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This template is used to display a list of Talents in a table, with their job, specialization, tier, icon and description.

Up to 7 talents can be displayed (this could be increased if needed).

It is meant to be used in conjunction with JobTalent templates, such as Template:CaptainTalent, Template:AssistantTalent etc. which are used to fill in the rows of the table.


Width can be ommited (default value is 50%).

| {{CaptainTalent|once upon a time on europa}}
| {{CaptainTalent|inspire to battle}}
| {{AssistantTalent|true potential}}
| width = 60


Talent Tier Description

Once Upon a Time on Europa
Gunslinger Tier 1
Unlock recipe: Revolver Round.
Your crew's reputation gains are improved by 20%.
Whenever you gain Helm skill, also gain Weapons skill.
As long as your Helm skill is 100 or higher they gain twice as much Weapons skill.

Inspire to Battle
Shipmaster Tier 3
In addition to other Inspiration bonuses, the ordered character also gains the following attributes:
+30% Stun Resistance
+30% Melee Attack Speed
+20% Ranged Fire Rate
+20% Turret Fire Rate

True Potential
Clown Tier 4
Clown Power allows you to honk your horn to slowly heal nearby allies.
Clown Power allows you to hit characters with a Toy Hammer for a 0.75% chance to implode them.
Clown Power gives you an additional 25% physical damage resistance.
Talent Tier Description