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Hi there. If you disagree with any edit I made or want to clear up something, don't hesitate to contact me on discord (30%#8955) or here, I'm open to all suggestions/discussions.

To-do list


  • None that I'm aware of (except responsiveness which is out of my hands). If you see a bug make sure to let me know


  • add vendingmachines to Items infobox/store
  • add deflectprojectiles to Damage multipliers
  • add minleveldifficulty to items infobox (min level difficulty for item to be available in stores)
  • Crafting table: make sources sourced at sources' pages instead of items' source parameter (yes that's a sentence)
  • make pages for all wiring components
  • allow several talents in relatedtalents
  • make "Affliction strength instantly gained" tooltips customizable, eg for special cases like piercing ammo box
  • make individual pages for all egg sizes
  • improve math on drop chance in creatures infobox to only show integers
  • finish infobox/version merge => how to collapse rows inside a table => check rimworld wiki
  • update store sections template documentation (new merchants)


Here's an incomplete list of what I did, what pages I've worked on on this wiki, in case you have any questions about it. In reality this is mostly a list for myself, because I have 256kB of storage in my brain. The wiki is like an external hard drive for me. Come to think of it, isn't the internet a shared directory for all humans? Inb4 we all turn into one big hive mind. Year 2751 cyber-archeologists, quote me.

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Cargo Templates

Templates I made

Other templates I worked on


A lot, ok actually I'm not doing this lol. Let's leave it at templates for now. Check pages history if needed.


 minseverancedamage   severanceprobabilitymultiplier  Burn mult
(min burn source to sever)
Damage mult
(min damage source to sever)
Moloch Shell (5 pieces) 15 0.2 0.25 (60) 0.1 (150)
Mudraptor armor (5 pieces) 0.8 1 0.25 (3.2) 0.1 (8)
Endworm armor (96 pieces) 0.5 0.2 0.25 (2) 0.1 (5)
  • [List of talent buffs/debuffs]
Misc Reputation gain (crew) Monster and nest mission payment Cargo and escort mission payment Marks gained when reaching a new station Extra special sales items Random skill point Bonus money and XP from a mission Extra active mission slot Raw XP gain Raw marks gain % XP gain from a mission % weapons skill from fabricating items % skill gain from fabricating items Chance to fabricate double smg/shotgun/stun gun ammo Chance to get an extra alien material from monsters Chance to get extra items from containers Chance to get a random genetic material on monsters Chance to taint materials Refined genetic material potency Medical items potency Alien artifact deconstruction yield Chance to get a random alien item when deconstructing an artifact Repair electrical devices above max condition Repair mechanical devices above max condition Triple output from fabricating fuel rods Bonus XP from deconstructing scrap Double output from deconstructing ore
Attack All attacks power All attacks power vs monsters inside sub Plasma cutter structure damage Crowbar attack power Wrench attack power Pistol attack power Alien pistol power Melee attack speed Melee attack power Harpoon attack power Ranged fire rate (neg in expert commando) Turret fire rate Stun power Burn power Spread reduction
Defense Maximum health (neg in polymath) Physical damage resistance Stun resistance Burn resistance Psychosis resistance Nausea resistance Chem Addiction resistance Opiate Addiction resistance All damage resistance (navy diver) Bleeding recovery speed Passive normal damage healing Attacker gets stunned Chance for attacker to get stunned
Stats Swimming speed Walking speed Movement speed Repair speed (neg in crew layabout) Hull repair speed Skill gain speed Buff duration (scavenger) CPR efficiency Deconstructor speed Turret power cost Turret charge speed Door force opening speed Plasma cutter mineral detach speed Tinker max duration Tinker efficiency Tinker cooldown Pressure immunity Double max skill level
Temporary Temporary bonus to all skills Temporary bonus to mechanical, electrical, medical Skill gain
Quality Weapon quality +1 Fuel rods +1 Batteries +1 Welding tool and plasma cutter +1 Explosives +1 Fuel tanks & oxygen tanks +1 Tools +1
One time and/or permanent Bonus marks Bonus XP Bonus talent points All skill levels (neg in crew layabout) Random skill level Medical skill level Mechanical skill level Electrical skill level Weapons skill level Maximum health Loot rare materials in next wreck reactor Chance to get extra scrap from wreck container Chance to find extra scrap from next wreck container