerthresher not found" errors in the Linux version.[41]

Released November 7th, 2016
  • Fixed character colliders occasionally getting stuck inside walls when switching from swimming to walking or standing up after being unconscious
  • Wires can be dragged outside the sub in the editor without disconnecting them
  • Easier to climb over small obstacles
  • Combat missions don't reset the "allow respawn" setting
  • Submarines outside the camera view aren't rendered
  • Coelanth collider fix.[42]

Released November 4th, 2016

Released ???
  • Submarine vs submarine missions
  • Server hosts can disable spawning of certain characters
  • Server hosts can have subs spawn with additional items
Changes to ragdoll movement/animation logic
  • Movement is now controlled by a single invisible physics body which the rest of the ragdoll follows
  • Character position syncing is now more accurate and there's less "teleporting"
  • Characters are less likely to take impact damage by stumbling in stairs (+ makes working on the new improved netcode much easier)
  • Ladders can be slid down by holding the sprint key
Submarine Editor
  • Zoom now works relative to the mouse's position rather than the center of the screen
  • Fixed selection rectangle not being visible when dragging from bottom right to top left
  • Rectangles now have line widths dependent on the camera zoom (lines are still visible after zooming out)
  • Added a particle trail to railgun shells
  • Added dim emergency lights which require no power
  • A "glow effect" when moving items between inventory slots
  • Option to select which location the autopilot should navigate to
  • Fabricator UI shows item descriptions and items that can't be fabricated are grayed out
  • Attempt to fix "DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE" errors on startup
  • Fixed water flow sounds taking up all the audio channels and preventing other sounds from playing when the sub is heavily flooded
  • The start button in the server lobby is re-enabled and autorestart countdown is reset if starting a new round fails for whatever reason
  • The colliders of the ice walls match the shape of the walls more accurately
  • Player-controlled monsters can damage the submarine from the outside
  • Waypoint generation and pathfinding bugfixes
  • Improved line of sight effect (instead of a solid black "fog of war", a faint image of the surrounding rooms can be seen through walls)
  • Less ambient light, and it gets darker when diving deeper
  • A hull-specific ambient light system: light sources increase the amount of light inside rooms, preventing shadows from looking unnaturally dark in fully lit submarines
  • Option to disable vsync
  • Added a near-indestructible alien ruin wall variant - breaking through the walls with a railgun or a plasma cutter is not always an option anymore
  • Added a parallax effect to the particles floating in the ocean.

Released September 29th, 2016
Level generation improvements
  • Customizable level generation parameters (see Content/Map/LevelGenerationParameters.xml)
  • Different "level types" - each uses a different set of parameters, resulting in more varied levels
  • More vegetation & other decorative background sprites
  • The entrances and exits of the levels have more variety (not always straight vertical tunnels)
Improved MiniMap (now called "Status Monitor")
  • Shows hull integrity and oxygen levels
  • Can be configured to only show oxygen/water levels if the rooms have detectors installed
  • Improved wall damage visuals
  • The single player map shows which locations have been visited and the passageways that have been used
  • Minor visual improvements to the single player campaign menus
  • Huskification bugfixes
  • Oxygen isn't distributed through gaps or vents that are underwater (i.e. air pockets can form when the sub is flooding)
  • Molochs (or other large creatures) can't push the sub around as easily anymore.[44]

Released September 7th, 2016
  • Server whitelists
  • A new monster
  • Improved autopilot
  • Background sprites and creatures can be customized via Content Packages
  • Linux clients can connect to Windows servers again (and vice versa)
  • Fixed the upper boundary of the level occasionally being possible to pass through
  • Textboxes can't be selected through other UI elements anymore.[45]

Released August 31st, 2016
  • Hacked clients can't join a full server or change the name of their character anymore
  • Option to choose which character to control using the "control" command when there are multiple characters/creatures with the same name
  • A console command for spawning items
  • The server logs show who sent each chat message.[46]

Released August 29th, 2016
  • Fixed non-password protected servers being impossible to join to
  • Some more security checks.[47]

Released August 29th, 2016
  • Getting attacked by a husk will slowly turn the victim into a husk
  • Spam filter
  • Added server options to the ingame HUD
  • Fixed tiger thresher spawning on Linux
  • A more secure password authentication method (again)
  • Ingame players can't receive messages from lobby players anymore
  • More server-side security checks
  • Medical doctors always have a high enough medical skill to fabricate any drug
  • AI-controlled crew can be spawned using the console in multiplayer
  • It's possible to manually attack when controlling a creature
  • Randomly spawned artifacts are spread out better throughout the level
  • Characters won't let go of a person they're dragging when entering/exiting the sub
  • Respawned players get the same ID card tags they would've gotten if they had spawned inside the main sub
  • Highlighted characters glow in the dark.[48]

