Medical Syringe (Legacy)

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This page is a Legacy article
Features described on this page are no longer in the game.

The Medical Syringe is a medical item that can be acquired in Legacy Barotrauma.

Medical Syringe
"Injection is often a much more effective method of administering drugs than taking them orally."
Max Condition 100
Interaction Threshold 1 meter
Price 50 marks
Delivered In Chemical Crate
Blunt Damage 5
Bleeding 0.2
Stun 0.1
Structure Damage 1
Item Slots 1
Allowed Tags chem
Waterproof No
Fireproof No
Fabricator Steel Bar
10 seconds
Category Equipment
Tags smallitem,medical


The Medical Syringe can be used for more efficient medical application.
If a chem is placed inside, the syringe can be swung at a character to inject it, depleting the chem inside by 25 condition and applying its effects.
If the syringe is instead placed in a Syringe Gun, it will be able to be used at long range, at the cost of depleting the condition by 50 instead of 25.

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