Diving Mask (Legacy)

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This page is a Legacy article
Features described on this page are no longer in the game.
Diving Mask
"Small enough to carry around in case of need,
but won't protect you from the water pressure in the event of a full-blown hull breach.
Max Condition 100
Interaction Threshold 1 meter
Price 50 marks
Delivered In Metal Crate
Required Item(s) Oxygen Tank (-0.5/s)
Oxygenite Shard (-0.3/s)
Oxygenite Tank (-0.1/s)
Worn On Head
Obstructs Vision? Yes
Conceals Identity? Yes
Item Slots 1
Allowed Items Oxygen Tank
Welding Fuel Tank
Oxygenite Shard
Oxygenite Tank
Waterproof No
Fireproof No
Fabricator Construction 25
File:Legacy Polycarbonate Bar.png Polycarbonate Bar
20 seconds
Deconstructor 10 seconds
File:Legacy Polycarbonate Bar.png Polycarbonate Bar
Category Equipment
Tags smallitem,diving

The Diving Mask is a wearable oxygen supply that can be acquired in Legacy Barotrauma.


The Diving Mask can be worn on the head to provide oxygen in hostile environments when supplied with an oxygen source.
If a Welding Fuel Tank is placed in the mask instead of an oxygen source, the wearer will begin to quickly lose oxygen, eventually dying if the mask is not removed.
Unlike the Diving Suit, the wearer can still make use of hull oxygen when the contained tank is empty, though the tank will still drain if there is hull oxygen available.

If an oxygenite tank or shard is supplied, the wearer's movement speed will be boosted by an extra 20% and 30% respectively.

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