Released August 20th, 2016
  • Fixed "submarine not found" errors when starting a round after downloading a shuttle from the server
  • Console command for banning
  • A more secure password authentication method
  • Fixed players with a space in their name being impossible to kick/ban via the console
  • Banlist is saved immediately after banning someone instead of when shutting down the server
  • IP addresses are visible in netstats
  • Client names are sanitized
  • Bunch of miscellaneous anti-cheat measures
  • Fixed docking ports leaking if multiple vessels dock to the main sub
  • Cargo is always spawned in the main sub even if there are cargo spawnpoints in the docked vessels.[49]

Released August 18th, 2016'
  • More server-side sanity checks to prevent (desynced or hacking) players from doing things their characters shouldn't be able to do
  • Fixed collision issues at docking ports (such as shooting up in the air when trying to drop down into a docked shuttle while shuttle hatch is closed)
  • Fixed crashing when commanding a crew member to use a railgun in the single player mode
  • Fixed chatbox staying disabled after being stunned (and reappearing when being stunned again).[50]

Released August 16th, 2016
  • Selecting a submarine with the respawn shuttle and the main submarine works now.
  • Fixed the "end round" box not appearing when joining/spawning mid-game.
  • The player is now able to cut through the walls and doors of ruins again.[51]

Released August 13th, 2016
Support for multiple submarines
  • Submarine files can be "merged", i.e. submarines can consist of multiple separate parts which can be docked into each other.
  • The multiplayer mode has a "respawn shuttle" which transports respawned players from the entrance to the main submarine.
  • Parts of the submarine and characters inside them can be left behind in the single player mode (and later salvaged if you wish to do so)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that caused entity IDs not to match between the clients and the server, which caused severe syncing issues.
  • Fixed monster inventory syncing (i.e. husk inventory syncing)
  • Fixed server description box not being synced with clients.
  • Search bar for server logs.
  • More server options.
  • Fixed the occasional "queue empty" error messages when attempting to send submarine files to players.
  • Characters can't be freely named anymore - they'll have the same name as the client.
  • Items can be equipped/unequipped by double clicking
  • Longer railgun view distance
  • Changes to the logic that determines which item is being highlighted - now it's much easier to select specific items in cramped subs.
  • Highlighted items glow (so it's easier to see which item you're targeting in the dark)
  • Fixed an electricity bug that sometimes caused parts of the grid to not carry any power after a junction box has been broken and repaired.
  • Option to choose the output of a signal check component when the signal doesn't match.
  • Fixed fire extinguishers.
  • Item search bar in the submarine editor.
  • Fixed cargo items spawning in incorrect positions (which occasionally caused some serious problems if the item happened to be a crate full of nitroglycerin)
  • Flares burn longer.
  • Fixed flashes from explosions/sparks/flares occasionally "staying on".
  • Cameras can be connected to a railgun controller (or any other selectable controller) to remotely view rooms or areas around the sub.
  • The mass of a submarine depends on its size - larger submarines require more force to move around (custom subs may need some modifications to get the top speeds of the smaller/larger subs back to a steerable level)
  • Changes to depth damage logic: structures with more health need more pressure before they start taking damage (i.e. submarines with thicker walls and no windows can go deeper)
  • Stunned characters can't move items in their inventory.
  • Characters can run while grabbing/dragging someone.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to spawn characters through the console in the Linux version.
  • NPCs won't close doors/hatches on themselves and are better at handling stairs/ladders.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.[52]

Released June 7th, 2016
  • Added the ability to start vote kicks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the server to default to the first submarine on the list when manually selecting a submarine.
  • Fixed lights sources being visible through walls.
  • Fixed crashing if the submarine contains hulls far away from the rest of the submarine.
  • Corrigodone is now slightly more effective.
  • Battery charges can now be set higher than the default capacity of 2000.
  • Job assignment bugfixes.
  • Head sprites can be given tags (e.g. customhead[tag].png) which will make the game select body sprites with a matching tag (e.g. customtorso[tag].png) for the character.
  • Added new head sprites.
  • Pathfinding errors on custom submarines no longer cause the debug console to pop up.
  • Added missing music clips to the Linux build.

