Ancient Weapon (Legacy)

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This page is a Legacy article
Features described on this page are no longer in the game.
Ancient Weapon
Max Condition 100
Interaction Threshold 1 meter
Used By Error creating thumbnail: File missing Railgun Loader
Blunt Damage 1000
Explosion Damage 1000
Bleeding 10
Stun 10
Explosion Stun 10
Structure Damage 500
Explosion Structure Damage 5000
Explosion Range 10 meters
Repair Tool
Wall Repair Amount -5/s
Limb Damage 2/s
Beam Range 6 meters
Force -40
Usable In {{#ucfirst:both}}
Item Slots 1
Allowed Items Welding Fuel Tank
Oxygen Tank
Oxygenite Tank
Oxygenite Shard
Waterproof No
Fireproof No
Deconstructor 20 seconds
Steel Bar
Steel Bar
File:Legacy Fulgurium Bar.png Fulgurium Bar
Category Alien
Tags alien,smallitem

The Ancient Weapon is an alien weapon that can be acquired in Legacy Barotrauma.


The Ancient Weapon can be deconstructed for various resources, used as a short-range beam weapon, as a very powerful Railgun shell, or for extra propulsion.
Its condition degrades at a rate of 1/s when being fired, meaning it can only be fired for a total of 100 seconds before being unable to be used as a beam weapon.


Even though the Ancient Weapon can hold certain items, they aren't required for it to function.

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