Released May 30th, 2016
  • Fixed oxygen distribution through vents not being calculated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "object reference not set to an instance of object" error messages when starting a new round.
  • Fulgurium batteries can now be put in flashlights and Handheld Sonars.
  • Made Oxygen Generators more powerful on default submarines.
Linux version
  • Fixed "unable to load coelanth.png" error messages.
  • Fixed non-matching content packages between the Linux and Windows versions.

Released May 29th, 2016
  • Fixed clients failing to select submarines in their "Submarines/Downloaded" folder.

Released May 27th, 2016
  • Fixed errors relating to the updating of a submarine list if the host has selected the "play yourself" option.[53]

Released May 26th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused a "queue empty" error message to constantly appear when attempting to download a submarine from a server.

Released May 26th, 2016
  • Reduced the amount of overlapping wires in connection panels, making it easier to select them.
  • Fixed missions not appearing in single player.
  • Clients can now see the submarines the host has instead of their own in the server lobby. This allows clients to vote for submarines they do not have installed.
  • Servers will check whether all the clients have the selected submarine file before starting a round, and if not, the server will give them time to start downloading it.
  • Item sprites are now visible in the Fabricator menus.
  • Added new wall variant.
  • Fixed small walls being impossible to fix after they have broken.
  • Alien Ruin walls now appear different from normal walls on Handheld Sonar.
  • Cargo is placed at the cargo spawnpoint instead of a random position within the hull it is inside.
  • Fixed light emitted by flares not disappearing after the flare burns out.
  • Flares will now continue to burn if picked up and placed in a player's inventory.
  • Minor changes to the lighting. Prevents small lights from appearing skewed.
  • Fixed the "CastShadows" parameter of Light components not being saved.
  • Fixed fires using up all the sound channels and preventing other sounds from playing.
  • Fixed the "blood overlay" still being visible when starting a new round or switching characters.
  • Fixed fractal guardians occasionally killing themselves by slamming against the walls.
  • Enemies now use pathfinding inside the submarine.

Released May 19th, 2016
  • Added Alien Ruins.
  • * Added new Creatures specific to the Aliens Ruins.
  • Improved lighting.
  • Added flashlights and flares.
  • Added Depth Charges.
  • Items can now be moved from the inventory to cabinets or containers by double clicking.
  • Added an option to choose mission type in multiplayer.
  • Fixed crashes when using Medical Syringes in multiplayer.
  • Fixed characters occasionally "exploding" or being launched to a random direction when entering/exiting the sub
  • Fixed long map seeds always generating the same map.
  • Fixed item loading issues when playing the game on a PC using the Turkish localization.[54]

Released April 25th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug involving the syncing of the Stun Baton's state between clients.
  • Fixed dead/unconscious characters being impossible to select in the info menu.
  • Fixed crashes when detonating nitroglyserine by injecting it.
  • A player's oxygen level now deteriorates more slowly when unconscious.
  • Added instructions for dealing with broken Junction Boxes in the tutorial.

Released April 24th, 2016
  • Fire no longer affect items in a characters' inventory.
  • Handheld Sonars now only consume power when they are on.
  • Cargo missions are more frequent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Endworms to spawn inside the submarine.
  • Added more chemicals/drugs.
  • Doctor's clothes now have extra slots for chemicals.

Released April 24th, 2016
  • Radio messages are now visible to spectators.
  • Added a bunch of Handheld Sonars to the default submarines.
  • Junction Boxes take more time to break when submerged in water.
  • Moved the Junction Boxes inside Nehalennia's ballast tanks to a drier location.[55]

Released April 23rd, 2016
  • Added the Medical Doctor job.
  • Modified player death logic so that they will become unconscious when their health or oxygen goes below 0.
  • Medical Syringes can now be used on other players.
  • Chemicals can now be inserted into Medical Syringes.
  • Added Handheld Sonars.
  • Added crates and small medical/chemical cabinets.
  • Junction Boxes, Sonar Monitors, Navigation Terminals and Engines break if they're underwater long enough.
  • The Nuclear Reactor will cool down if it is submerged in water.
  • Forces are now applied to items when the submarine collides with something.
  • Changes to the logic for distributing oxygen through vents: the oxygen generator pushes more oxygen to larger rooms instead of dividing the oxygen output equally between vents.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the server to resend a ton of packets to a client who's been temporarily disconnected, causing syncing issues for every player.
  • Fixed syncing issues related to items breaking.
  • Fixed dead monsters occasionally "teleporting" inside the submarine.
  • Fixed missions not matching between Linux and Windows builds.
  • Fixed traitor messages reappearing at the start of a new round after disabling traitors.
  • Mid-round chat messages now have a limited range.
  • Players are now equipped with a headset which can be used for remote communication (and making voice-controlled devices/systems).
  • A speech bubble icon is displayed next to the character when speaking.
  • Level generation improvements.
  • Added the ability to spawn characters or Creatures near, inside or outside the submarine.
  • Added crouching.
  • Added cargo missions.
  • Added a borderless windowed mode option.
  • Added an option to enable some additional debug logging (by setting "verboselogging" to true in the config file).
  • Added a menu that shows the mission description mid-round.
  • Game settings can now be changed mid-round.
  • Added the option to give submarines descriptions.
  • Fixed characters getting stuck inside a wall when trying to get inside the submarine through a hole.
  • Improvements to the autopilot.
  • The amount of oxygen/battery left is visible in the inventory slot of the parent item.
  • New inventory slot for masks, headsets, etc.
  • Fixed "signal loops" crashing the game.
  • OR gates now work properly.
  • AND/OR gates can be set to send out a signal when the input conditions aren't met.
  • Fabricating items may require some specific skill levels.[56]

Released March 17th, 2016
  • Several improvements to crew AI.
  • Crew AI can be toggled on and off using "DisableCrewAi" and "EnableCrewAi" commands.
  • Fixed crashing when switching from wiring mode to character mode in the Submarine Editor.
  • Inventory is now visible while in wiring mode.
  • Several wiring bugfixes.
  • Added emergency sirens and alarm buzzers.
  • Fixed Light Components throwing errors when receiving an invalid color value to the "set_color" input.
  • Fixed bright lights making it impossible to see whether a Light Component is on or off.
  • Relay Components will now break if too much power is directed through them.
  • Relay Components are active by default and they can be toggled on/off in the editor.
  • Wires can be created in Fabricators.
  • Label text color can be changed.
  • Boolean (true/false) properties are displayed as checkboxes in the Submarine Editor.

Released March 14th, 2016
  • Fixed unclickable buttons/checkboxes in the launcher.
  • Fixed Battery Cells not reloading when placed inside a battery.[57]

Released March 13th, 2016
  • Items will now float above water and can be moved around by flowing water.
  • Added a wiring mode to the Submarine Editor.
  • Networking bugfixes and improvements.
  • Changes to the logic that determines how far Creatures can see/hear the submarine from. This makes it possible to evade creatures by turning off noisy devices and/or stopping the submarine.
  • Invisible entities (items inside cabinets, hulls/gaps when they've been hidden) can no longer be highlighted or selected in the Submarine Editor.
  • Fixed creature and item spawnpoints being placed in unreachable locations.
  • Relay and delay components.
  • Fixed lights not being positioned correctly on moving items.
  • Added a "set_color" connection to Light Components.
  • Ladders placed outside the submarine can now be climbed.
  • Changes to drowning/suffocation logic: amount of oxygen drops at a fixed rate, preventing a scenario such as having no oxygen in both the room and a player's Oxygen Tank, causing the suffocation rate to stack.
  • Fixed projectiles not colliding with the submarine when shot from the outside.

Released March 5th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to be able to pass through walls and windows that have recently been repaired.
  • Fixed the spawn command in the Linux version.
  • Fixed clients being able to join servers with the wrong password.[58]

Released March 5th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug in the networking code which caused the server to incorrectly determine the order of packets received from different clients and discard valid packets.
  • Fixed levels with the same seed appearing different between the Linux and Windows versions.
  • Creatures spawned using the console are now synced between clients.
  • Password prompt for password-protected private servers.
  • Holes in the walls and floor can be seen through.
  • Bleeding will now gradually slow down. This means that making an enemy bleed is no longer guaranteed to kill it.
  • Mantises are immune to bleeding.
  • Fixed crashing when swapping some specific equipped items with another item in the inventory.
  • Fixed Deconstructor, Fabricator and Railgun Connection Panels' UIs closing immediately after opening them.[59]

Released February 28th, 2016
  • Missing submarine files can now be downloaded from the server host.
  • Player syncing bug fixes.
  • * Players can now see when other players are aiming an item.
  • * Smoother movement underwater.
  • More reliable creature syncing between clients.
  • Fixed the server lobby displaying wrong numbers of votes at the client's side.
  • Fixed the server list displaying a full server as empty.
  • Server settings are now saved.
  • The Skyholder Artifact will now consume oxygen in the surrounding area.
  • The Thermal Artifact can cause fires in the surrounding area.
  • Placed items and structures can be resized in the Submarine Editor.
  • Items in the inventory can be swapped between slots by dragging them on top of each other.
  • Added cyrillic character support.
  • Made Underwater Scooters slower.
  • Fixed pressure building up in enclosed rooms full of water, even if there were no hull breaches.
  • Added an indicator which shows the direction of the sub when spectating.
  • Fixed crashing when loading a submarine with no hulls.[60]

Released February 21st, 2016
  • Fixed the chatbox obstructing other player's inventory when grabbing/dragging a character.
  • Fixed characters randomly letting go of bodies they're dragging.
  • The keybinds configured in the options menu are used when moving the camera as a spectator.[61]

Released February 20th, 2016
  • More visible indicators when taking damage, running out of oxygen or being crushed by pressure.
  • Added Handcuffs.
  • Changes in the welding/cutting targeting logic: it's now possible to target "corners" of the hull even if the section of the wall is obstructed by adjacent walls.
  • Fixed submarines spawning in a wrong position if the submarine has been built far away from the origin (0,0) in the Submarine Editor.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by item sprites.
  • Character/inventory syncing bugfixes.
  • Fixed spectators not seeing their own chat messages.
  • Scrollable list of clients in the network statistics view.
  • Minor changes to the default submarines.
  • Fixed the water brightness in Linux version.[62]

Released February 18th, 2016
  • Fixed the broken password box.
  • Maximum number of players per server has been increased to 16.
  • Junction Boxes and power sources can be connected with multiple parallel wires without multiplying the power output.
  • Added velocity and depth readings on Navigation Terminals.
  • Location types and missions are included in Content Packages.[63]

Released February 17th, 2016
  • Fixed null reference exception when starting a client.

Released February 17th, 2016
  • Fixed crashing when highlighting a dead Husk.
  • Fixed the unclickable checkboxes in server settings.
  • More descriptive log messages when taking items from cabinets or other players.

Released February 16th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to drop items whenever a spectator joins.
  • Fixed any selected textbox in the server lobby accepting keyboard input after a round starts.[64]

Released February 15th, 2016
  • The server log now clears itself after saving.
  • * Past logs are now saved.[65]

Released February 15th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused words to disappear from chat messages.
  • The server log UI no longer scrolls to the bottom when a new lines appear, making it easier to read past messages during a round.

Released February 15th, 2016
  • Added server logs.
  • Server admins now have the option to send messages only to dead players and spectators.
  • More reliable door syncing.
  • Railgun syncing bugfixes.
  • Longer view distance when outside.
  • Detaching items requires a short pause to complete now.
  • Welding Tools and Plasma Cutters now do damage to players and Creatures again.
  • A new enemy.
  • Molochs can now damage players.

Released February 13th, 2016
  • Fixed projectiles and weapons not colliding with characters.

Released February 13th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused items to float inside custom submarines.
  • Fuel rods can not be turned back to uranium/incendium bars if they have been used.

Released February 12th, 2016
  • Round end votes can be toggled off.
  • Clean up the display of vote options.

Released February 12th, 2016
  • Players can now vote to end a round in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Fabricator syncing.
  • Fixed hulls being invisible in the Submarine Editor.
  • Spectators can only speak to dead players.
  • Minor changes to the map generation algorithm, adding more variety to cavern shapes.
  • Added the nuclear shell as a new ammunition type for Railguns.
  • Diving Suits no longer protect the player from the water pressure in the abyss anymore.
  • Added some spare buttons to Vellamo.

Released February 9th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused items and creatures' IDs to be mismatched causing major syncing issues.
  • Improved player position syncing between clients.

Released February 7th, 2016
  • Battery Cells have separate power_in and power_out connections in their Connection Panel, allowing them to be recharged while simultaneously powering devices.
  • Using Supercapacitors as a substitute for batteries no longer works.
  • Improved the UI of Connection Panels.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the submarine to swoop to a random direction when a character enters it.
  • Fixed crashed caused by EntityGrid.GetEntities().

Released February 3rd, 2016
  • Fixed autopilot crashing the game.
  • Fixed reactor not catching fire when going above the configured "fire temperature".
  • Fixed a duplicate "Play yourself" checkbox appearing in the lobby screen after rounds.

Released February 2nd, 2016
  • The Submarine Editor can now be accessed through the main menu.
  • Autopilot can now be set to maintain the current position of the submarine.
  • Monster syncing bugfixes.
  • Ladder syncing bugfixes.
  • Fixed server randomly stunning players.
  • Fixed "submarine not found" errors which occurred in multiplayer if the filename didn't match the name of the submarine.
  • Fixed new structures not lining up with existing ones if switching to the editor while a round is running.
  • Fixed a bug in shadow rendering which caused memory leaks.
  • The autoupdater only checks the Content folder when deleting files that don't belong to the latest version (i.e. the autoupdater won't delete your mods as long as they aren't saved in the Content folder)
  • Molochs and Endworms are now immune to bleeding.

Released January 28th, 2016
  • Fixed selecting stairs and items outside the submarine in the Submarine Editor.
  • Fixed crashing when pressing the "start" button while no route is chosen in single player .
  • Improved the syncing of fires between clients.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game if in the lobby when a round ends .
  • The camera will now move with the sub when typing into the chat box in spectator mode.[66]

Released January 25th, 2016
  • Fixed a crash caused by picking up the Thermal Artifact outside of the submarine.
  • Fixed clients crashing if in the lobby when a round ends.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to join a password-protected server.
  • Camera position is set at the position of the sub when entering spectator mode.
  • Crew being controlled by Orders will now equip a Diving Suit before exiting the submarine.

Released January 24th, 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused players' inventories to not be visible when using character mode in the Submarine Editor.
  • Adding hulls and gaps works properly when switching to editor after a round has been started.
  • Fixed item selecting when switching to character mode after a round has been started.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to fix broken walls after saving and reloading.
  • Fixed crashing when trying to place ladders when no submarine has been loaded.
  • Trying to generate waypoints for an empty submarine will not crash the game anymore.
  • When opening the Orders menu for the first time, a text notification will now appear mentioning the hotkeys for opening/closing the menu.


Released January 23rd, 2016
  • Added a summary screen which shows details about the previous round.
  • Traitors can now be enabled on any game mode.
  • * Added an option to randomize whether there is a traitor or not.
  • Chat box is now larger.
  • Several syncing and optimization fixes.
  • Added Fabricators.
  • Added Deconstructors.
  • Added hatches (essentially vertical doors).
  • Characters can't get stuck inside doors anymore.
  • Stairs are now easier to climb.
  • Navigation Terminals have a "default ballast level" setting which determines how much water there should be in the ballast tanks when not steering in any direction.
  • Ladders can be climbed with a Diving Suit on, just very slowly.
  • Ladder climbing animation now works properly even when holding an item.
  • Items have a short description which can be read by hovering the mouse over the inventory slots.
  • If the Nuclear Reactor is connected to multiple Junction Boxes, automatic temperature control will adjust the power output to the highest load instead of the sum of the loads.
  • The Nuclear Reactor's current is now saved between levels.
  • Using a Stun Baton while running will not make the character trip anymore.
  • Added a new submarine, the Nehalennia.
  • The collider of the submarine now matches the shape of the hull.
  • The airlock pumps in each submarine are now set to pump water out instead of just turning the pump on when pressing the button outside the airlock.
Submarine editor
  • Items and Installations are now sorted by category in alphabetical order.
  • Added tickboxes for hiding hulls, gaps, waypoints and links between items.
  • Added a list of the most recently used items and installations..
  • Placed wires are much easier to move around.
  • More accurate staircase selection.
  • Visible indicators for Railgun rotation limits.
  • Added Orders.
  • Fixed equipped items disappearing when loading the game.
  • Dead or unconscious players can now be dragged up stairs.
  • Two new monsters.
  • Improved UI graphics.
  • Improved cavern walls.
  • Major optimizations to light/shadow rendering.
  • Some new quests.[67]

Released November 22nd, 2015

Released November 22nd, 2015
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to take bleeding damage for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed autopilot not working when changing the map seed.


Released November 21st, 2015
  • Improved lag compensation.
  • Made syncing of items and characters between clients more reliable.
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption.
  • Added a spectator option for players joining a server.
  • Added the ability for a submarine's electrical grid to overload, causing the Nuclear Reactor to potentially catch on fire.
  • A bloodwood texture is drawn on damaged limbs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a player's limbs to clip through walls.
  • Added more head sprites.
  • Fixed the placing of ladders and labels in the Submarine Editor.
  • Fixed a couple of game-crashing bugs when saving submarines in the editor.


Released November 1st, 2015
  • Option to randomly select level seed, submarine and/or game mode
  • Players can be allowed to vote for the next sub and game mode
  • Option to choose character's head
  • Pressure damage if the submarine dives too deep
  • Added the missing mechanic spawnpoint missing to Aegir
  • A new enemy that only spawns deep below the level
  • Diving suits and mask now obstruct vision when worn
  • Nicer looking Sonar Monitor
  • The levels aren't just enclosed tunnels anymore and it's possible to dive much deeper
  • Settings menu
  • Better UI scaling on small resolutions
  • Fixed items occasionally disappearing from inventory after loading in single player.

Released October 26th, 2015
  • Fixed rewiring not working in the editor
  • Fixed a game-crashing projectile bug.


Released October 26th, 2015
  • Fixed invincible NPCs
  • The target in traitor mode is properly randomized and the host can be selected as a traitor/target
  • The "fix list" when repairing items is synced between clients, so the reactor can actually be fixed now
  • More networking optimization
  • Bans can be removed by using a button under the player list, not just by editing the bannedplayers.xml file
  • Wires are removed from connection panels when they're deleted in the editor
  • Doors can be rewired from either side
  • The rewire screen can be deselect by pressing E
  • Sonar Monitor won't work anymore if the power wire is removed
  • Stun batons can't be double wielded or used for fast underwater movement
  • Some particles floating in the water, which make it easier to see if the sub is moving just by looking out of a window
  • Fixed a bug which may have crashed the game if a character spawned on a platform or stairs.

Released October 18th, 2015
  • More reliable NPC position syncing
  • More reliable method of handling players dying in multiplayer, there should now be less cases of the server killing players who have equipped a diving suit or switched an oxygen tank just in time for example
  • The "you have died" message in multiplayer now also tells your cause of death
  • Fixed incorrectly placed waypoints in Aegir.

Released October 23rd, 2015
  • Fixed some broken items in Aegir Mark II which caused inventories to get messed up
  • Fixed the gap at observation deck which vents water out from the lower level of the room.


Released October 22nd, 2015
  • Major changes to the way the game handles sending reliable messages through UDP, should get rid of the occasional massive lag spikes
  • Fixed multiple issues in inventory syncing
  • Fixed attachable items occasionally crashing the game
  • Players can be banned from servers
  • Fixed not being able to kick players while a round is running
  • Misc optimization
  • Screwdrivers and wrenches are used by left clicking now, so it's possible to start rewiring a button without activating it for example
  • The inventory slots are "combined" when equipping an item that takes up more than one slot
  • Door shadows aren't visible if the door is open when loading a map
  • Fixed projectiles crashing the game if they're stuck to a wall while a hole appears on it
  • Wrenches can be used as an ineffective melee weapon
  • Another minimap and a Sonar Monitor at the "observation deck" on Aegir
  • Changed one of the cabins to a holding cell on Aegir
  • Fixed a bug in UI listboxes that may have caused crashes in the server list screen.


Released October 18th, 2015
  • Network statistics view which can be enabled by opening the debug console (F3) and entering "netstats" (only works if you're running a server)
  • Updated to latest version of Lidgren networking library, which may or may not have an effect on the chat lag issues
  • Fixed some game-crashing bugs related to detaching and attaching items (such as buttons)
  • Railgun shells can be bought in single player
  • More tools, diving suits and misc supplies in both default subs
  • Fixed Moloch spawning inside the level in the tutorial
  • The launcher shows an error message instead of crashing if it can't connect to the update server.


Released October 17th, 2015
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game after successfully retrieving an artifact in quest mode
  • Fixed client not disconnecting when going back to the main menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused some map seeds to throw an error
  • Players can be kicked out of the server by selecting them in the player list, not just through the debug console
  • All wires can be used for electrical repairs, not just ones named Wire
  • Broken doors can only be fixed by mechanics
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made it impossible to pick/select items after reattaching them on a wall
  • Wires are disconnected and dropped if the item at either end is removed.


Version 0.2 is most notable for being the first version to official use change the name from Subsurface to Barotrauma, as well as adding support for the Linux operating system.

Released October 17th, 2015
  • Major optimization.
  • Improved lag compensation.
  • Several bug fixes regarding syncing issues.
  • Server administrators can play on their own server without requiring to launch another instance of the game.
  • Added server-side settings relating to jobs.
  • Reconnecting to a server if the connection is temporarily lost works much better now.
  • If UPnP port forwarding fails the game will display an appriate error message.
  • Added security guard gear: Ballistic Vest, Ballistic Helmet and a Stun Baton.
  • Added wall labels and super capacitors.
  • Diving Suits now slows down players who are wearing it.
  • Attempting to fire the railgun when there are no shells loaded will no longer consume power.
  • All characters can now use Plasma Cutters and Welding Tools regardless of their skills, but an insufficient skill level will make them flicker and work much less efficiently.
Electrical Components
  • Added wifi components.
  • Improved version of the Aegir was added, dubbed the Aegir Mark II.
  • Added a new default submarine called Vellamo.
  • The Nuclear Reactor now overheats much more slowly and there are warning signals for overheating and a remote shutdown button in both of the default subs
  • The tempo of ambient sounds change according based on the current speed of the submarine.
  • Fixed parts of the submarine getting stuck in the level on collision.
  • Improved autopilot functionality.
  • Aiming underwater is much easier.
  • Improved humanoid animations.
  • Stunned/dead characters can be dragged by other players or creatures.
  • Same for the harpoon gun, anyone can shoot but lower levels will make the gun less accurate
  • Rewiring devices may cause electric shocks to players if their electrical engineering level is too low.
  • Random fish can be seen swimming in the background of the ocean.
  • Added the something.
  • Added a tutorial to explain basic tasks and game mechanics.
  • The game now has an auto-updater in the launcher to automatically download new versions.
  • The game generates a detailed crash report whenever it crashes.
  • Optimizations to how the physics system is used on characters far away from the player's current view.
  • Lighting optimizations.
  • Added two new background music pieces.
  • Improved explosion effects.
  • Better water particle effects.
  • UI improvements.
  • Better UI scaling on varying resolutions.
  • Improved HUD for health and oxygen levels.
  • Status icons for bleeding and water pressure damage.
  • Gap-hull connections are visible in the submarine editor.
  • Pumps no longer have to be manually connected to a hull in the editor anymore, they now automatically empty/fill the hull they're inside.[68]

Released August 18th, 2015
  • Major optimizations to networked messages, reducing lag.
  • Added an option to disable UPnP port forwarding, which may have prevented some users from hosting a server.
  • A new round is no longer started without a submarine being selected, which would cause the game to crash.
  • The maximum number of players on a server can be modified.
  • Fixed a bug in the net lobby screen that disabled the start button when the chat box was scrolled to a specific position.
  • Added a window that displays network statistics when hosting a server. It is activated by entering "debugview" into the debug console.[69]

Released August 18th, 2015
  • Ensured that chat messages are reliably sent to all clients.


Released August 17th, 2015
  • Fixed a bug that caused connection errors on the server list.
  • Fixed characters getting stuck inside the railgun controller, causing them to warp back into it as they try to move away.
  • Putting items inside other items works properly now (i.e. by pulling a spear to the same slot as a harpoon)
  • C4 blocks loaded inside a railgun shell won't explode when firing the railgun.
  • Fixed a crash relating to the railgun.
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to spawn with an incorrect number of items.


Released August 14th, 2015
  • Added a server list that displays a list of servers currently running.
  • Servers can now be password protected.
  • Rounds in Traitor Mode now end when the traitor dies/disconnects or if the submarine reaches the end of the level.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to fire the railgun or activate a detonator.
  • Optimized lighting and "line of sight" rendering.
  • Added a then unfinished tutorial which can currently only be accessed by entering "tutorial" into the debug console.[70]


Released August 4th, 2015
  • The game now displays each player's name.
  • Assigning jobs and selecting job preferences now functions properly.
  • Added a menu that displays every crew member along with their job and skill.
  • Reduced lag spikes in-session.
  • Fixed a bug that caused disconnected players to remain on the player list.
  • The server administrator can now see which player is the traitor in Traitor Mode.
  • Fixed bugs regarding the Plasma Cutter and Welding Tool, and adding lighting effects to the tools when in use.
  • Stun Grenades, C-4 Block and Detonators now work properly.
  • Added the Captain's Uniform.
  • Items are now capable of being stored inside the Railgun.
  • Buttons can now be attached and detached from walls.
  • An on-screen message will appear when trying to use a button without the proper ID Card.
  • The sprites for Wires no longer overlap and "flicker" on top of each other.
Electrical Components
  • Fixed a bug that caused setting the color of a light component to an invalid value would crash the game.
  • Added signs to the walls of the Aegir Mark I to make navigation a bit easier.
  • Repositioned the railgun and changed the rotation limits to increase it's area of effect while preventing it from shooting at the windows of the submarine.
  • Fixed a waypoint selection bug in the Submarine Editor.
  • The ".gz" extension is automatically added to a map file when saving.
  • Decreased fall/impact damage.
  • Items can now be looted off of dead characters.[71]


Released July 31st, 2015
  • Added core gameplay mechanics and base features.[72]